10 Texts You Only Send To Your Mom

10 Texts You Only Send To Your Mom

Mother’s Day is coming up — the time when we get to honor our moms for everything they do. No one understands us better than our own mothers, which is a good thing, especially when we text them all the weird stuff that happens every day! Here are a few messages we all know can only be sent to Mom:

1. “I’m here.”

Who asks you to let them know when you get somewhere besides your mom? She’s always worrying about you, but it’s okay — it only takes a few seconds to let her know you’re safe.

2. “How much do you love me?” (usually followed by asking for something)

This is a hit or miss — but you know your mom is the best if she says yes without hesitation!

3. “I have a sore throat and a weird rash and the internet says I’m dying what do I do?”

Turns out that mothers are all secretly doctors — they know the answers to your trickiest medical questions. You’ll probably turn to her for advice with your own children, too!

4. *insert selfie here* “Do I look okay?”

No one is more brutally honest than your own mother when it comes to appearances! She’ll tell you if that’s not your color or if you need to calm down with the eyeshadow.

5. “This bread is green…can I still eat it?”

Moms know best! (But she’s probably secretly laughing at you for asking this question.)

6. “Can you talk to my teacher/boss/landlord/etc. for me?”

Outside of grade school, no, unfortunately, she cannot. But you know she would if she could!

7. “Do you want to bring me food?”

She’ll probably respond with, “Well, I wasn’t planning on it…” but give in and bring some anyway. Lunch date with Mom!

8. “Can you tell Dad that I crashed his car?”

When you know that your dad would kill you for it, but he’ll be more understanding if your mom tells him.


You had to save her from that embarrassing Facebook status she just posted. Phew! That was a close one.

10. “Can I come home?”

You always miss her (and the rest of your family), so it’s good to take a trip home every once in a while. Just remember that she may have turned your bedroom into a personal gym!

If you’ve ever bombarded your mom with strange requests and weird questions, make sure you thank her for all she’s done this Mother’s Day. (After all, at least she doesn’t tell her friends every silly text you send!) Thank goodness our moms will love us no matter what.

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