Meet Our 2014 ScholarshipPoints Winners

Since 2006, we've given away more than $750,000 in free college scholarships. You could be the next scholarship winner. We award thousands of scholarship dollars each month -- just check out all the lucky student below. Join now to start earning points -- every point you earn is a chance to win one of our scholarships worth up to $10,000.

December 2014 Scholarship Winners

$10,000 December 2014 Scholarship Winner

Shelby Diener

No School Listed

"I was extremely excited to find out that I had won the $10,000 December scholarship because I never expected to win anything like this, let alone something as large as $10,000! It's really amazing to think that a semester of my college tuition to University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee will be paid for and then some. It will help me to achieve my dream of becoming a geologist. Thank you so much to for helping me with college and I highly suggest it to anyone in a financial crunch while looking to continue their education."

$1,000 Wrap It Up Scholarship Winner

Jeanie Traitz

No School Listed

"I cannot begin to even describe how honored I am to have received this scholarship. This is the first time I received any sort of scholarship, and the fact that my hard work was recognized truly paid off. I plan to use this scholarship money towards tuition so I can attend the University of Georgia and study sports medicine. Once again, thank you so much ScholarshipPoints! Thank you for this amazing opportunity! "

$1,000 Gingerbread Housing Scholarship Winner

Evan Grant

Texas A & M University At College Station

"I am highly honored to able to receive this scholarship. When I came across ScholarshipPoints on the internet, I decided to apply for their housing scholarship. Imagine my delight when I won $1,000! Now I had the money to be able to choose the college home that was the best fit for me. I have to thank ScholarshipPoints for the opportunity to ensure that I have the best college experience possible."

$1,000 Frosty the Doughman Scholarship Winner

Serin Mathew

No School Listed

"I am studying Occupational Therapy Assistant at Keriser University in Tampa, Fl. I am so happy to receiving this scholarship; this is my first time receiving any scholarship. I never thought I would be a winner. I am planning to use this money to pay my tuition. Thank you ScholarshipPoints for giving me this opportunity. "

$3,000 Toluna Scholarship Winner

Kwame Hunter

Pierce College Puyallup

"I can't describe how highly honored I am to have won this scholarship. When I came across ScholarshipPoints I thought to myself maybe I should give this a try. I kept thinking that I wanted to win a scholarship and now I did. I'm really excited to start school in the summer. Thank you ScholarshipPoints for making this happen!"

$20,000 ScholarshipPoints Ultimate Full-Ride Scholarship Winner

Rachel Estelow

Rutgers University-New Brunswick

"I am so grateful to be honored with this Ultimate Full Ride Scholarship. It means so much to my family and I by relieving some financial bruden. I am a freshmen at Rutgers University in New Brunswick studying Biology on the pre-med track, aspiring to be a Radiologist one day. This scholarship will help me become that much closer to fulfilling my dreams!"

Inbox Dollars $500 Scholarship Winner

Katelyn Johnston

University of Central Missouri

"I am so thankful to have won this scholarship. This is the first scholarship that I have ever won and every bit helps. I plan to study something in education"

November 2014 Scholarship Winners

$1,000 Turkey Dinero Scholarship Winner

Dianna Sandora

Florida Gulf Coast University

"My Name is Dianna Sandora and I am currently a senior at Florida Gulf Coast University. This scholarship will help me to pay for my tuition as I continue my dream of becoming the first person in my family, on both sides, to get a four year degree. I am so thankful to for providing this opportunity to me. I have already begun recommending this website to others!"

$1,000 Green Bean Casherole Scholarship Winner

katherine wilbourn

Southeast Missouri State University - Cape Girardeau

"My name is Katie and I am a student at Missouri State University. I am a senior in Anthropology and Biology minor. I am happy to have won some money to help me pay for my short term study away trip to Jamaica this December. I will be taking an Archaeology class in Blue fields while I am there and I am very grateful to know that I will now for sure be going on this trip. Thank you so much Scholarship Points for making this possible."

$1,000 Mashed Potadough Scholarship Winner

Maddison Grimes

No School Listed

"Winning this scholarship not only made my day, but also encouraged me to keep applying for more scholarships and to pursue my dream to become a woman in the field of engineering. I can never thank enough. This scholarship will help me to pay for my tuition at an engineering school. I would recommend this website to anyone! Thanks again! "

October 2014 Scholarship Winners

$1,000 Full Moon Fortunes Scholarship Winner

Skyler Workman

West Virginia University Morgantown

"First of all I'd like to thank everyone who made this possible on the ScholarshipPoints Team! This scholarship will help me so much as tuition isn't cheap! The program is wonderful for everyday students and prospective students who need some money so that they can advance themselves! Everyone out there that is reading this take it from me I had no idea I would win; it is worth it!! I thought I'd try earning some points and keep up with my account and the effort paid off! I currently attend West Virginia State University and will be transferring to West Virginia University. I graduate High school this December. I have been searching for scholarships and was intrigued at finding this amazing site. I am 17 years old and so lucky and thankful for a program like this!"

$1,000 Dracula Dough Scholarship Winner

Crissandra Jackson

No School Listed

"I made the decision to go back to school about two months ago and have been looking for ways to help fund my decision. I have never won any scholarships before and am super excited to say I have now! is one of the easiest ways to further my dream of furthering my education. As a working mother I have limited funds as I want to provide the best life for my daughter. This scholarship means so much to me and my family!"

$1,000 RIP Riches Scholarship Winner

Stephanie Godinez

Motlow State Community College

"So, I am in complete shock right now! I didn't think I was going to win. I thought my chances of winning were super slim, but I won on the first scholarship that I spent points on! Anyways, I'm just really thankful that I won this scholarship. It's going to help me pay for books, or a computer, or anything in general that I'm going to need in college. I just wanted to say thank you Scholarship Points. I really appreciate it! "

September 2014 Scholarship Winners

$10,000 September 2014 Scholarship Winner

Chelsea Ford

Bowling Green State University Main Campus

"I have never won a single scholarship, though I've applied for many, and without any help from my parents I've been digging myself into a deep hole of student loan debt. As soon as I read the email that I had won $10,000, I immediately burst into tears. I am still struggling to wrap my mind around this but thank you ScholarshipPoints so much! This money will help so much toward my dreams of becoming a video game designer!"

$1,000 Labor Day Scholarship Winner

Tierria Woods

No School Listed

"I am currently a senior at Pinson Valley High School. I am super excited to have recieved this scholarship. I will use this scholarship to better benefit my future by using it towards purchase of books needed, or towards a new school computer. Thanks once again for the great opportunity! "

$1,000 Oktoberfest Scholarship Winner

Travis Seamons

University Of Utah

"My name is Travis Seamons. I am currently a high school senior and can't wait for college. When I found out about ScholarshipPoints I was pretty skeptical. I didn't actually think that getting scholarships could be so easy, and I figured the odds of me actually winning a scholarship were horrible. Yet I won the first time! I love this method of applying for scholarships its like a scavenger hunt as you accumulate hundreds of points. Plus applying for other scholarships often earns you points. I'm so excited to use my $1,000 scholarship for tuition, housing, and books as needed at college. This scholarship will make my dream of becoming a biomedical engineer a reality. Thank you ScholarshipPoints!"

$1,000 Cheeseburger Heaven Scholarship Winner

Noemy Lopez-Diarte

Community College Of Southern Nevada Las Vegas

"Wow! I am definitely in shock I still can not believe this is happening to me. Winning this scholarship to me is like a dream come true. I am a sophomore full time student at a college and work two part-time jobs to pay the bills. Winning this scholarship mean a lot to me because it will help pay for part of my tuition and books. Thank you so much for this great opportunity "

August 2014 Scholarship Winners

$1,000 Bacon Rules Scholarship Winner

Anthony Carley

Glendale Community College

"I spent countless hours applying for scholarships with no hope of ever receiving one. I checked my email and there it was! I was so grateful and told everyone I knew before I even replied to the email. This $1000 scholarship will help me pay for my classes, get me a new laptop, and now I can afford the books I will be needing! I just want to say a huge thanks for making my life that much easier!"

$1,000 Perfect Day Scholarship Winner

Christina Walden

California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo

"When I opened my email, I was astounded to see that I won a $1000 scholarship from ScholarshipPoints. It made my day so much brighter! I will use this scholarship to help keep my student loan debt to a minimum. I'm going into Engineering, which is being considered more and more of a five year degree, so each scholarship helps so much. Thank you so much ScholarshipPoints!"

$1,000 Bite the Books Scholarship Winner

Marlena Kennedy

Westminster College

"When I opened the email from ScholarshipPoints that said I was the winner of the 1,000 dollar Bite The Books Scholarship I was ecstatic! It meant so much to me that I finally won money to put toward my education! With the money it will help pay my tuition at school. It was a nice surprise to get extra money I was not expecting. Thank you so much for picking me! "

$1,000 Private Student Loans Fee-Fighter Scholarship Winner

Emily Sanchez

San Diego State University

"I was having a stressful day working both of my jobs until I went on my break and noticed the email saying that I had just won a $1,000 scholarship from ScholarshipPoints. I am incredibly thankful because with this money I can stop stressing about school expenses and can afford my textbooks for the semester. I look forward to bragging about ScholarshipPoints to all of my friends and will definitely recommend them to join. Thank you so much for all of the help, you're the best!"

July 2014 Scholarship Winners

$1,000 Independence Day Scholarship Winner

Molly LeGrow

New York University

"First of all, I want to say a huge thank you to ScholarshipPoints for this amazing opportunity. I am going to be a transfer student this upcoming school year, so there are a lot of changes coming my way on top of all of the expenses that come with college. I'll be starting anew once again at a different school in a place far different from where I've been. This scholarship is going to take so much pressure off my shoulders for how to pay for things such as housing, books, and so much more so that I can truly throw myself into my studies and continue the already amazing college career I've begun. It truly is going to be a huge help in ensuring I get the most out of my higher educational experience. Thank you again for choosing me!"

$1,000 I Scream, You Scream Scholarship Winner

Yieng Lor

Milwaukee School of Engineering

"I was shocked & so excited when I opened up my email on my cellphone informing me that I was selected winner for to receive $1,000 ! I just got off working 11 hours and this has really changed my mood from feeling under the weather & stressed, figuring out how to pay off my summer tuition. Coming from a big family of nine siblings, simply asking my parents to help pay off tuition can be a burden for me. This scholarship will be used toward my summer tuition, so I can focus more on my Nursing studies than working 11 hours a day. Thank you so much ScholarshipPoints, this truly is a blessing!"

$1,000 Yellow Jersey Scholarship Winner

Amy Vandegriff

Seton Hall University South Orange

"I am so excited to have won the Yellow Jersey Scholarship! With this money, I will not only put it toward my college applications, but also toward my books throughout college! As a high school senior, money is not necessarily readily available, so I am incredibly blessed to have won this scholarship. Not only will this money be put toward academic use, but I will also be sure to get all of my friends to sign up for!!!!"

$1,000 Private Student Loans Tuition-Buster Scholarship Winner

Angela Burr

University Of North Texas Denton

"I was very surprised to find the email that I won the $1000 Private Student Loans Tuition Buster Scholarship! I want to say thank you to ScholarshipPoints for this amazing award! I am a sophomore studying Biochemistry at the University of North Texas in Denton. This scholarship will help me keep my student loan debt to a minimum this year. ScholarshipPoints is such an awesome website and I will definitely recommend it to all of my friends!"

June 2014 Scholarship Winners

$1,000 Stars and Stripes Scholarship Winner

Angel Mendoza

No School Listed

"I could not believe it when I checked my email and saw that I had won a $1,000 Scholarship! This is my first and my first time looking for Scholarships. I'm glad that I found SholarshipPoints. This Scholarship will certainly make my life easier and will help me in my path of becoming a Financial Analyst. Thank you ScholarshipPoints for the scholarship and the motivation to not give up in my search for scholarships! "

$1,000 VIP Voice Scholarship Winner

Carly Monroe

University Of Northern Iowa

"I was so excited when I saw that I had won $1,000. This will help me with my education. I am attending University of Northern Iowa for family services. Thank you so much! Thank You Scholarship Points!"

$1,000 Father's Day Scholarship Winner

Andrew Cranford

Oklahoma Baptist University

"I was really excited when I saw the email that said I won a $1000 scholarship. This money will help send me to school to become a pastor. Thank you ScholarshipPoints !"

$10,000 June 2014 Scholarship Winner

Shayna Domingo

American Public University System

"The first thing that came to mind was OMG, are you being serious right now, when I was told that I had been picked as the winner for the $10,000 scholarship from I am truly grateful for what seems to be a once in a lifetime opportunity and this scholarship will help me towards my goal of finishing my Bachelors in Accounting and further my education into Petroleum Engineering. Thank you once again Scholarship!"

$1,000 Summer Spectacular Scholarship Winner

Rolando Alegria

DePaul University

"I was very surprised when I saw the email informing me that I was one of the $1,000 winners. I only began this search for scholarships around 2 months ago and this is the first scholarship that I won! Thank you! This money will really help me with my education! "

$1,000 National Smile Month Scholarship Winner

sydney engesser

Baker College Muskegon Campus

"This Scholarship will help me to achieve my dream of becoming a Head Start Teacher through my education. It will help me to pay for some of my classes and books. Thank you SO Much, I still can't believe I won!!"

May 2014 Scholarship Winners

$10,000 Launch Party Scholarship Winner

bianca melero

Albany College Of Pharmacy

"I am so grateful to for awarding me this scholarship. This scholarship will help me accomplish my goal of being a pharmacist. Pharmacy school is very expensive and this scholarship will help me pay for it. Thank you for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I am truly grateful."

$1,000 Mother's Day Scholarship Winner

Kalah Dumas

Guilford College - Greensboro

"I had begun to lose hope with receiving any scholarships , I was shocked when I received the email saying I won. Going to a private college we all know can be a little pricy. Any money that I can get whether its $5 , $20, it's a big help to my mom and I. I can't express how happy I am right now. All I can do is smile and hope that anyone who reads l this will NOT give up just because they don't have the money yet. This website gives us as young people the chance to rule the world. I thank you so much for selecting me!!!!!!!!!"

$1,000 Start Your Engines Scholarship Winner

Stephen Mengler

Manhattan College

" has helped me enormously with the $1,000 scholarship. This scholarship will help achieve my goal of becoming an engineer, which can become very expensive. I am grateful for this opportunity and want to thank very much."

$1,000 Cinco de Mayo Scholarship Winner

Alexandra Hartsfield

Hopkinsville Community College

"I had been searching for months for student loans and scholarships that would help me in on my path to becoming a Registered Nurse. But with every opportunity turning into a dead end, I was loosing hope of returning to school next semester. I received the email from congratulating me on winning while I was a work. I broke down in tears and was jumping up and down with excitement! Even my patients at my job were happy for me! Thank you for helping me when I needed it most! "

April 2014 Scholarship Winners

$1,000 FAFSA in a Flash Scholarship Winner

Gregory York

Oklahoma State University

"WOW!! I can’t believe I won this scholarship. I enter every month but didn’t really think I would win. This is the first time I have won anything major like this. Thank you so much!! I am super excited to have been chosen. I am finishing up my Junior Year in high school. I have been touring college campuses this spring and have narrowed it down to a handful of 4 yr universities that I will be applying to this summer. I plan on majoring in Electrical Engineering Technology . Every little bit helps towards paying for college, and is a wonderful opportunity for students looking for ways to fund their education."

$1,000 You Can't Fool Me Scholarship Winner

Clayton Gafford

Texas A & M University At College Station

"I am a senior at Texas A and M University at College Station seeking a degree in Geology. And this scholarship really came at a good time. My mom is in between jobs right now and every bit helps. This money will go towards many things, and hopefully I can make it last until graduate school next spring. I feel very thankful for the scholarship and I hope this gives inspiration to anyone else seeking financial assistance. It can happen to anyone."

$1,000 Hop to It Scholarship Winner

Connor Young

Appalachian State University Boone

"Thank you so much for the Scholarship that I won! I am a Senior at Ashbrook High School in Gastonia, North Carolina. WOW! I have never won anything before, this is so exciting! This will help my financial situation so much since my dad lost his job back in November. This will be a great help. Thank you again! "

$1,000 Green is the New Black Scholarship Winner

Ye Lee

University Of Louisville

"I am so shocked that I won a scholarship from here! So excited to be awarded for this! This scholarship will definitely help me with my financial situation for college. It's a great feeling to know that I'm a step closer of not needing to get student loans. Thank you so much Scholarship Points! "

March 2014 Scholarship Winners

Toluna $1,000 Scholarship Winner

Brooke Loree

Folsom Lake College

"What a great surprise! Thank you so much, ScholarshipPoints for rewarding me with the Toluna Scholarship Award! Working towards my Bachelors Degree in Human Development and Cognitive Science at UCSD is challenging enough, so to know my textbooks will be covered next quarter because of this award is quite a stress reliever! So much gratitude!"

$10,000 March 2014 Scholarship Winner

Alyssa Rosencrans

University Of Arizona

"When I first went on I had no idea I would win any scholarships. After I put all the points I received into the $10,000 March scholarship, all I could do was hope for the best. When I received the email that I had won I was in complete shock. My number one school is the University of Arizona, but the out-of-state tuition was too much money for my family. With this scholarship, that I have been so blessed to receive, I can now go to the University of Arizona and study to get my Business Degree. Thank you so much ScholarshipPoints for making my dreams come true! Go Wildcats!"

$1,000 March VIP Voice Scholarship Winner

brenda ramirez

Santa Rosa Junior College Santa Rosa Campus

"When I woke up this morning the day seemed to be gloomy and honestly I was feeling under-the-weather but when I checked my e-mail before I left to school, my face lit up and I could not stop from smiling. Graduation is approaching rapidly and I repeatedly think about how I will pay for community college. Coming from a single parent home, my mother is supporting three kids and I'm so proud of her accomplishments. This is a huge blessing! I look forward to buying my books and going to college, thank you immensely!"

$1,000 Mardis Gras Scholarship Winner

Austin Rolin

Troy University Main Campus

"I can't believe I won this. This will help me so much. I come from a low income family and haven't the money for college. Thank you!"

$1,000 Spring Has Sprung Scholarship Winner

Alaina Drzyzga

No School Listed

"I can't believe I won. I am super excited! I am a freshman at Williamsville North High School. When I go to college I will major in elementary education. Thank you ScholarshipPoints! "

$1,000 Four-Leaf Clover Scholarship Winner

Jessica Barkley

Sandhills Community College

"I want to thank Scholarshippoints and the wonderful people that contacted me to make sure I received the e-mail. I would have been blind to this fantastic opportunity without you. I am a pre-nursing major at the moment and on the fast track to getting into an excellent nursing program and this will push me even closer!"

February 2014 Scholarship Winners

$1,000 Hail to the Chief Scholarship Winner

Steven Cody Jones

George C Wallace State Community College-Hanceville

"I'm very grateful to ScholarshipPoints for providing me with an amazing opportunity. I'm currently working towards a degree in Computer Science at Wallace State. This $1000 will help cover the costs of my courses for the Summer 2014 semester and bring me one step closer to getting my degree! "

$1,000 Go For the Gold Scholarship Winner

Frank Fuccello

College Of New Jersey

"I am a Junior at The College of New Jersey. I am a Health and Physical Education major. I currently do not qualify for full financial assistance. As a result, I work two part time jobs to pay for the remaining balance. Going to class and working two jobs has become a real challenge. This scholarship will really help me cut back a little on work and focus a lot more on my study. I am so grateful to ScholarshipPoints for this amazing opportunity. I look forward to finishing up soon with a Bachelor's Degree with a little help from ScholarshipPoints!"

$1,000 Cupid's Arrow Scholarship Winner

Karen Rivers

Adams State College Alamosa

"I am really surprised!! This is a good way to start my journey back to college. I will use the money for books and supplies for my sociology classes. I never thought I would be back in school at 52. This is so exciting. "

January 2014 Scholarship Winners

$1,000 Happy New Year Scholarship Winner

Ana Padilla

California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo

"Hi I'm Ana and I am an AVID Student who is very happy right now. After hearing so much about how the FAFSA may not give me money because of income, this scholarship will help me pay for my tuition and books so that my parents won't have to shell out the money. I generally do not ask them for money so this money will help me with not costing them too much. Being in AVID has informed me of websites such as this one that is willing to help those who want the money. "

$1,000 Conquer Your Resolution Scholarship Winner

Emina Mehmedovic

Salt Lake Community College

"Hello, scholarshippoint members my name is Emina Mehmedovic and I am a senior at Granger High." I 'm appreciative towards the way scholarshippoints work to give exceptional opportunities to students. This scholarship will give me a good start on my tuition. I'm planning on using my scholarship towards a career in criminal justice and a minor in neuropsychology. I hope to give back to my community with my criminal justice degree. I advise many students to try. Who knows when money will be handed out for you to pursue your hopes and dreams. Thanks!"

$1,000 Buck the Winter Blues Scholarship Winner

Sara Slifer

Wichita State University

"I was so shocked when I opened my e-mail to find that I was awarded a scholarship. It was a great feeling! I am so grateful for this scholarship because it will allow me to worry less about finances and worry more about my schoolwork. I encourage other students not to give up on their dreams because of expensive tuition and other school costs. Applying for scholarships can be daunting but is definitely worth it! This will really help me as I am studying nursing and spanish. Thank you ScholarshipPoints!"