College Scholarships for Being a Twin

Scholarships for Twins


If you thought college scholarships were only available to students with high GPAs or outstanding athletic skill, get ready to have your mind blown. Scholarships for college are awarded for all kinds of things, like specific areas of study, unique hobbies, or even having a certain last name. If you’re a twin, this list of scholarships is for you.

Scholarships for being a twin:

Furlotte Twins Endowed Scholarship

Eastern Michigan University awards this scholarship to juniors and seniors enrolled in the College of Education elementary program. A minimum 3.0 GPA is required, and priority is given to students who are a twin.

Massachusetts Mothers of Twins Association Scholarships

This association offers several scholarships to twins and other multiples, as well as the parents of multiples.

Twins Days Festival Twins Scholarship

The Twins Days Festival (held every year in Twinsburg, Ohio) awards $1,000 each to qualifying twins who have attended three of the last five festivals.

Are you and your twin inseparable? Try these scholarships for college.

If you and your twin are attending the same school, check out these scholarships and special tuition rates:

George Washington University

George Washington University in Washington, D.C. offers twins a special tuition rate – one twin pays full tuition and the second gets a 50% discount. Not a bad deal if you and your twin pool all of your expenses and split it 50/50!

Lake Erie College Twins Scholarship

Lake Erie College in Painesville, Ohio has a special scholarship for twins. Both twins attending the school get a 50% tuition discount.

Morris Brown College

Atlanta’s Morris Brown College waives tuition for one twin if both are enrolled full-time. That’s basically half off tuition for you and your twin!

Sterling College Twin Award

Twins going to this school in Sterling, Kansas get a 50% tuition award if both twins enroll. Two for the price of one!

Wilson College Twins and Triplets Scholarship

This college in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania gives away a scholarship to one set of twins and one set of triplets every year. Twins and triplets pay 45% of tuition each.

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