Easy Scholarships

Scholarships That Are Actually Easy to Apply For

Maybe you don’t have a highly-competitive GPA, or you simply can’t bring your tired fingers to type up yet another lengthy essay. There are still scholarships for college you might qualify for, and the best part is, the application process for many of these scholarships is easy (sometimes it’s no more than a simple sign-up form).

Easy scholarships are also known as no essay scholarships, or scholarships sweepstakes. These promotional scholarships have few eligibility criteria and are super simple to enter. But that does not mean they are not legit. Check out the Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveaway for an example (2016’s contest asked participants to share how they would change the world in 350 characters or less. That’s less than two and a half tweets).

Other simple scholarships ask you to complete surveys, write micro-essays (two to three sentences), answer trivia questions, or just sign-up.

The awards for easy scholarships are typically decided by random drawing, and because easy scholarships are so, well, easy, they tend to get a lot of applicants. But they are simple to enter, so why not take a chance?

See the list below for some ideas on where to get started applying for easy scholarships for college.

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