5 Fashion Struggles Girls Deal With in the Summer

5 Fashion Struggles Girls Deal With in the Summer


It’s summertime! That means it’s time to break out your shorts, sundresses, sandals, and bikinis. Although summer fashion trends stay (pretty much) the same, they don’t always work for all girls. We’re built in many shapes and sizes, have different skin and hair types, and we don’t all have the same interests in fashion. Even though we’re all different, we do have a lot of the same fashion struggles - especially in the summer. Here’s a list of a couple of the summer fashion struggles that I know many of us girls deal with:

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Thick thighs = chafing

For those of us who have been #blessed with bigger thighs, summer can be a potential nightmare. It’s the perfect time to wear cute skirts, dresses, and shorts, but the worst time for our legs to be rubbing together when we walk. The mixture of heat, sweat, and friction can cause painful chafing between the thighs, which is SO inconvenient when you’re just trying to look cute and stay cool in the blazing heat.

To deal with chafing, here are a couple of tips: slip shorts will be your best friends; they’re discrete, comfy, and can be worn under skirts and dresses. Baby powder or anti-chafe products are also great to prevent and soothe your thighs after they’ve chafed a bit.

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Not feeling tan enough to go out

For us girls with a lighter skin tone, winter can definitely make us feel pasty. When summer comes around, it can take a while to get a nice, even tan, and we’re not always willing to wait to get that color back. If you want a great, golden glow now, spray tanning and makeup could do the trick, and it’s a lot safer than baking in the sun. Try opting for a self-tanner to achieve a nice, natural-looking, healthy glow.

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Humidity and hair don’t always mix

If your hair isn’t pin-thin-straight (or even if it is!), sometimes the humidity in the air can cause it to poof and ruin your intended hairdo. For us girls with curly hair, frizz is already a problem we deal with on the daily, and humidity just makes it worse. To keep your hair from poufing up more than you’d like it to, here are a couple of remedies: use a smoothing serum to keep stray hairs down, don’t wash your hair too much (because it can actually dry out more quickly), and use a good hair spray.

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Bigger boobs and bikini shopping don’t mix

Bikini shopping can be pretty overwhelming. There are so many colors and patterns to choose from, and the trends are all over the place, from hipster shorts to high-waisted to barely-there bottoms. And it’s not just “what your mama gave ya” on the bottom that can be a problem. Just think about how overwhelming it can be when your boobs don’t fit half of the swimsuit tops in the store. For girls with C-cups and above, they may not always see fair styling when shopping for swimsuits. It can be hard to find a top that’s supportive,  comfortable, and still cute. Those cute halter styles that cut in at the shoulders don’t exactly offer enough containment to keep the girls in check, and a thick band across the bottom, or underwire (or both) is big-bust must. Some of the brands that make great bikinis for larger breasts include ASOS, Freya, and Figleaves.

Wanting to wear a crop top, but not feeling like you have the body for one

Surprise! Anyone can wear a crop top, because every body is beautiful. True, a crop top might feel more comfortable with a flat, toned stomach, but there are many ways to work with what you’ve got. If you’d like to wear a crop top while covering up part of your tummy, a great way to wear one is with a high-waisted bottom, like a skirt or a pair of shorts. Don’t be afraid to try this popular summer trend; crop tops come in many styles and colors that are sure to look great on all body types.

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