8 Articles You Need to Read Before Your First Day of College

8 Articles You Need to Read Before Your First Day of College

Between big life changes, more challenging classes, and new faces everywhere you turn, it's natural to feel nervous when starting college. Everyone screws up in their freshman (...and sophomore, and junior, and senior) year - I know I did - but with the right preparation, you'll be ready to take on your first year of college like a pro.

5 Mistakes Not to Make Your Freshman Year of College

Freshman year will come with its fair share of challenges, but you can save yourself unnecessary stress by steering clear of these common mistakes.

9 Things I Would Tell My Freshman Self

Looking back now, as a senior in college, there are few things I wish I could have told my freshman self. Here's nine lessons I learned for you.

4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Pick a Major

Choose carefully now, and you'll never be the person who says, "I hate my job."

5 Simple Ways to Study Smarter

Few people are naturally great at studying, but with a few pointers, it doesn’t have to be so hard. Study smarter, not harder!

15 Ways to Bond With Your New Roommate

Go from strangers to best friends (or at least peaceful cohabitants) in no time.

10 Ways to Get Involved on a New Campus

It's always hard adjusting to a new environment. Getting involved is a great way to break out of your shell and become comfortable with your new home! Here's how you can jump into the "college experience" and have fun doing it.

Here's the Best Note-Taking Strategies for Each Type of Class

Different note-taking strategies work for different classes. Find the method that works for you!

7 Ways Commuter Freshman Can Get to Know Their New School

Despite what the movies may have led you to believe, not everyone has the same college experience. Here's seven ways commuter freshman can get just as much out of college as their residential classmates.