5 Easy Ways to Stay Healthy During Finals

5 Easy Ways to Stay Healthy During Finals


Finals time at the end of the semester is a time of stress and worry for most college students in the U.S. We’re told to take everything we´ve learned over the last few months, cram it into our brains, and apply it all into one paper or exam. It´s incredibly stressful, especially with more than one class in completely different subjects (and if you’re a double major…good luck to you).

We spend most of our free time reading articles, making study guides, writing notecards, and pulling all-nighters. It´s important that we stay healthy during this crazy time. Here’s a few ways to make sure you stay healthy during finals season!



I know it’s tempting to pull all-nighters every night to get your studying in, but it’s so bad for your body (and your brain!). You do better on tests when you’re not tired, and honestly, not a lot of learning is going to get done after you’ve been staring at flashcards for hours on end.

Get your vitamins!

Whether that means leaving the library for a few minutes to take in some sun, or just taking a vitamin supplement in the mornings with your coffee and bagel, getting your vitamins is going to keep you healthy and help you perform better.

Practice meditation techniques

Using mindfulness practices always helps me to calm down and breathe whenever I’m stressed. There are tons of apps you can download that focus on mindfulness - my favorite is Headspace - that will lead you in short 10-minute mindfulness exercises.


I know it seems silly to say this, because we’re not toddlers and how could we forget simple hygiene, right? Wrong. You get into your studying grind and three days later, you realize you haven’t showered since last Friday, and did you even change your underwear? Not only are these hygiene techniques important to your health, but they’ll keep you fresh and ready to ace those exams!

Stay hydrated

Keeping a bottle of water (make it reusable so you can keep refilling it!) near your study space will remind you to keep drinking water and stay hydrated. Water energizes you, keeps you alert and in high spirits, and helps you think more clearly, so drink up!

It’s tough to get through finals while taking care of yourself and your body. But it’s important to remember that taking care of your body is a vital step to doing well in your classes, and in your life. So take your vitamins, stay hydrated, get some rest, brush your teeth, and practice some new meditation techniques. Then slap on a clean pair of underwear and ace those exams!

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