11 People You Need to Unfollow Right Now

11 People You Need to Unfollow Right Now


We’ve all done some pretty questionable stuff on social media — thank God any sign I had a Facebook account before the age of 16 has now been wiped out — but there’s always that one person who takes it to a whole different level. From the over-sharers to the flat-out haters, here’s the 11 people you need to kick off your feed right now.

You know who you are.

The Foodie

JK, posting a picture of your avocado toast with the hashtag “#foodporn” doesn’t make you a #foodie. Unless you’re Chrissy Teigen, no one cares.

The Hashtagger

Okay, it’s one thing to post a picture of a sunset that approximately 18 other people are posting at the same time, but it’s another to spam your own comments section with 40 unnecessary hashtags. #igers #instalove #photooftheday #follow4follow #instagood #nofilter #sunset #sun #nature #tree

Hashtag stop.

The Person Who’s #Blessed

Are you? Are you really?

The Person Who Posts Birthday Pictures for Someone Who Doesn’t Even Have an Account

Why. No, seriously — why?

The Couple Uploading Their Entire Engagement Album to Instagram

OMG he put a ring on it? So happy for you!!!

Honestly, no one needs to see your special moment and/or a close-up of your new bling more than once. (Okay, twice. I’ll give you that much.) After that, it’s overkill. Facebook photo albums were invented for this reason.

The Wannabe “#relationshipgoals” Couple

No way, you’re dating someone? I couldn’t tell from your date night selfies with “the bae” and weekly MCM/WCW pictures of each other.


The F***boy

Doing a keg stand. Gym selfies. Posing with a new girl every night. Pictures of “the whip.”

Come on, bro.

The Person Who Instagrams More Than One Photo of the Same Event

One was cool. Two — okay, I get it, but I might throw you another like anyway. Three was unnecessary. Four? Really? Bye.

The Person Who Uses Collages

Just because it’s technically one picture doesn’t mean the same rule as above doesn’t apply.

The Excessive Selfie-r

So you agree? You think you’re really pretty?

(Extra points for a “#nofilter” thrown in when you very clearly used a filter. I see that Valencia.)

The Person Who Has a Degree in Political Science, Apparently

And finally — the political rants. No. Please. Stop.

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