8 Reasons You Should Be Friends Before Dating

8 Reasons You Should Be Friends Before Dating


Many people have different opinions about if you should be friends before dating or not. Some think it’s not a good idea because you value the friendship so much, you don’t want to jeopardize the relationship you already have. Or maybe it’s because it’s too weird to transition from friends to more than friends, and some worry it just won’t work. Well, I’m here to tell you that being friends before a relationship is a wonderful thing. Here’s why:

No First Date Nerves

The beauty of starting off as friends is that you already know the other person. Usually, in the first stages of dating, you try to be as attractive as possible while simultaneously trying to get to know one another. Dating a friend, you don’t have to worry about that, because you are probably already comfortable and familiar with each other. You don’t have to spend hours picking the perfect outfit or prepare what to talk about beforehand. This person already likes you for who you are, so now you just have to move forward with them.

You Know Their Past

By being friends first, you will probably already know about each other’s past relationships, childhood memories, likes and dislikes. This gives you an advantage of knowing what and what not to do while in a relationship with them. You already know what makes them frustrated and happy.


From my experience, it is a lot of fun to date a friend. One, because everyone else may not expect you to get together (not that it’s any of their business). But, also, because you never know how exciting it could be to date your friend. We always have fun when we’re with our best friends, anyway, so this makes the relationship even better.

Romantic Side

I have to admit that it can be weird to transition from friends to dating. On the other hand, you may have that feeling that they are the right person for you. This is the time to get to know the relationship side of them. Some people forget this part. You may feel like there is nothing to talk about because you’ve been friends first for so long. Well, now you get to know the romantic side of them. Trust me, it’s just as amusing as meeting someone for the first time. You see a whole different side of them, and it even makes them more attractive.


Another advantage of being friends first is that you may already feel comfortable being around that person. There is no awkward silence or difficulty trying to come up with something to talk about. You’re probably comfortable communicating, and there are no worries about doing or saying anything that you’re uncomfortable with. I mean, we do go to our friends when we need to talk, right?

You Can Take Things Slow

Dating a friend is also a good way to take things slow and really build a strong relationship. You already know you have things in common with this person, so you don’t have to worry about that part. This helps you to stress less about situations and reduce feeling overwhelmed.

They are Reliable

Knowing that you are friends first makes it easier to rely on that person. If you can’t trust them, they shouldn’t be your friend in the first place. Building trust and respect are very important in a relationship, and when you already have that from the friendship, the relationship will be even stronger.

You’re Friends!

Finally, the last advantage of dating a friend is simple: you’re already friends! Maybe even best friends. You already know and like each other. Everyone wants to be in a long-term relationship with their best friend. But, it may be hard to build a friendship when you are also trying to build the romantic relationship. Being friends first lets you work on the rest of the relationship without having to worry about if you’re with the right person quite yet.

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