College Graduation Party Ideas

6 College Graduation Party Ideas

6 College Graduation Party Ideas

It’s almost time! Your four years of work (or more) are finally paying off. It felt as though this day would never arrive. Here are six ideas for a graduation party that will make all the hard work and stress of college worth it (although I guess the diploma is pretty nice too).

1. Have a getaway group trip

Although traveling can be expensive, there are some trips that you can get for pretty cheap. Cruises right now are relatively cheap, especially if you can snag an all-inclusive deal. Maybe your parents are willing to help chip in as their graduation gift for you. Other ideas for trips include a skiing trip or renting a beach house for the weekend. Camping is also fun. Groupon is a great website to find reasonable deals.

2. Throw a house party

Nothing beats a traditional house party! Make a playlist of your favorite songs, order a bunch of different pizzas, and have some fun! Set up a margarita bar (if everyone is at least 21) and buy graduation balloons and decorations from the dollar store to save money. If the weather is nice enough a pool party is another great way to have fun. Other unique graduation decoration ideas can be found on Pinterest. Have it be family welcome during the day, and close it off to the graduates once night time comes around!


3. Do a “blind elephant” type party

Chances are most of your friends are graduating, and therefore most of them deserve a present! As a recent graduate, you probably don’t have a lot of money to blow on a bunch of presents. Do a present trading like you do at Christmas time! Pick a name out of a hat or do a “Secret Santa” type of deal. Everyone wins! Make sure that you set a budget and get gender-neutral gifts.

4. Have a spa day or weekend

As excited as you are to be graduating, you’re probably exhausted! Treat yourself to a spa day at the salon or even take turns on each of your friends! Everyone loves movies and a good pedicure. You will be feeling fresh and ready for the summer (and the job search) ahead.

5. Have a nice dinner with your family

Have you always wanted to try a specific restaurant? Now is the time! Plus, your parents will love the fact you want to spend graduation night with them. They have watched you grow up and come so far and are incredibly proud. This idea is great for graduates who have extended family flying in from out of town.

6. Rent a photo booth and a photographer

This can be so much fun for you and your friends! Hire a local photographer and have a full day of pictures, from serious to silly. From jeans to your graduation cap. Your parents will also appreciate having some pictures taken of you! These will be memories you will cherish and look back on forever.

Whatever you decided to do for graduation, remember to have fun and be safe! Your future is looking bright!

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