14 Signs You Were Raised by Strict Parents

14 Signs You Were Raised by Strict Parents

I won’t lie - living with your parents can seriously suck sometimes. Especially as you get older and want more freedom to do what you want. That idea of an independent, exciting life on campus starts looking better and better. If you couldn’t get out of your parent’s house quick enough, it’s probably because they were strict.

If you can relate to any of these signs, you were definitely raised by strict parents:

1. It’s their way or the highway

You know the frustration of always having your suggestions and opinions shut down.

2. You had a bed time

The worst. Especially trying to persuade them to let you stay up an extra hour, which felt like the biggest accomplishment in history if you succeeded.

3. You threatened to run away

You may feel this way if your parents are constantly criticizing you, yelling, and being controlling.

4. You did run away

If you actually did run away, it may be because you felt like you needed to get away from parental authority and take control of something for once.

5. You were always in trouble

And it was always because of the smallest things, like not answering your mom’s phone calls for a whole half an hour.

6. You weren’t allowed to have social media accounts. If you were, your parents stalk you

If my parents are going to keep checking my social media, I might as well not have one at all.

7. You never wanted to bring your friends over

This was because you knew your parents wouldn’t let you do anything fun at the house. Then they would ask, “Why don’t you bring your friends over here?”  

8. You are shocked to hear how some of your friends talk to their parents

This includes cursing and talking about things you would never talk to your parents about, like sex or drugs.

9. You master how to lie and sneak around

After much practice, you know what to say to trick them, but that doesn’t mean you don’t feel bad about it sometimes.

10. Your parents have to get in touch with your friend’s parents

Whenever I wanted to do anything with my friends, my parents wanted to know the “5 W’s.” Where, what, when, who, why, and even how, as in “how are you getting there?” And then they would ask for all my friend’s phone numbers, just in case.

11. Your friends made fun of you for having strict parents

That “sorry I’m not allowed to,” or “my mom doesn’t let me do that,” talk was always so fun, and not embarrassing. (Sarcasm.)

12. You’re not allowed to watch TV during the week

I was one of those kids. When I started getting older, I was allowed 2 hours a week.

13. You became a crazy animal when you got to college

Living on your own, with no parental supervision is probably one of the most exciting things about living on campus. You get to stay up late, watch TV whenever you want, party whenever you want, and for however long you want. It’s like... freedom is finally here.

14. You freak out if you get a bad grade… even in college

This is because your parents always pushed you to do so well in school, and you didn’t want to get in trouble.

If you grew up with strict parents, you begin to realize as you get older that it’s because they care. Most kids have to remember that this might be your parent’s first time actually being a parent. They only want what’s best for us, and to make sure we are safe. I know, we get tired of hearing that. For me, growing up with strict parents helped me to become a better person and make good decisions. Hopefully you got something positive out of it too. 

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