8 Things Every Girl Who Grew up in the 2000s Remembers

8 Things Every Girl Who Grew up in the 2000s Remembers


1. Lisa Frank Everything

Any girl who grew up in the 2000s would be lying if they said that they didn’t own any Lisa Frank products. The brand sold the coolest school supplies, clothes, stickers, and makeup. We were all obsessed with it, and the school year would always start with a backpack full of rockin’ Lisa Frank notebooks and folders.

2. Lizzie McGuire

There were lots of great shows on the Disney Channel, but the one that most of us girls remember is Lizzie McGuire. She was the typical 2000s girl with her crazy-colored clothes and teen lingo. We all wished that we had her wardrobe with her always changing outfits. Everyone was beyond jealous of her when she met Aaron Carter on the Christmas special and was mistaken for an Italian popstar in The Lizzie McGuire Movie. She even had a Bitmoji before it was cool!

3. Chokers, Chokers, and More Chokers

In the last couple of years, this trend has started to make a comeback, but I don’t think it will ever be as big as it was in the 2000s. Young girls would wear multiple chokers at a time in a variety of different colors to match their outfits. Do you remember which colors you had?

4. Easy Bake Ovens

It seemed like everyone would ask for an Easy Bake Oven for their birthday or Christmas. You could cook a chocolate cake or brownies with just this plastic oven and a light bulb. Some stores still sell these ovens, but they don’t come with as much variety as they used to, and it probably wouldn’t taste the same as when we were kids anyway.

5. Limited Too

I remember asking my mom every time we went clothes shopping if we could go to Limited Too. They carried all of the “coolest” clothes at the time. They sold gauchos, the big wedge flip-flops, and all the glitter makeup you could imagine. So cute.

6. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

If we didn’t want to be Lizzie McGuire, we wanted to be one of the Olsen twins. They always were on international adventures without their parents or busy chasing boys around. Besides movies, they had dolls, a clothing line, books, and pretty much anything you could think of. They made us all want to have a twin of our own.

7. Polly Pockets, Barbies, and Bratz

All of these dolls were wildly popular in the 2000s. Any toy store you walked into would typically have an entire aisle dedicated to these. I would always receive a Barbie or Polly Pocket for my birthday from my friends.

8. Lip Smackers

Mango, strawberry, Dr. Pepper, Coca-Cola, bubble gum. These were some of the flavors Lip Smackers came in. There were hundreds of different scents, some of which were fantastic, and others that were not so much. And no one had just one flavor at a time (gotta have options!). Trying to find your favorite one always seemed like the most difficult thing in the world.

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