12 Things You Wouldn't Think to Bring to College

12 Things You Wouldn't Think to Bring to College


When travelling to college, the biggest question is always what to put on the college packing list to make sure you don’t over- (or even under-) pack for the semester. While doing this, we always are bound to forget something we end up needing. Here are a few things most of us don’t deem necessary until you’re at college and lost without them.

1. Power strip

One of the last things anyone thinks to bring to their dorm room, but this should be at the top of your college packing list. You’ll have so many plugs, but so few outlets, so don’t be caught without a power strip. Make sur it has a surge protector built in, too.

2. Passport

At first, you may not think to bring a passport, but you never know! Once you get settled in college, your friends may want to take trips to another country, depending on where your college is. Plus, it can be used as documentation if you want to get a job or need it for any verification your school needs.

3. Brita filter

Don’t be stuck drinking foul tap water in the dorms. That’s one of the last things you want to do late at night. Buy a filtered water bottle — they start around $20.

4. Shower shoes

College students aren’t as clean as you’d think they are. Especially if you are in an all-male dorm. If I were you, shower shoes one of the first things you should buy. They may save you from a case of plantar warts in the process.

5. Decorations

Dorm-décor is needed in every room on campus. The jail cell schools call dorms can be transformed into a cozy hideout with the addition of lights or posters on the wall. Trust me when I say it’s depressing to have plain walls.

6. Plastic ware

There will be days that you do not want to leave your dorm room to get something to eat. Without any plastic ware, you will be limited to very few options. Bring plates and utensils so you can enjoy some meals without leaving your bed.

7. Vacuum

Keeping a small dorm room clean is hard as it is. There isn’t room for a full sized vacuum, so a small handheld one is a must. In between classes is a good time to touch up the room.

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8. Hangers

Not fun to realize that you have forgotten your hangers at home at the end of a 6-hour drive.

9. Dress clothes

Regardless of your major, formal attire is always needed at college. Most colleges will have events requiring clothes more formal than jeans and sneakers that you don’t want to miss just because you do not have the appropriate clothing.

10. Duct tape

The number one tool to have on your college packing list! Need to tape a book back together? Tape something on the wall? Some have even made clothes out of it! Duct tape is a man’s best friend. I couldn’t even tell you everything I’ve used it for.

11. Desk lamp

Bottom line: dorm room lighting sucks. Always seems like it’s 10 p.m. regardless of the time of day. Now, if you don’t have any dorm décor either? Prepare for a LONG semester.

12. Sports gear

Once the good weather returns, everyone wants to play catch or go outside to exercise. Most of the time, no one comes to college prepared with the ball or the gear needed. You can be the champion of the group by bringing it to college from the start.

Just a few suggestions to keep in mind when packing. For more ideas, check out our College Shopping Checklist. Good luck in your studies!


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