8 Things to Not Do Your First Semester of College

8 Things to Not Do Your First Semester of College


While in high school, we tend to develop habits (some good, some bad) in and out of the classroom. Upon the transition to college, we all must examine ourselves to see if we have habits detrimental to our growth. Without kicking the useless habits during your first semester of college, they’ll likely stick around to make your life a lot harder throughout your college career. Here are some don’ts to consider evading during your first semester:

Putting off work

Throughout high school, it is common to procrastinate on a majority of your schoolwork while still holding a high GPA. Beware of procrastinating: college work will pile up faster than in high school, and leave you in an insurmountable hole.

Skipping classes

In my experience, going to your classes is most of the battle during your semester, but it is always easier to be taught than to teach yourself. Unless you are able to view recordings of the class, try not to miss them.

Going party crazy

Parties are probably part of the reason some of you reading this are even going to college. Do not put parties before your schoolwork. Once immersed in going out daily, it is difficult to recover back to an educational mindset, which, eventually, can be an ultimate defeat for your semester, and possibly, your career.

Spending all your money

Once college-age students begin to become independent, it is not a surprise to see them spending their money left and right. Save your money until it is necessary to spend it. Even better, is to learn money management skills before you graduate, so you’re ready to pay off your student loans and budget for life in the “real world.”

Being shy

Don’t forget that every person is starting a new experience in college, not just you. It is in our nature to be shy, but learn how to engage in conversation! You never know who you could meet, or how they could influence your future for the better.

Starting drama

Going to a new environment is an opportunity to start fresh and build a new reputation. The last thing you want to do is start drama your first semester and ruin your name on campus. Be honest, tolerant, and friendly, and it will always go a long way.

Limiting involvement

Getting involved is the number one way to expand your horizons. Gaining friends, plans, and receiving tangible benefits all sprout from becoming involved on campus. Do not wait to become involved; find out how to sign up and explore the possibilities with all of the other new students.

Coasting in your classes

Even if procrastinating is not your problem, coasting through classes may be. This includes doing the minimal amount of work necessary for a decent grade. This may leave you with a good grade before finals arrive, but will eventually leave you clueless during finals week. Strive to understand the information during every lecture and assignment, and it’ll pay off by the end of the semester.

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