4 Signs You’re Constantly Busy

4 Signs You’re Constantly Busy

I’ve always been the person who doesn’t like being bored. I think I got it from my parents. When we were on vacations, we always stayed busy – doing different activities, going to museums, etc. We were never the family who sat on the beach all day, every day for a week-long vacation. The family value of always being busy is in my DNA.

Even as an adult, I can’t seem to accept the art of slowing down. Sometimes it’s a fatal flaw – I take on too much work/activity/social engagement and I get stressed out. It’s one of the things people comment on a lot about me. Here’s four signs you’re in the same situation:

1. Your calendar looks like this:


It’s color-coded by jobs/social circles/clubs/school. You know that point of busy when you’re scheduling when you’re going to shower, go to the gym, and call your mom.

2. When a friend asks you to hang out, you offer 2-3 day options with specific time slots.

Look, I’m sorry, okay? I promise I want to hang out with you. I just have to do it between class and my work’s employee kickball game.

3. When someone asks, “What do you do?” and you list all 25 things, it seems a little alarming.

(And you’ve had your fair share of dates that pretty much ended at the end of that list.)

4. Your phone screen always looks like this.


You have 3 email accounts, 2 Twitter accounts, a Google+ account, and a Facebook account that you’re in charge of managing for several reasons (volunteer much?). Every time you look at your phone, it’s not fun texts from your friends – it’s usually this.

Being busy is a common problem in our day and age. With the technology we have, we’re able to work on five different things at once, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Just make sure to always work in your Netflix and chill time, and you should be A-OK.

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