Quirky Scholarships for College That May Be Perfect for You!

Weird, Unusual, and Unique College Scholarships for 2018

Not every scholarship is based on your GPA. Some scholarships are offered to students with a more creative way of thinking, unusual skills, or uncommon characteristics. Sometimes these are affectionately called unusual scholarships, or even weird scholarships. But being unique can lead to great success. Here are a just a few ways others want to help you blaze your own path!

Scholarships for Creativity

Do you dream of making your prom outfit out of duct-tape? Do you knit with wool?

Now is your time to turn that unusual hobby of yours into cold, hard scholarship funds.

Yes, your hobby is weird. Yes, there’s a scholarship for that!

Here’s a list of some of college scholarship opportunities for creative people.

essay based scholarship

Scholarships Based on Physical Attributes

Are you tall, short, left-handed, overweight, or a twin or triplet? There’s a scholarship for that. If there is something unique about you, you may be able to convert that into money for school.

Check out some of these unusual scholarships for unique individuals.

Food Scholarships

Love to cook? Love to eat? There are tons of tempting college scholarships out there for food lovers. Vegetarian?  Beef lover? Whether you stuff your face with tofu or tenderloin, there is a group out there that wants to help you succeed. Here’s a list of scholarships for food lovers of all types.

Creative Writing Scholarships

Even J.K. Rowling had to start somewhere. (In case you were wondering, she started at the University of Exeter in England, studying French and Classics before writing the best-selling Harry Potter series). If creative writing is your cup of tea, check out these opportunities for scholarships for college.

Unusual Sports Scholarships

Snowboarders, bull riders and bowlers rejoice! They may not be as abundant as football or basketball scholarships, but there are awards out there geared toward alternative athletes. Whether you love golfing, marbles, or fly fishing, there are groups out there to support you in your hobby and academics. Take a look at this list of college scholarships for lovers of alternative sports!

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