30 Dates to Go On This Summer That Cost $30 or Less

30 Dates to Go On This Summer That Cost $30 or Less

1. Trip to the Beach

Walking hand in hand, toes in the sand with the ocean before you...you can’t go wrong with a beach day!

2. Picnic in the Park

Get out and enjoy the weather! Pack a bag with a blanket, drinks, and a light meal to prepare for a mid-day scenic snack.

3. Stargaze

A calm night underneath the night sky, lying on a blanket, taking in the beauty of stars and constellations. Romantic and free. Yes please!

4. Fro-yo and/or Ice Cream

A hot summer day can be remedied by a sweet date with a sweet dessert!

5. Movie Night at Home

AKA “Netflix and Chill.” Skip the movie theater tickets (on a college budget, who can afford it anyway) and instead stick a bag of popcorn in the microwave and pick a classic to watch on your very own TV.

6. Go to an Animal Shelter

When in doubt, puppies. Spend the day getting playful with the animals and your date!

7. Karaoke Night

Make it your goal to see who can be the most entertaining (embarrassing). You’re guaranteed to have fun belting out a duet even with less than satisfactory vocals. You’ll be able to have even more dates from this one, as you sit around at home, laughing and retelling the night over and over.

8. Bake Together

Cookies and cake and brownies, oh my. Baking with your sweetheart (and best of all, taste-testing all of your treats after) is the cherry on top of a great date.

9. Watch the Sunset

Enjoy a nice conversation as you watch the sun sink below the horizon. It’s a great time to squeeze in a few romantic kisses.

10. Find a Free Outdoor Concert

Discover underrated artists or small town talents playing near you and take in the carefree summer atmosphere. If it’s a concert on the lawn, bring a blanket and cuddle up. Maybe they’ll play “your song.”

11. Build a Fort

Grab your pillows, blankets, and light sources to create a cozy fort to comfortably binge watch an entire season of your favorite show, share conversation, or listen to music.

12. Go to the Farmer’s Market

In-season flowers, fresh produce, and tasty samples are all at your disposal at the local Farmer’s Market. Bonus points if you buy some ingredients for a healthy dinner to prepare for your date later that night.

13. Have a Game Night

Challenge your date to board and card games and wager a deal for the champion. Winner gets a kiss…or three.

14. Go Hiking

Pick a trail, whether it’s scenic, adventurous, or ends in breaking a sweat. Make sure to bring plenty of snacks and water!

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15. Go Swimming

Cool down together with a dip in the water. Lounge on a floaty or kick back by the pool for a relaxing day together.

16. Go Thrift Shopping

Those who love to shop will appreciate the thrill of finding vintage clothes and great deals. Bond over your love for popping tags on a budget.

17. Volunteer Together

Help a great cause and add to your resume, all the while getting to know and spending time with your date.

18. Take an Art Class

Get creative by taking a one-day art workshop. Learn to draw or paint and see who has the best artistic abilities!

19. Take a Tandem Bike Ride

If you don’t own one, rent one. Why ride a bicycle with one seat when you can ride one with two? Now that’s teamwork.

20. Play Mini Golf

It’s all about the stance and the swing. Even if you can’t get a hole in one, you’ll have fun trying.

21. State Fair

Winning a stuffed animal, sharing cotton candy, and kissing at the top of the Ferris wheel - all the elements of a date straight out of the movies.

22. Find a Food Truck Rally

Make it a goal to sample as many dishes from different food trucks as you can. The food is good and the fun is even better.

23. Have a Bonfire

Whether it’s on the beach or in a backyard fire pit, throw it back to when you were a kid with roasted marshmallows and s’mores!

24. Break Out the Slip ’N Slide

Beat the heat and get out the Slip ’N Slide! If you don’t have one, you can get creative by laying out a tarp, adding some soap (if you want it extra slippery), and keeping a hose running over it. Take turns reconnecting with your inner child!

25. Go Canoeing

Teamwork is very important as you row, row, row your boat!

26. Try a Dance Class

Skip the awkward small talk and go right to the physical contact. The energy will be lighthearted and lively, and you get to learn a thing or two about rhythm…or which of you has two left feet.

27. Go to a Theme Park

If you’re into adrenaline, look online for discounts at a theme park near you. Roller coasters and Tilt-A-Whirls make for the perfect fun, flirty date!

28. Catch a Game

Concession popcorn, peanuts, and hotdogs may not seem like a romantic date, but supporting your local minor league sports teams is affordable, and live sporting events are always eventful. Pick a team and get ready to cheer!

29. Go Fishing

No worries if you don’t catch anything. You’ll be reeling in your date by the end of this adventure.

30. Geocaching

One of the only exceptions for being on your phone for the entire date. Use a Geocache app to explore your area on a real word treasure hunt.

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