11 Signs You're a Communications Major

11 Signs You're a Communications Major

There are always questions regarding what Communications majors do and the type of jobs you can get with a Communications degree (we can do everything). What most people don’t know is that there are specific topics under Communications in which we declare our focus. These topics include public relations, marketing, mass media, journalism, management, broadcasting, and many more.

A comment I also hear a lot is that Communications is the easiest major. Well, let me tell you how ridiculously false that is. Communications is just as hard as any other major. But these people mistakenly confuse this with enjoyment. Yes, studying Communications is hard, but I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love it, no matter what their focus is.

Check out these signs to see if you should be a Communications major:

1. Love to talk

Are you that person that likes to talk and talk and talk, annoying your friends to no end? Well, congratulations, you have now found a major that acknowledges your love for talking.

2. Love to help people

If you are passionate about people, and love to help them, whether it is through volunteer or just day-to-day, Communications will be perfect for you. For example, I started writing and filming about the places where I volunteered to give them more exposure. I also wrote a heartfelt feature story on a chef at a soup kitchen. There are so many ways to publicize things through the media. It is even better when they are issues that are important to you.

3. Love to write

Knowing how to write is a big part of Communications. It is obviously necessary for journalism, but also good for script writing, press releases, reporting, blogging, etc. Good writing skills allow you to communicate your message clearly. Writing resumes and cover letters also require good writing skills and creates that critical first impression.

4. Love movies/performing arts

A lot of people love movies. But to be a Comm major, you have to be interested in how they are put together. It is a long and hard process, but if this kind of thing excites you, then Comm is definitely for you.

5. Love to over-analyze

Some Comm classes include watching movies and TV shows to determine certain things in your assignments. If you are like me, and are curious about how things work, and why, then you will love Communications. There are so many concepts and reasons to learn and understand. If you’re up for the challenge, then choose Comm.

6. Social media is your life

If you have every social media account that has ever been created, take that as a sign you should be a Comm major. As a Communications major, you are the media. You choose what people see, when they see it, and how they see it. It is nice knowing you get to decide what goes where.

7. Are shy

Yes, you read that correctly. A Communications major is a great way to get out of your shell. This is not just because of all the presentations, but also if you can relate to the previous signs mentioned in this article. Using what you love and adjusting it to the different types of Communications can certainly help you become more confident.

8. Comfortable speaking in front of others

Notice how I said “comfortable” instead of something like “love presentations.” I’m sure most people do not love to present in front of people. In Communications, there are other ways to be comfortable with talking in front of others. For example, in broadcasting, you talk to a camera, which can be just as nerve-wrecking, but so much fun! Just like everything else, it gets easier with practice.

9. Love sports

Yes, you can be a Communications major when you love sports. You know the guys on ESPN who sit at a desk and talk about sports the whole time? That can be you with a focus in sports management.

10. Love entertainment

If you find yourself watching entertainment shows, following more celebs than friends on social media, writing gossip columns or blogs, then become a Comm major and do it professionally.

11. Fear math and science classes

There is no clearer sign to be a Comm major if you not just fear math and science classes, but find them boring. Come to the fun side and be a Communications major.

After you make the best decision of your life and study Communications, you can be like me and recruit people to change their major. It helps when they see how much fun you are having with it.

But remember, being a Comm major comes with a lot of responsibility, which includes constantly explaining to people that it is not just about talking or public speaking, and it is definitely not the easiest major. Just calmly make your point and remind them that it is the most fun major!

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