11 Signs You're the Oldest Child

11 Signs You're the Oldest Child

Being the first-born is a curse and a blessing in many ways. You’re going through everything on your own, and your parents are still figuring out how to parent effectively, so things are definitely bound to go wrong at some point or another. If you can relate to these, you surely understand the struggle of being the oldest sibling:

1. Your teachers never judged you based off of an older sibling.

You had to pave the road for yourself all the way through school, and (hopefully) leave a good impression for your siblings coming up behind you.

2. Your younger siblings were jealous when you got to drive first...

...but your mom made sure you had to drive them everywhere, so it didn’t seem like much of a prize.

3. You endured tattle-tales galore from the little ones.

Don’t even think about sneaking out, or sneaking in one more cookie. Your little sister will be sure Mom notices.

4. You had to babysit.

Every weekend and night. All the way through high school. And maybe more. Your friends wanted to hang out? Sorry, you’ve got to watch your baby brother.

5. Every time you got in trouble, your parents reminded you:

Your siblings look up to you, you have to set an example. But what if I just want to have fun?

6. You were stuck getting life advice either from your parents...

...or the Internet. No older siblings to give you “The Talk.”

7. You had to keep all of your clothes, so your younger siblings could have them.

Not to mention school supplies, bedding, and your first car. In fact, your younger siblings have nothing but hand-me-downs, but you always got the new stuff!

8. Your parents were ridiculously strict with you, but not at all with your younger siblings.

Your 13-year-old brother can watch Rated R movies, but you couldn’t until you were 17? Your middle school-aged sister got her ears pierced, but you had to wait until high school? Sounds like you’re the oldest!

9. You needed to remember all of what you learned in school, so you could help your siblings later.

What do you mean it’s been six years since you took the SATs? Don’t you remember?

10. Your siblings will always call you “bossy,” but you were just taking authority.

After all, Mom said you were in charge while she went to the bathroom.

11. Your siblings always tried to do the same things as you.

They tried to match your outfit, or played the same sport as you, or joined the school band — all to be just like their big brother or sister. Your parents said you should be honored, but it was mostly just annoying.

With high expectations and a lot of responsibilities, life as the oldest child can seem like a drag — but it’s all worth it when we get to be the proud big brother/sister to an adoring kid who wishes they could be just like us. So keep saving your hand-me-downs and dishing out life advice — it’s what you were meant to do.

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