3 Things Every Guy Should Be Able To Do Before They Turn 21

3 Things Every Guy Should Be Able To Do Before They Turn 21

Turning 21 may be the highlight of your college career. Let’s be honest — you can buy alcohol, go to bars with your friends, and this is the last official stepping stone to becoming a man. From our freshman year of college on, most guys yearn for the day they reach this peak. Sure, all this is great in a recreational sense, but what should all men be worried about achieving before turning the big “Two-One”?


Now this may seem like an obvious task, but trust me, there are some duds out there. Every man should have a grasp on this menial task well before they reach drinking age. The fact is that most baby-faced boys don’t feel the need to learn until they really need it. One should always dabble and figure out the tricks of the trade before departing for college. Honestly, what could be worse than asking your roommate — or even your girlfriend — how to use a razor?

Pay Bills

Paying bills is usually something we dread facing. The stressful questions, such as where do I pay, how do I pay, and with what money do I pay, begin to eerily creep into the mind. I understand it’s not the most fascinating objective, but it is a must know! Most of us will live on campus with no worry of rent, and will likely have our basic needs paid for by parents, which is understandable. While you have this grace period, you should begin to ask questions so you are no longer in the dark on how to manage them. Your parents are seasoned veterans on the subject — which makes them an invaluable, untapped resource. The last thing you would want is to move into your own place when you turn 21 and have to stress about the bills you never learned how to pay.

Drink Responsibly

Now I couldn’t delay the truth for the whole article. Boys will be boys and once we turn 21 we are obviously going to celebrate it by drinking. By this time in your life you should have been educated on the guidelines of drinking responsibly, but education doesn’t go anywhere if you don’t apply the knowledge. We should all make sure we know how to drink responsibly upon the coming of age since it can be a short cut to breaking a law. If you have never been a drinker prior, it may be a good idea to take it slow since this is your first real night out. I take back my above comment on shaving and will apply it to this situation. What could be worse than ending up in a jail cell by the end of your 21st birthday? Think about it.

With that being said, go out and have a great 21st. Make memories that last a lifetime and keep in mind that we should all know how to partake in the above tasks well before our inauguration into adulthood! Until next time friends, stay focused!