Best Websites for College Students

Best College Websites Every Student Needs to Know About



Unigo is super simple to use, and you can easily find hundreds of scholarships for college on this website. They have their own unique, fun scholarships to enter, too! It also contains reviews of colleges to make it a little easier to narrow down your options if you’re still going through the application process.


This is another simple tool that matches you to scholarships you’re eligible to apply for. You can break it down by major, ethnicity, what state you live in, and more, so you don’t have to spend hours searching for scholarships you qualify for.


Other than being able to buy basically anything you could ever need, you can also rent or buy textbooks. It’s perfect for a college student on a budget. You can also sign up for Amazon Prime Student to get special deals and free shipping. Plus, Prime gives you access to movies and TV shows that you can watch wherever you are!

Rate My Professors

This may or may not be a professor’s least favorite website, but it’s great for students. It’s especially helpful when you’re registering for classes, and you want to make sure you get a good professor. All you do is type in the name of your professor and the school you go to and some ratings and comments appear from students who have taken that class before. Professors are judged by overall quality, level of difficulty, if the students would take their class again, and more.

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We can’t resist a little self promo! We have cool, helpful articles (like this one), tips about scholarships that are right for you, and ways to earn points to enter easy scholarships every month! (Did you know we also give away a $10,000 scholarship four times a year?)


To be honest, I haven’t used this website much, but I know some majors that require a lot of reading, like English majors, heavily rely on it. It basically gives you summaries of books and explains things in an easier way, like Shakespeare’s stories. If you need an easier explanation (…or didn’t do the required reading), this is the place to go. One of my high school English teachers said SparkNotes is what got her through college! But it gets better - they've expanded to include topics on math, biology, and more, so check this website out if you need help in any college (or high school) class!


This is a wonderful tool to use for studying, and you can make an account for free! Quizlet has online flashcards that you can customize for any class, and besides helping you get better grades, it’s also a great way to save money by not having to buy index cards all the time. It’s very simple to type the information in that you want to study, but you can also find and save other people’s flashcards.


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