Best Jobs for College Students

5 of the Best Jobs for College Students


Let’s be honest, all college kids could use some extra money. But with difficult classes and extracurricular activities, sometimes it seems impossible to make time for a job. Here is a list of the best jobs for college students:

1. Uber and/or Lyft

This is a great job if you have a stable car. Uber and Lyft are great because of the flexibility. Getting sleepy? Have to go run an errand last minute? No worries, you can just turn the app off and stop working. There is no boss to report to on your sick days. Uber and Lyft allow you to meet so many different kinds of people and could even lead to potential friends or professional connections. Just make sure you are considering the safety aspect of this position. It may not be safe depending on the times of day you are driving and what area you live in.

2. Babysitting

Although kids can be difficult, some babysitting jobs can be awesome. Normally, the pay is great since parents want to ensure their kids are in good hands. A lot of parents often give the sitter money to order pizza or takeout. And, children tend to go to bed fairly early, so chances are you will have some spare time to yourself to watch a movie or do some homework. Another great part of babysitting is the immediate pay; generally, parents will pay you in cash right after you work.


3. Dog Walking/Dog Sitting

Even better than children, are dogs! (I mean, unless you have allergies.) Many apps, such as Rover and Wag!, are great for finding people that need their dog walked in your area. Dog walkers often make $15/hour, and it’s great exercise. You can also host the dog at your house for when someone is away on vacation. The rates can vary depending on your area, but overnight stays average around $25/hour. Just make sure you are being safe and not entering strangers’ homes without a background check.

4. Teacher Assistant

Being a teacher assistant looks great on your resume! Also, many students say that when there is no work to help with, they can often do their own personal homework and studying. This job is a great way to start developing professional relationships with professors and getting references.

5. Waitress

This job is great for developing your people skills. Not to mention the food discounts! If you have never worked in the food industry before, I would definitely recommend it. It will change your point of view for when you go out to eat in the future. If you are not comfortable being a waitress, start out with being a host or hostess.

Whatever job you decide to get, make sure you are getting paid fairly and that you enjoy it. Also, never forget to stay safe and make smart decisions. Good luck everyone!

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