How Do You Get Academic Scholarships?

How Do You Get Academic Scholarships?

Did you know that having a higher grade point average (GPA) increases your odds of winning a scholarship for college? In fact, this trend is true for both high school and current college students.

While getting an “A” can increase your chances of winning a scholarship, the level of difficulty of your classes also matters. College scholarship sponsors or providers will look at your high school or college academic transcript to see if you got your good grades by taking only easy classes. They will also consider whether you took any Advanced Placement (AP) or honors classes.

The moral of this story?

It is better to earn a solid “B” in a hard class than to earn an “A” in an easy one.

The easiest way to find academic scholarships for your university is to check out their website, or Google “academic scholarships” or “merit-based scholarships” along with the name of the school you are interested in attending.

College-administered scholarships based on academic merit are usually awarded by the college or university admissions office, or the academic department or the office of the president (not the financial aid office, which typically focuses on need-based aid). Eligibility for these academic scholarships usually depends on having a high grade point average (GPA), competitive standardized admissions test scores and overall class rank.

Many academic scholarships are renewable, but recipients are required to maintain a minimum academic performance to retain the scholarship in subsequent years.

In addition to private scholarships for college, some scholarship matching services will list academic scholarships for the schools indicated in your profile.

Among the scholarship matching services to consider for academic scholarships for the 2018-2019 academic year are:

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