8 Basic Things You Need for Your Dorm Room

8 Basic Things You Need for Your Dorm Room

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1. Pictures

Fill your empty room with good memories and thoughts of your friends, family, and pets! I loved being able to look up from my books and smile at the pictures hanging on my wall or sitting on my desk.

2. Decorations

Decorating your room will help you settle in and feel like you’re in your own little home instead of a jail cell. It does feel kind of boring when you first walk in and see plain, white walls and no color anywhere. It’s also a little depressing at the end of the year when you take your decorations down. That’s why you need to spice up your room and make it a happy place to stay in! It’s really fun to put up decorations around the holidays, too.

3. Snacks

Everybody gets hungry when they’re doing homework or studying late into the night. Instead of having to go to the expensive vending machine when you get the munchies, have some snacks ready to eat in your room. I always try to have mostly healthy snacks around, but you can definitely keep a secret stash of candy for when you’re studying or need a little pick-me-up.

4. Mini Fridge and Microwave

My fridge at school always contained extra apples, yogurt, and water bottles from the meals my roommate and I got. I got the cheapest meal plan possible, so I didn’t get breakfast at the cafeteria. Instead, I ate cereal in my room before class, so the fridge was very convenient for storing milk. A microwave is also nice if you make oatmeal or Ramen or have leftovers to reheat.

5. Pillows

Let’s be honest, the dorm beds and desk chairs are not the most comfortable things to lounge in. That’s where pillows come in. They can turn a rock-hard bed into a luxury couch where you can sit back and relax and do homework. Pillows are also really fun to pick out, since there are so many colors, shapes, sizes, designs, and sayings on them.

6. Cleaning Supplies

Paper towels, Clorox wipes, an air freshener, and if you have a bathroom, cleaning supplies for that. There’s nothing more refreshing than coming home to a freshly-cleaned room. You also need to bring a broom or dustpan and brush - you wouldn’t believe how dusty and dirty the floors get when you’re living in such a tiny space. Hand sanitizer is another great item to keep at your desk and in your backpack.

7. Headphones

If your dorms are like mine, they have paper thin walls, and the most annoying thing ever is hearing someone else’s music being blasted from another room. Instead of blasting your music louder (which would only make things worse for the people around you and your eardrums) you can put on headphones and listen to your music or watch Netflix in peace. Headphones are also great when you have roommates who don’t want to listen to the same music or one is trying to study or sleep.

8. A Calendar

Planners are great, and the calendar on your phone will do the job, but it’s really nice to have a physical calendar hanging up to see all the activities, events, exam days, and deadlines for that month. This helps you plan, stay organized, and not feel rushed at the last minute when you remember you have an English paper due the next day. There are so many cool calendars out there, and they can be both functional and decorative (which is essential in a small space!).


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