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December 2017 Scholarship Winners

$1,000 Wrap It Up Scholarship 2017 Winner

ayana jones

No School Listed

"I am grateful that Scholarship Points granted me a scholarship which gives me head start in my college experience; allowing easy access to college necessities. "

$1,000 Gingerbread Housing Scholarship 2017 Winner

Micaela Shell

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

"Micaela Lynn Shell, am a Conservation and Natural Resources major with a focus in recreational management. My goal is to graduate Virginia Tech and become a Park Ranger, I plan to go anywhere in the United States. With this scholarship a small burden will be relieved from my shoulders, I was worried I would not be able to keep attending Virginia Tech because I am a student paying my way and I do not come from a well off family, being a first generation is a great feeling, but in the back of my mind there is a constant fear that I will have to quit my dreams and leave the school that I love. By the way Virginia Tech is the number one school in the entire United States for Conservation and Natural Resources majors! With this scholarship I be able to keep on living my dream."

$10,000 December 2017 Scholarship Winner

Haley Gray

Kansas State University

"I am Haley Gray and I plan to attend Kansas State University to study Architectural Engineering with a minor in Business Entrepreneurship. I plan to use this money to help pay for my tuition and school supplies."

$1,000 Frosty the Doughman Scholarship 2017 Winner

Andy Ferruzca

University Of California San Diego

"I am beyond grateful to have been able to receive this scholarship. I am now able to pay for the rest of my tuition to be able to pursue my Mechanical Engineering Degree. "

November 2017 Scholarship Winners

$1,000 Turkey Dinero Scholarship 2017 Winner

Jacob Huhsman

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

"Hello, my name is Jacob Huhsman and I am a senior in high school. Thanks to Scholarship Points I have $1,000 going towards my college education. I cannot wait to start college and start my journey towards my career! I am very grateful to Scholarship Points for awarding me this scholarship."

$1,000 Mashed Potadough Scholarship 2017 Winner

Cameron Gray

University of Kentucky

"Hello, my name is Cameron Gray. I am a senior at Gloucester High School in Gloucester, Va. I am planning to study Criminology in college and hope to one day work for the FBI. I am a cheerleader for both my school and Allstar gym and hope to continue cheering in college. This scholarship is a huge help for me financially since I plan on attending college out of state. "

$1,000 Green Bean Casherole Scholarship 2017 Winner

Rebecca Bobo

Columbia State Community College

"As a nursing student, I spend every minute of my day either in class, or studying for the next exam. I have striven to be the best student I can be in order to have my dream career as an RN. College is not cheap, and in nursing, the expenses go up the roof, and it is nearly impossible to pay for school without the help of this scholarship! This scholarship means ease of mind and not having to be in debt when I graduate. I could not be more thankful."

October 2017 Scholarship Winners

$1,000 Full Moon Fortunes Scholarship 2017 Winner

Winda Saintil

No School Listed

"My name is Winda Saintil, I currently attend Atlantic Technical College and High School and I am very motivated to succeed in life and to work hard for that success. This scholarship will help me pay for college and I am very grateful for it because I know that getting an education is very important."

$1,000 Dracula Dough Scholarship 2017 Winner

Mary Dixon

Chandler/Gilbert Community College

"This semester has been especially hard on me due to some expensive textbooks and a recent move, so money has been super tight. Going to school full-time on top of two jobs has really taken a toll on me the past couple months. Thanks ScholarshipPoints for making my college life a lot easier by giving me some HUGE financial relief! "

$1,000 RIP Riches Scholarship 2017 Winner

Kathryn Ellis

No School Listed

"Hello, my name is Kathryn Ellis! I am a senior at Lake Norman High School in North Carolina. I'm checking my mail daily for the remainder of my acceptance letters, but my first choice college is UNC Chapel Hill. I plan to study political science and philosophy. This scholarship will help me pay for my tuition and books. I'd like to thank ScholarshipPoints for this opportunity! "

September 2017 Scholarship Winners

$10,000 September 2017 Scholarship Winner

Lesly Salvador

No School Listed

"Hello, I am Lesly Salvador, currently a junior at Edison High School. I would like to thank Scholarship points for giving me this scholarship I really do appreciate it. Although I am still not sure on what I want to major in, this scholarship really opens up my college options. Thanks to this scholarship, the struggle to pursue a higher education has lessened for both my parents and me. "

$1,000 Labor Day Scholarship 2017 Winner

Kedesia Flowe

Jay M Robinson High School

"I just want to thank the program for choosing me to receive the labor day scholarship! I am very blessed to receive this reward because for a while now my mother and I would worry about how am I going to pay the rest of my tuition off but now all my trouble are gone thanks to this scholarship. I encourage other people to participate in this amazing opportunity because this is a chance for people to really explore all these options they have on the internet to win prizes and to even spread the word about this awesome program! Once again I want to thank the team for giving me this amazing award and I will apply for more in the future. "

$1,000 Oktoberfest Scholarship 2017 Winner

Kyler Oblad

Eastern Washington University

"Thank you Scholarship Points! I entered with a strong sense of doubt that I would ever win anything, but I had a little hope and now I can't stop smiling. This helps me so much by helping me pay my college tuition. Wow, thank you so much. It really happened and at a time when my expenses are piling up. This made my day!"

$1,000 Cheeseburger Heaven Scholarship 2017 Winner

Michelle Wiltse

Western Michigan University

"Hi my name is Michelle Wiltse and I am a senior in high school and now thanks to Scholarships points I have $1,000 going towards my education! I am very excited to start college and start my journey towards my career! I am also very grateful for this scholarship and will continue to apply to more!"

August 2017 Scholarship Winners

$3,000 iGain Scholarship Winner

Meda Kahongo

Westside high school

"I am Meda Kahongo, I'm 16 years old and I'm a senior at Westside High School in Houston Texas. I am so excited to be selected as for the 3000 iGain Scholarship this month. I currently do not have an established 529 savings account. So I would like for you to save the scholarship for me until the 2018 fall semester. I was born on November 13, 2000, in Zambia and I am Currently an American citizen thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. "

$1,000 Southpaw Scholarship 2017 Winner

Andrea Whitaker

No School Listed

"My name is Andrea Whitaker and I am entering my senior year of highschool at CHAD in Philadelphia. This scholarship is a blessing on many levels along as a stress reliever to lessen my future personal finances for me and my family. Who knew that Id actually win! I will definitely recommend my friends to this website this year. This money is the first steps to paying off my books and fees! Congrats to the other winners as well. This is amazing!"

$1,000 Dog Days of Summer Scholarship 2017 Winner

Lyrica Wright

No School Listed

"Hello, my name is Lyrica Wright and I am currently in my senior year at McKinney High School. I am truly honored and grateful to have won this scholarship. My eyes are set on going to college and pursuing a nursing degree. However, my current finances are low and this scholarship will allow me to pursue my educational dream. This website is truly helpful and I will be recommending this site to other close friends and family. This money will go towards my college expenses. Thank you for this opportunity and congrats to all other winners! "

July 2017 Scholarship Winners

$1,000 Independence Day Scholarship 2017 Winner

Nabeela Rizvi

University of San Francisco

"Thank you so much for this award! My name is Nabeela Rizvi and I am going into my third year of college. As college education is such a privilege, it can be very costly. Winning this scholarship will help me relieve a token of stress my parents have to deal with paying for my education. College should not be a pain for anyone, it should be a time of growth and uprising. With scholarships like this one, we can refocus our mindset to the goal of education. Again, thank you for this opportunity. "

$1,000 Yellow Jersey Scholarship 2017 Winner

Cassandra Tule

Lake Michigan College

" "Hello, my name is Cassandra Tule. I'm so excited to start my first year of college as a freshman. I will be majoring to become an Occupational Therapist Assistant. I am so grateful to have been selected for this scholarship. I will use this scholarship to help me pay for books and other school expenses. Thank you God and the organization ScholarshipPoints for this amazing opportunity.""

$1,000 I Scream, You Scream Scholarship 2017 Winner

Sandra Tinoco

Andrews University

"I am very excited and thankful for this amazing opportunity! My name is Sandy Tinoco and I will be majoring in Medical Laboratory Sciences. I will use this scholarship money towards paying for my tuition. Again I'm thankful for organizations like ScholarshipPoints for making it possible on helping out students focus on school"

June 2017 Scholarship Winners

$10,000 June 2017 Scholarship Winner

Gillian Ackerman

The University of Alabama

"I was so excited and surprised to win this award. I can't wait to start my studies at the University of Alabama in the fall and this generous gift will help a lot with the large price of college. This award will allow me to focus more on my studies, versus my finances, and I couldn't be more thankful. Thank you ScholarshipPoints!"

$1,000 Stars and Stripes Scholarship 2017 Winner

Caroline Bush

St. Mary's University

"I am very excited and surprised to receive this scholarship. I plan to use this scholarship to help pay for my book and other fees for attending university. I am so great film that this scholarship will help lessen the financial load that collage brings. This is a welcome surprise that I am very grateful for."

$1,000 Father's Day Scholarship 2017 Winner

Brachelaun Womack

Prairie View A & M University

"First off, I would like to thank God for blessing me with this scholarship. I would also like to thank Scholarship Points for choosing me to receive this scholarship. Going into my 5th year in college, funding for school starts to become a hassle and receiving any amount that goes towards my education is a blessing to me. I’m an architecture major with a minor in business and I’m happy to say that I am only three semesters away from walking across that stage with two degrees. For all the winners, non winners, or any high school student that haven’t been to college yet, continue to push hard. No matter how difficult it may seem or how long it takes, just stay the course and finish and I promise you opportunities will open for you."

$1,000 Summer Spectacular Scholarship 2017 Winner

Fatima Arif

Wiregrass Georgia Technical College

"It seems that just when one seems to loose all hope, that is when the silver lining reveals itself. I am beyond thankful to God and Scholarship Points for this scholarship. This money will contribute to paying for my tuition and books. In this day and age, it is becoming more and more difficult for students to manage both work and study. We need helpers like Scholarship Points and I am very grateful that the silver lining shined upon me today. "

May 2017 Scholarship Winners

$1,000 Cinco de Mayo Scholarship 2017 Winner

Braylee Parry

Illinois Wesleyan University

"Choosing the performance route always has its own risks. Mine was accepting that I had to leave my home state in order to receive a better music education. Due to this setback, the schools cost more and are very expensive because of out of state tuition. I am honored to receive this scholarship as it will help work toward my goal of becoming a musician and is a reminder of all the hard work I've put in to come so far. "

$1,000 Mother's Day Scholarship 2017 Winner

Catera Hamilton

Purdue University-Main Campus

"My name is Catera Hamilton and I am going into my 3rd year of undergraduate study at Purdue University. I am in the Pre-Pharmacy program, working towards admission into the College of Pharmacy. I currently do not receive any financial assistance from the university or other resources, so I am grateful to receive this scholarship. I will use this scholarship towards my college expenses. "

$1,000 Rev Your Engines Scholarship 2017 Winner

Jhan Wagenaar

No School Listed

"Hello! I'm Jhan and I'm a Sophomore in College. I'm so thankful and feel so blessed to have won this scholarship. I'm grateful to ScholarshipPoints for providing the opportunity to receive assistance towards supporting my education; I will be using this scholarship to help pay for Board and textbooks. "

April 2017 Scholarship Winners

$1,000 Hop To It Scholarship 2017 Winner

Joshua Beckman

No School Listed

"I believe the Gospel. I believe that Jesus Christ—the Son of God—lived on earth, died and rose again that those who trust Him would be saved from judgment for sin and given eternal life. I have dedicated my life to this message and the God behind it. I am incredibly grateful to ScholarshipPoints for this scholarship, and will use it to help pay my costs at Lancaster Bible College, where I am studying for a pastoral degree. It will significantly help with my expenses, and I am overjoyed to be the recipient! May God guide and bless those in this organization!"

$1,000 Green Is the New Black Scholarship 2017 Winner

Erin Baldwin

No School Listed

"I am completing my junior at Dixie High School. I love to be involved in school activities and clubs. Through my education opportunities, I have been able to make many memories throughout high school. I'm so excited to receive this scholarship. This scholarship will help me pursue my goal to attend college and become more familiar with marine biology and oceanography. "

$1,000 You Can't Fool Me Scholarship 2017 Winner

Kira Hunt

No School Listed

"I am Kira Hunt, currently a senior in high school. I was fortunate enough to be accepted into Roanoke College, my first choice, although it is a little out of price range for my family's income. I am grateful that I was given this opportunity to lessen the burden on my parents after everything they've done for me. I will be majoring in psychology with a concentration in neuroscience and a minor in sociology and I am hopeful that I will be able to graduate and pass on the kindness to help a future student accomplish their dreams as well. Thank you ScholarshipPoints for contributing to our futures."

March 2017 Scholarship Winners

$10,000 March 2017 Scholarship Winner

Naser Alfawakhiri

No School Listed

"I could not pretend I expected to win this scholarship. I think that surprise is what makes me so grateful that ScholarshipPoints has provided me with the support I need to pursue my education and become a psychiatrist. But in the short term, this scholarship has shown me that surprise gifts can happen and that I keep applying for scholarships! That's the kind of inspiration I think everyone needs every once in a while!"

$1,000 National Pi Day Scholarship 2017 Winner

Justin Schubeck

No School Listed

"The National Pi Day Scholarship is a great achievement for me and I will covet it dearly. The website made it so easy for me to enter, and it was my first scholarship earned for college. The money can help pay for my way towards gaining education for my career for the rest of my life. The money is greatly appreciated, as I will need to work hard as I strive to receive a full ride for college. I humbly accept this scholarship as thank the company greatly for this opportunity. Thank you, Justin Schubeck "

$1,000 Four-Leaf Clover Scholarship 2017 Winner

Chantelle Suzuki

University of Hawaii at Manoa

"I am extremely grateful to the company for this scholarship and the opportunity that it represents. I am a senior at Chaminade University, who will soon be graduating with a B.A. in Historical and Political Studies. This scholarship will be of great help to me as I enter the Library and Information Science graduate program at the University of Hawaii. Moreover, it is certainly an encouragement for me to remember that such wonderful surprises do occur and to continue to apply for scholarships. Thank you very much and God bless you!"

$1,000 Spring Has Sprung Scholarship 2017 Winner

Kc Pettingill

Eastern Arizona College

"I am shocked and excited to have received the Spring has sprung scholarship! I’m grateful to have this scholarship so I can pursue my career in Sports medicine. I’m am currently in high school and so glad to have the opportunity to continue my education at Eastern Arizona College in the fall. I’m extremely grateful to have been selected for this, it will be an great help in paying for school and again I can’t express how excited I was to receive this! Thank you so much! "

February 2017 Scholarship Winners

$1,000 Mardi Gras Scholarship 2017 Winner

Cassandra Blair

University Of Minnesota Twin Cities

"I am so grateful to have won this scholarship! My name is Cassandra and I’m a student at the University of Minnesota, majoring in Anthropology and Classics. This is my final year in college and I wasn’t sure how I would be able to meet the cost. This scholarship will be an enormous help in paying for my final semester and completing my degree. Thank you!"

$1,000 Hail to the Chief Scholarship 2017 Winner

Brittney Shaw

Paradise Honors High School

"¡Saludos a todos! My name is Brittney Shaw. I am a high school senior and an aspiring dentist. I am ecstatic to attend college next year, and this scholarship will help me pay for my B.S. in Biology with a double minor in Spanish and Computational Science. Winning this scholarship has given me hope that it really IS possible to pay for college and win scholarships. I am exceedingly grateful for the opportunity and I thank ScholarshipPoints for everything. Thanks a million!!"

$1,000 Cupid's Arrow Scholarship 2017 Winner

Hannah Kweon

No School Listed

"I am incredibly grateful to ScholarshipPoints for the assistance paying for my education. I will be pursuing my dream of becoming a veterinarian and starting my studies to obtain a dvm degree this fall. This scholarship will certainly help with the expenses and I am beyond thankful! "

January 2017 Scholarship Winners

$1,000 Conquer Your Resolution Scholarship 2017 Winner

Eboni Thompson

Coppin State University

"I am a college senior working on my Undergraduate degree in Applied Psychology. I've been struggling with finding money for school and my back was against the wall for books. I am so grateful for the opportunity and the reward of this scholarship through Scholarship Points! This money will be great to help me pay for college and book! This scholarship came right on time to help stay ahead in my school work and assist with tuition. This scholarship is relieving a lot of stress! Thank you!!"

$1,000 Gingerbread Housing Scholarship 2016 Winner

Alexander Allen

Greensboro College

"I would like to thank ScholarshipPoints for giving me the opportunity to further my education on to the next level and pursue my dreams. I am a Football and Baseball player and hope to play in college someday. By getting this loan it will help me move forward towards a better and stress free life."

$1,000 Buck the Winter Blues Scholarship 2017 Winner

Areianna Purry

No School Listed

"I am a high school senior attending a private high school. So for the last 4 years my parents have been paying for my education. Now I would like to thank ScholarshipPoints for giving me the opportunity to help my parents save money. This will go towards my college tuition or books for next year."

$1,000 Happy New Year Scholarship 2017 Winner

Chris Langhof

Santa Rosa Junior College

"This is going to help me so much, being 30 going back to school has so many challenges, finances being a major one. The timeing of this is really amazing as I was running out of options for ways to support myself going to school full time. I can't believe this!! Anyone reading this don't give up hope there are a bunch of opertunitys to get help for school and is now a major one in my book thank you everyone supporting me! This is really amazing."