7 Ways to Become More Confident

7 Ways to Become More Confident


Growing up as a shy person, my confidence was definitely something I struggled with, and is something that many people struggle with. But there is no reason to worry.

Building confidence is like learning how to play an instrument. It comes with time and dedication. We all run into events in our lives that test our confidence, and that is when we should take advantage of those opportunities. Take school presentations for example. A lot of us absolutely hate them, but we have no choice because it was a grade. But sometimes when it was over, we get the feeling like we want to do it again!

Here are some ways to build confidence.


Being confident has to do with comfortability. We all have opinions and feelings. It just depends on who we are comfortable sharing those opinions and feelings with, and having the confidence to do so. Practice speaking in front of a mirror and your friends to boost your self-esteem.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is a good way to become more confident with yourself. First make a list of your strengths, and become confident in them. Then make a list of things you want to work on. When you keep that list in focus, you will succeed in no time.

Don’t Doubt Yourself

Always stay positive and have faith in yourself. Keep success in your mind to help you keep going and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

Take Risks

Sometimes people turn down opportunities because they think they won’t succeed. Take that opportunity anyway, and if you fail, don’t feel bad. At the end, use this as a learning experience that you can use to improve along the way.

Practice Confidence

I know it sounds strange, but yes, you can practice confidence. Try going up to a stranger, maybe someone you like, and start up a conversation or give them a compliment. We have to do things that frighten us, and the reward can be greater self-confidence. Practice makes perfect, which equals confidence.

Mock Interview

Mock interviews are not just great practice for real interviews but also for yourself. It can help decrease stress and nervousness you may have while speaking. You will even get constructive feedback on your performance.

Join a Club

Joining a club on campus is great practice for sharing your opinions with others who have the same interests as you.

As a communication major, it is imperative that I know how to speak in front of people, speak on camera, and become the leader of my groups. I knew that I had to start being comfortable with myself and being around others. So, I took chances, asked for advice, and kept an open mind.

It is important to stay strong, assertive, and true to who you are. Don’t let anyone’s judgement affect you. Stay focused on your goals and less on irrelevant things. We will always run into opportunities to improve ourselves. So while you are working on those improvements, don’t forget all the great things about you. Recognizing those things is the first step to becoming more confident.


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