10 of the Most Unusual College Clubs in the U.S.

10 of the Most Unusual College Clubs in the U.S.

Maybe you fell asleep in math club, and mock trial just wasn’t doing it for you. When most students think of joining clubs on campus, they probably think of student government or the school newspaper — but these, uh, out of the box clubs have taken it to another level.

Sound more your style? We’ve rounded up ten of the quirkiest clubs we could find at schools across the country below.

Campus People Watchers, University of Minnesota

It’s a self-proclaimed “non-creepy” club dedicated to the “social, psychological, and analytical aspects of people watching.” Yeah...creepy.

Dignified Educated United Crust Eaters Society, Western Michigan University

Is the crust the best part of the pizza? If you say yes, you’re not alone — this group, set out to “bring a stop to the discrimination of crust,” was made for people like you.

The Squirrel Club, University of Michigan

UMich is home to a lot of squirrels. People feed them peanuts. That’s it, I guess?

Every day is Movember for Carleton’s Mustache Club. “Their esteemed moustachioed envoys have striven for nothing save three goals: the betterment of society through the medium of volunteer labor, the promotion of glorious facial hair growth upon the upper lip, and talking like this.” And don’t worry — the less-mustached sex is welcome too.

The Quill and the Sword Medieval Reenactment Club, Brigham Young University

If you love Renaissance fairs, this is the club for you. BYU’s taking it all the way back to life between 600-1600 A.D. — now that’s a #tbt.

The Appalachian Nerd Network, Appalachian State University

Nerd alert. Nerd Network connects students from different “nerdy” clubs on campus — ranging from sci-fi, video games, anime, and more - “to foster friendship and comradery among its members.”

The MIT Assassins’ Guild, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

If you see people running around with rubber-dart guns, don’t freak out — it’s just MIT’s live-action roleplay (or “LARP”) group getting into one of their games.

Concrete Canoe Team, University of Wisconsin — Madison

Using “glass bead aggregates instead of the rock or gravel used in standard concrete,” this team of engineers has found a way to make a canoe made out of concrete stay afloat — even if it capsizes. Too bad these guys weren’t around in Titanic’s day.

The Clown Nose Club, Penn State University

Penn State’s club set out to “challenge ourselves and others to take positive social risks,” and has now inspired students at other schools to do the same (take North Carolina State). Naturally, this is all done while wearing a clown nose, because why not?

Skydiving Club, Virginia Tech

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…just kidding, it’s Virginia Tech’s Skydiving Club. Consider yourself an adrenaline junkie? This one’s perfect for you.

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