Meet Our 2012 ScholarshipPoints Winners

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December 2012 Scholarship Winners

December 2012 Scholarship $10,000 Winner

Stephanie Swihart

Chandler Gilbert Community College

"Thank you ScholarshipPoints this was truly a blessing in my life. I am a senior at Snowflake High School in Arizona and I am the only person in my family to be going to college. I'm already working towards my nursing degree and this will greatly impact my future. I'm thankful to be given this opportunity and I will most definitely be putting it to good use. Thanks to ScholarshipPoints I am this much closer to reaching my goals."

December 2012 Scholarship $1,500 Winner

Justin Ravelo

Florida State University

"Wow, words can not describe how shocked I was to receive this honor. My name is Justin Ravelo and I'm currently a senior at TERRA Environmental Research Institute in Miami Florida. This scholarship will help me to fulfill my dreams of going to law school and becoming an attorney. I plan to put this money toward my Bachelors degree in Criminology; the study of crime and its affect on society has always been my deepest interest, which is what drives me to get involved in the Criminal Justice system as an attorney. Thank you for this opportunity ScholarshipPoints!"

December 2012 Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Tara Watkins

Western Kentucky University

"Thank you so much ScholarshipPoints! I am a student at Western Kentucky University studying towards earning a degree in Agriculture with concentrations in Plant Agronomy and Education.  This scholarship will help me pay for my next year's tuition, and I am so grateful to be able to see my name on the winner's list!  Thank you for making students' dreams possible ScholarshipPoints!"

December 2012 Scholarship $500 Winner

Benjamin Kassman

No School Listed

"Thank you so much ScholarshipPoints! What a nice surprise to see my name on the Winner's list!  I am a Senior in high school and have been accepted to the university of my choice...but I need financial help to be able to afford it. This scholarship will help me reach my goal and to fulfill my dream. Thank you again!"

Zoompanel Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Emily Thauwald

Winona State University

"My name is Emily Thauwald and I'm currently a freshman and Winona State University in Winona,Minnesota. I declared nursing as my major. In the future I plan to work in pediatrics because I love helping and working with children.This scholarship is greatly beneficial to me. It not only will help with the cost of tuition, but it will help me be able to attend a good school to get an education. It also helps get me a step closer to accomplishing my dream."

NPD Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Mikayla Rettig

Calvin College

"I am a senior at Southwest Christian High School. Next year, I plan on going to Calvin College to work towards becoming an English as a Second Language teacher. I appreciate this scholarship a lot because it will help off set the cost of college tuition. College can get really expensive and I am so glad that ScholarshipPoints could help me out with that."

Upromise Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Julie Larson

University Of Wisconsin Superior

"Thank you ScholarshipPoints, this Scholarship from Upromise will help me so much. I am a first generation student with three beautiful girls. I am a Senior at UW-Superior working on my Elementary Education with a Special Education degree. This scholarship will allow me to pay for more of my schooling without getting more into debt. Thank you so much for this help."

PSL Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Latoya Crandall

Marshall University

"Thank you so much ScholarshipPoints, this is absolutely amazing! I am the first generation in my family to attend college and I must say I have had a rough time trying to earn myself extra money towards tuition and fees.This came right now time! I am a Sophomore at MCTC and this will be a great way to begin my year as well as my spring semester at school. I am very thankful for this gift! Happy New Year!"

Facebook Scholarship $500 Winner

Mary Lancaster

No School Listed

"Hi, my name is Mary Margaret! I am a senior in high school in Tennessee. Thank you so much for the opportunity to receive a scholarship! This will help me to pay the tuition for next year. I am hoping to attend the University of Tennessee Chattanooga this fall. This money will help me lessen the burden of paying for college, especially since both my sister and I will be entering college for the first time this year. Thank you again!"

November 2012 Scholarship Winners

November 2012 Scholarship $1,500 Winner

Dakota McCormick

Texas A & M University

"Thank you so much ScholarshipPoints for this scholarship. My name is Dakota McCormick and I'm a freshman at Texas A&M and studying towards a major in marine biology. I am the first in my immediate family to make it to college and the cost was a major shock. This scholarship will help me financially. I cannot express how grateful I am. Thank you so much!"

November 2012 Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Brandon Bean

Lord Fairfax Community College

"I am a first year at Lord Fairfax Community College with a concentration in science. My eventual goal is to become a Neurologist, but for now, this scholarship will help pay for my spring classes. I honestly didn't believe I had any chance of winning on the site, but I am immensely grateful for the help ScholarshipPoints is providing."

November 2012 Scholarship $500 Winner

Kimberley Bridgett

University Of West Florida

"Thank you ScholarshipPoints. I am a Freshman the University of West Florida. I am majoring in Pre-professional Biology and I intend to be a Cardiologist. I was so surprised when I saw my name on the winners announcements. This scholarship will be a big help with paying tuition for the spring semester. I am very grateful. Thank you so much!"

ZoomPanel Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Haley Stewart

Marshall University

"I am a freshman at Marshall University working toward a physical therapy degree. I'm very grateful to have received this scholarship. It will relieve some of the burden from my parents for this semester's tuition payment; we won't have to worry about money as much. Thank you,!"

NPD Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Emily Patterson

Ohio University

"My name is Emily Patterson. I am a Senior from Northwest High School. This scholarship will help allow me to pay for college. Thank You Soooo much!"

Upromise Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Jennifer Hurt

ITT Technical Institute

"I'm Jennifer, a senior in high school and planning to go to ITT Tech. College isn't cheap so this scholarship will give me a little bit of help for tuition."

PSL Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Sinna Uy

University Of Georgia

"My name is Sinna Uy. I am a Computer Science major working towards my BS degree. Thank you for this wonderful surprise. This scholarship is going towards my tuition and it is going to help me out financial. Thank you again,!!"

Facebook What's Cookin' Photo Contest Scholarship $500 Winner

Robbie Starcher

Ohio University

"Hello everyone, I want to thank ScholarshipPoints primarily for giving away these easy to win scholarships.  I saw the what is cooking on campus scholarship and knew that I would have the best chances at winning a scholarship like that one compared to the point involved ones.  So I entered it and made runner-up/winner.  I plan to use the money on school books or tuition.  I am really excited to have won this scholarship.  The site is not a scam, so don't give up trying. :)  I am currently a Political Science Major and plan on attending Law School after graduating with my Bachelor's degree and am hoping to win the $10,000 scholarship if luck is on my side.  Thank you again."

October 2012 Scholarship Winners

October 2012 Scholarship $1,500 Winner

Amanda Trickey

DeSales University

"Hi, my name is Amanda and I am currently a junior in college. I am majoring in Forensic Psychology and minoring in Criminal Justice. My hope is to one day be a profiler or the FBI. This has been my dream ever since I can remember. Winning this scholarship is an enormous help to making my dreams come true. My family and I are very thankful for this and I will be using it wisely. From here on out, buying books and utensils for class will be that much easier on my wallet. I can now start saving up for graduate school which I hope to attend in the fall of 2014. Once again, I am grateful for this and will continue my strive for higher education. Good luck to all others working hard for scholarships and grants to make their dreams come true."

October 2012 Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Ian Donastorg

University Of Michigan Ann Arbor

"Hello! My name is Ian Donastorg and I’m attending the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI. I am quite pleased to hear that I will be receiving this scholarship. It will definitely ease some of the financial burden that I carry while attending college. I am very grateful to ScholarshipPoints for this kind of opportunity. Again, thank you very much."

October 2012 Scholarship $500 Winner

Hana Feiner

College Of New Jersey

"Hi everyone! My name is Hana and I am currently a senior at Livingston High School. I am so excited and grateful for this scholarship, and I would like to thank ScholarshipPoints for giving students like me this awesome opportunity.  Each scholarship really helps to make paying for college a little easier and less stressful. Thanks once again :)"

Zoompanel Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Kimberly Tyborowski

Penn State University

"Hello my name is Kimberly Tyborowski and I am very thankful to have the opportunity to receive this scholarship. I am a Pre-med student at Penn State and I could really use the scholarship to pay my way. Good luck to everyone else!"

NPD Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Atyya Chaudhry

University Of Maryland At College Park

"Hello, my name is Atyya Chaudhry. I am a graduate student at the University of Maryland in College Park. I am thankful for this scholarship as it will greatly help in financing my graduate studies. Thank you to to ScholarshipPoints for this opportunity."

Upromise Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Vanessa LaTorre

Marywood University

"I am beyond grateful to have received this scholarship! This money will truly help me afford my education in the future. Many thanks to ScholarshipPoints!"

PSL Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Felicia Wingard

Virginia Commonwealth University School Of Social Work

"Hello. My name is Felicia Wingard. I am a first year graduate student at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Social Work program. I am extremely thankful for this opportunity. This scholarship will help me financially and will help my to continue my educational goals. Thank you very much for this opportunity."

CollegeWeekLive New Member Scholarship $500 Winner

Norely Palacios

Rice University

"I am from Texas, and my dream university is Rice. I honestly am extremely privileged to accept this 500 scholarship toward by dream school. I know it will help in the fulfillment of my dreams. I am very thankful. This extra money will be very beneficial toward my education. I can't wait to begin!! Thanks ScholarshipPoints!!!"

Fall on Campus $500 Scholarship $500 Winner

Taylor Smith

Armstrong Atlantic State University

"Hey everybody my name is Taylor Smith and I am a sophomore at Armstrong Atlantic State University in Savannah, GA. I am very excited to receive this scholarship! This will definitely help with paying for school and great stress reliever. I want to thank ScholarshipPoints for the opportunity. Thank you!!!"

September 2012 Scholarship Winners

September 2012 Scholarship $1,500 Winner

Miranda Underwood

University of Missouri Kansas City

"Hey everyone. My name is Miranda Underwood and I am a senior in high school at Benton High School. I am very grateful for this it will help me get through college so I can go to medical school. I hope to put my education to great use when I pursue a job in the medical field. I want to thank ScholarshipPoints for this it will really help a lot."

September 2012 Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Cheryl Ferwerda

Ivy Technical Community College Of Indiana Region

"The web site for was very easy to access. The amount of time spent answering the surveys took just a few minutes. it is easy to answer the questions for the survey. It did make me think about what I need personally. I loved the spinning the wheel for extra points. I will absolutely recommend the site to other students. This is a great way to earn money for school!!!!!

The scholarship will help me purchase a new computer. I had a second hand lap top from 1967 and it was on its last leg. It died two weeks ago, I did not have the money to replace it. I have been staying at the college every night after class and going to the library to get homework done. I also could not afford internet, at home and now with the scholarship money. Thank you soooo much !!!"

September 2012 Scholarship $500 Winner

Carla Grant

Ashford University

"Hello my name is Carla. I'm a third-year online student at Ashford University who is pursuing my Bachelor of Arts in Health Care Studies. I plan on being successful and making a difference in people's lives. The scholarship that I receive will help me continue to peruse my dreams in helping the sick and running a boarding care. Tuition can be a lot to handle but with ScholarshipPoints they are paving the way. I'm very grateful to receive this scholarship. Thanks you for helping me move closer to my goal."

NPD Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Tosca Solomon

Cuyahoga Community College

"First of all I would like to say thank you for this opportunity. I am so grateful of being a recipient of this scholarship. With this scholarship I will be able to pay for classes this year and next. This will help relieve any burdens of paying for school at the moment so once again thank you."

Zoompanel Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Farah Pazienza

International Academy of Design and Technology Orlando

"Hey everyone my name is Farah Pazienza and I am a student at the International Academy of Design and Technology in Orlando studying Graphic Design. There are absolutely no words to describe how shocked I am. It just goes to show it is worth filling out the surveys. I am so excited this is such a a big deal to me. This will help me continue to pursue my degree as a graphic artist and relieve a huge financial burden. This is a great surprise and I am so grateful. Thank you again ScholarshipPoints!!!"

Upromise Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Xrystina Bicoy

University Of Northern Colorado

"Aloha, I am Xrystina! I come from Molokai which is a tiny little island in Hawaii. I was born and raised here and ever since I could talk, my dream has been to go to college in the Mainland. I am so excited and beyond grateful for this scholarship. It will help me in so many ways, you have no idea. My ultimate goal is to become a Neonatal Nurse and live somewhere far away like Colorado. This scholarship will really help me to achieve this goal and I just can't thank ScholarshipPoints enough for the help."

PSL Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Aixa Evenson

Winona State University

"Hi all! My name is Aixa Evenson, a junior at Winona State University in the small town of Winona, Minn. I am studying public relations and Spanish. My hopes of working with a collegiate or professional sports team as their public relations head is coming closer and closer to being achieved every day. However, just like any college student, I work a countless amount of jobs to pay my tuition. I think it is important to put oneself through school because not only can one say "I graduated," but also "I did this all by myself!" I have incredible family and friends as my support system but with the help of ScholarshipPoints, I can have a slightly more stress free semester and year. I cannot thank ScholarshipPoints enough for their generous scholarship! I plan to use this money to help pay off my tuition, student loans, and any other bills that tend to never end. Everyone should visit the ScholarshipPoints website to see what is in store for them! Ta ta for now!"

Facebook Song Lyrics Contest $500 Winner

Rodrekous Hunter

Coastal Carolina University

"Hi, my name is Rodrekous Hunter and I am going to Coastal Carolina spring semester. I am an actor, rapper, producer, and hopefully someday I could be a teacher as well. My family struggles to help me out with financial purposes for school and this scholarship helped us all out a lot. I like to thank ScholarshipPoints and hopefully I will keep on winning more scholarships."

Dorm(room) on a Dime Scholarship $1,500 Winner

Julie Irby

East Carolina University Greenville

"My name is Julie Irby. I am a business major studying at East Carolina University, which is home of the Pirates! I am currently enrolled in my junior year and have been on the Dean's List since my freshman year! But it is my goal to achieve a 4.0 GPA by the end of this year! I am beyond thankful for this scholarship that I have won. The support I had to earn it truly made the experience worth it. This is going to help me pay for a lot of my college expenses such as rent and textbooks, without it I wasn't sure what I was going to do! Needless to say, having won this I am now one step closer to achieving my educational and life long goals! Thank you so much ScholarshipPoints!!"

Dorm(room) on a Dime Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Mayra Cervantes

California State University At Fullerton

"Hello my name is Mayra and I am currently a freshman at California State University of Fullerton. I am pursuing a career in education and I plan to become a teacher after I graduate. I have been in school for about a month now and it is definitely not cheap. This scholarship will assist me with my educational goals by taking stress off my shoulders. I plan on using this scholarship for my housing fees since it is very expensive! Now I have one less thing to worry about. Thank you ScholarshipPoints for helping me reach my goals and concentrate more on school by giving me this scholarship."

Dorm(room) on a Dime Scholarship $500 Winner

Robee Ybanez Sandoval

Kansas State University Manhattan

"Hi I'm Robee Ybanez Sandoval majoring in Architectural Engineering at Kansas State University. Going to college is very expensive but I don't want that to hinder me from getting a higher education. This scholarship will cover some of my tuition and bring me a step closer to achieving my goals. I'm utterly grateful that ScholarshipPoints has given me an opportunity to continue my education through the Dorm(room) on a Dime Scholarship. And to my friends & family who have been patiently voting everyday, I couldn't have done it without you!!!"

September 2012 Scholarship $10,000 Winner

Haley Vallandingham

University Of Central Florida

"Hey everyone! My name is Haley Vallandingham and I am a sophomore at the University of Central Florida. I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for this scholarship! Like, there are literally NO WORDS. I am currently studying as a Character Animation major and this scholarship will really help me to pursue a wonderful education. I hope to put my wonderful education to good use and one day work for Pixar as an animator and then eventually a director. This has been a dream of mine for the longest time and I cannot thank ScholarshipPoints enough for bringing me closer to it."

August 2012 Scholarship Winners

August 2012 Scholarship $1,500 Winner

Jane Kim

Princeton University

"Greetings to all! My name is Jane Kim and I am currently a senior at Beaumont High School in Ohio. I hope to pursue a career in biology or chemistry to conduct scientific research and possibly minor in Asian Studies. The thought of college is daunting, but thinking of the tuition is even more scary. This scholarship will help me immensely in pursuing my education and words cannot express my gratitude enough. Thanks so much ScholarshipPoints!!"

August 2012 Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Shammah Okai

Virginia Commonwealth University

"I am extremely grateful for this scholarship. I am currently a freshman at Virginia Commonwealth University studying psychology. Obtaining a higher education is very important to me and my family. It not only secures a brighter future, but opens many doors that will help me better my life and those around me. I aspire to become a doctor and eventually open my own clinic in Ghana for those who may be less fortunate than others. Again I just want to say thank you because every dollar really does makes a difference."

August 2012 Scholarship $500 Winner

Valerie Sistual

California State University Bakersfield

"Hello!! My name is Valerie Sistual. I am a senior majoring in Biology with a minor in Chemistry at California State University, Bakersfield. I am forever grateful for this scholarship and it will help me tremendously!! I'm hoping to attend medical school or a PA program, and this scholarship will help in financing those costs. Thank you for helping in furthering my education :)"

Refer a Friend They Win You Win! $500 Winner

Melissa Jane Inguito

Bakersfield College

"Hi! My name's Melissa Jane Inguito and am a student at Bakersfield College. This scholarship will be a huge help in easing the cost of college this year, and in helping me achieve my goals. Thank you,! I'm extremely grateful for such a blessing!"

Zoompanel Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Fatmata Sesay

Old Dominion University

"Hello, my name is Fatmata (Fatima) and I am currently a sophomore at Old Dominion University. My major is Criminal Justice, and I plan to minor in psychology. My plan is to further my education by going to law school. So, I was very pleased to know that I was the $1,000 ScholarshipPoints winner for August. Thanks ScholarshipPoints for helping me move closer towards my goal."

NPD Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Shayne Bontempo

Arizona State University Main Campus

"Hi my name is Shayne and I'm a senior at Fossil Ridge High school. I enjoy swimming and am one of the captains at my high school. Volunteering and spending time with my family really bring joy to my life. This scholarship money will help with my dream of getting a college education in business!"

PSL Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Miranda Nixon

Capital University

"Hi I'm Miranda. I'm a Freshman at Capital University. I am majoring in Nursing with a minor in Psychology. This scholarship takes a burden off my shoulders so I may focus my time studying so my dreams of becoming a nurse can be accomplished. Thanks ScholarshipPoints."

Facebook eCard Contest $500 Winner

Jade Roeder

No School Listed

"Hi! I'm Jade and I'm a Senior in Arizona. I hope to minor in Business and Spanish and I am also thinking about pursuing a major in film. I am so happy to have some added funding to help me reach my goals. It will be helpful. Thanks ScholarshipPoints!"

July 2012 Scholarship Winners

July 2012 Scholarship $1,500 Winner

Nadia Thura

Georgetown University

"Hello! I am currently a rising junior majoring in International Health, with hopes of entering the field of public health. I aspire to attend medical school after college, so there's still a lot of school left-and the price tag that comes with it. I'm so thankful to ScholarshipPoints for this, as well as to my parents for their support of my Georgetown education. I am sure that ScholarshipPoints has helped a lot of students in achieving their education goals."

July 2012 Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Zachary Parris

Northeast Texas Community College

"My name is Zachary Parris and I'm a small town guy from Saltillo, Texas. I'm 18 years old and I just graduated this past June. I plan to become a firefighter, it's been a dream of mine from a very young age. This scholarship that I have won will help me out greatly in achieving my goal, and for that I am very grateful."

July 2012 Scholarship $500 Winner

Alexandra Carlin

Fordham University

"My name is Alexandra Carlin and I am currently entering my sophomore year at Fordham University. I intend to use my education in order to become a psychologist and use my skills to help others. Thanks to winning this scholarship from ScholarshipPoints, my goal is even more attainable."

NPD Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Crystal Bowen

University of Central Oklahoma

"My name is Crystal Bowen and I'm getting ready to start the University of Central Oklahoma for my Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design. This scholarship will actually help me get a laptop and other equipment that I need. If it were not for scholarships such as this I would not be able to attend college. Thank you!"

NPD Laptop $1,000 Winner

Dareson Wair

University of North Texas

"My name is Dareson Wair and this scholarship will help in advancing into my higher education. It will Help me explore music better so I can do more research for school and community wise. This will help me when I also get ready to go off to school. My education will be a lot easier now that I won a laptop."

ZoomPanel Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Anabel Sanchez

University of Houston Downtown

"Hi Everyone! I am a sophomore at University of Houston-Downtown studying Finance. My goal is to become a financial officer or analyst in a petroleum company. I am extremely grateful that I have won a $1,000 scholarship which will allow me to pay the whole tuition and books. I give thanks to for making me feel happy financially. My mother and I don't have to stress out over college bills. Thank you for this opportunity!"

Upromise Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Aileen Heath

Arizona State University

"I am a transfer student about to begin my first semester at ASU. The significant tuition cost increase from the community college I've been attending to the university is a difficult financial burden to bear. My husband and I have three young children, so it is hard enough to make ends meet as it is. This award will help me to continue my education so that I can become a successful C.P.A. and further improve my family's quality of life. Thank you, ScholarshipPoints!"

PSL Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Dariusz Blachowicz

University of Chicago

"I am going to be a freshman at the University of Chicago. I plan to study economics and pursue a career in that field. This scholarship will ease the large burden of today's expensive college education and allow me to help others in the future."

Facebook Scholarship $200 Winner

Vincent Tenorio

University of Texas at San Antonio

"Bonjour tout le monde (Hey Everyone). I'm a freshman at the University of Texas at San Antonio. I will be studying to get my B.B.A in Entrepreneurship. I am extremely thankful to God and ScholarshipPoints for winning this award. Being a first generation college student in my family is a lot of pressure for me, especially financially, but this scholarship will help ease that pain. I was somewhat skeptical about ever winning a scholarship on here, but after receiving this award I know that this site is legit. And so to my fellow ScholarshipPointers, I encourage you to stay a dedicated member because you never know when you will win."

Facebook Scholarship $200 Winner

Talerie Jackson

University of Montevallo

"Greetings Everyone! My name is Talerie Jackson. I am a sophomore at the University of Montevallo located in Montevallo, Alabama. As of right now, I am a Biology Major student, but later on in my studies I will be pursing a Nursing Degree. I am very excited and grateful for the opportunity of being chosen for this scholarship. The cost of school keeps increasing, but I will continue to stay in school and complete my education. This scholarship means so much to me and was very much a surprise. Thank You ScholarshipPoints for lending a helping hand!!"

Facebook Scholarship $200 Winner

Jakki Johnson

George Mason University

"First of all, I would like to thank ScholarshipPoints for this scholarship! I am an incoming freshman at George Mason University and I am majoring in Government and International Politics. This scholarship will be paying for my textbooks this semester and any leftover monies will go towards housing. I am a resident of Florida so attending an out-of-state university is a bit of a financial hassle for me. I honestly thought that I would never win one of these...but I did! Thank you again!"

Facebook Scholarship $200 Winner

Warren Feng

North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics

"Hey all, my name is Warren Feng and I am a rising senior at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics in Durham, NC. I am interested in a wide array of topics, from synthetic biology to mathematical economics to sports analysis. Whether it's spending a summer in the lab doing cancer research, or programming Android apps in my free time, I have a true passion for science, research, and technology. In the future, I plan on pursuing a degree in medicine and economics and hope to run my own business some day. This scholarship certainly helps ameliorate some of the financial pressure of college and will go a long way in helping me reach my goals."

Facebook Scholarship $200 Winner

Renee Asamoah

Columbia College

"In 2010 I started going to college through Dual Credit at the age of 16. Trident Technical College was able to award me Lottery Tuition Assistance so that I did not have to pay for my classes. Through their help, I completed over 30 college credits at no cost! I am now an 18 year old junior in college. I am a double major in Political Science and Spanish with a minor in International Studies. This scholarship award will help me to be able to buy my textbooks in Spain when I go to study abroad this spring. When I finish graduate school I hope to work with the South Carolina Commission for Minority Affairs, eventually work in immigration, and travel to Ghana in order to work for their government. Thank you ScholarshipPoints for helping students like me!"

June 2012 Scholarship Winners

June 2012 Scholarship $1,500 Winner

Albert Hubbard

University of Minnesota

"I'm currently enrolled in the University of Minnesota. I recently signed up for classes and am really excited for school to begin. I'm in the College of Science and Engineering and am planning on studying Mechanical Engineering. With the help of ScholarshipPoints, I'll be able to pay for college and someday, be a successful engineer!"

June 2012 Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Heather Shaffer

Ross University School of Medicine

"Hello, my name is Heather Shaffer and I am about to enter into my first year as a medical student at Ross University School of Medicine. My goal is to become a facial reconstructive and cosmetic surgeon, focusing on the repair of cleft lips, cleft palates, and burn victims. The road to a medical career is a pretty expensive one, and I have worried about how I am going to finance my education without going into an insane amount of student loan debt. This award from ScholarshipPoints will help to finance my dream of helping others. Thank you very much!"

June 2012 Scholarship $500 Winner

Cecilia Covarrubias

Imperial Valley College

"Hello everyone, my name is Cecilia Covarrubias. I am a sophomore at Imperial Valley College in California. It was a big surprise that I had won this scholarship, because that never happens to me, so this has been a great experience. This scholarship will help me out so much with my books and school supplies; it is absolutely a huge blessing. I am trying to earn my Associates in Science and will pursue my career in Business Administration. I am forever grateful for this opportunity. This resource will help me to get a head start and I am so grateful for this opportunity. This has prepared me financially for school supplies, books, and gas. It definitely gave me more motivation in reaching my goals faster and has given me inspiration to work somewhere where I would be able to help out and support someone else financially. Thank you so very much, for providing everyone with a better chance to further their education."

Surprise Scholarship $500 Winner

Sahar Nashoor

Richland College

"Hello my name is Sahar Nashoor and I'm in my first year of college. I'm attending the Dallas County Community College for my computer telecommunications degree. I've been worried about being able to finance my continuation at school and thanks to ScholarshipPoints I will be able to continue my education and finish my degree with this scholarship. I've been worried about being able to finance my continuation at school and thanks to ScholarshipPoints I will be able to continue my education and finish my degree with this scholarship."

ZoomPanel Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Brigette Berry

University of Central Florida

"Hi! My name is Brigette Berry and I am a Stranahan High School Alumni. I am currently looking forward to continuing my education this fall at the University of Central Florida home of the knights GO KNIGHTS! This scholarship will mitigate some the financial stress and encourage me to continue to fill out more scholarships. I am very thankful that I was able to be chosen for such an award."

NPD Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Jesse Matykiewicz

Alexandria Technical College

"I'm from a small town in Minnesota and receiving a scholarship is a great help for me! I'll be starting my final year for my Interior Design Program at Alex Tech and this scholarship award with greatly help me with school/tuition expenses. Thank you ScholarshipPoints, it is a great experience finding this site to help me find scholarship!"

Upromise Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Stephanie Agnew

University of Southern California Graduate Program in Education

"Hello! My name is Stephanie, and I have two terms left in graduate school before I can begin teaching. My hubby and I barely make ends meet with both of us working full time. I will be student teaching the next two terms so I will not be able to work, also. This will be a big financial strain on us but one that we believe we must work through. This scholarship is an answer to prayers as it will help us pay for school easier. Thank you!"

PSL Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Christine Stanley

Lourdes College, Sylvania

"Hello everyone! My name is Chris Stanley and I couldn't believe it when I received the e-mail saying I had won a $1,000.00 Scholarship!! This will be a huge help in financing my bachelor's degree. I have my Associate in Allied Health, but look forward to teaching and sharing what I have learned. This will definitely help ease the financial pressure associated with going to college."

Facebook Scholarship $500 Winner

Jackie Vital

No School Listed

"Hello all! My name is Jacqueline Vital, and I will be a high school senior for the 2012-2013 school year. I am a first generation student and the oldest of four siblings. I hope to pursue a degree in Computer Engineering, or at least something to do with computers or technology. I am now avidly searching for scholarships and other aid that I will definitely need when I attend college. Thanks so much to ScholarshipPoints for the $500 Facebook Scholarship! I am forever grateful for this wonderful and fortunate blessing. Winning this scholarship has given me hope and has invigorated me to continue my search for more scholarships and aid. It is indeed possible to get money for college if you look around and do your best! ScholarshipPoints is a great place to go if you're looking for scholarships!"

June 2012 Scholarship $10,000 Winner

Heather Allen

Art Institute Of Jacksonville

"Hello my name is Heather Allen and I'm in my first year of college. I'm attending the Art Institute of Jacksonville for my Bachelor's in Media Arts and Animation. My dream is to create concept art and amazing animations for well known companies in the industry. I've been worried about being able to finance my continuation at school and thanks to ScholarshipPoints I will be able to continue my education and finish my degree with this scholarship."

May 2012 Scholarship Winners

First Place Inspiring Educator Contest $1,000 Winner

Timothy Carter

Norwich University

"Hi, my name is Tim Carter and I am excited to be attending Norwich University as a member of the Marine Corps of Cadets studying Criminal Justice. I am truly grateful for this scholarship and just as excited that so many more people will be able to see what an amazing teacher Mr. McDonald is. This scholarship will help pay for some of my books and uniforms needed for the Corps of Cadets. I'm very grateful to ScholarshipPoints for giving me the opportunity to tell everyone how inspiring Mr. McDonald truly is. Thank you for honoring all of the amazing teachers nominated in this contest! Keep coming up with new and fun ways for us to win some scholarship money!! Thank you for your generosity!!!"

Second Place Inspiring Educator Contest $500 Winner

Tyler Quirante

Brigham Young University

"My name is Tyler Quirante. I just recently graduated from Seven Lakes High School in Katy, TX, and I am headed to college in the fall. I am so grateful to have won this scholarship. This money will really help me pay for my college so I can study to become the dentist I hope to be while also studying music. I am so thankful to my friends and my family for supporting me through all of this, but most importantly I am thankful for Ms. Overree for everything she taught me. I would not have been able to write any of that essay without her love for teaching. The lessons she imparted to me not only inspired my essay, but also the way that I live my life daily. I would not be the person I am today without learning from her for the past 4 years. Thank you so much for this scholarship!"

Third Place Inspiring Educator Contest $500 Winner

Danielle Wilson

Northcentral University

"I have worked very hard to pay for my own college, and has enabled me the rest of the money I needed to pay for my final semester. I am so thankful for the opportunity to share about how my teacher made such a difference in my life, and am thrilled that our story continues to inspire others. Thank you for helping me follow my dreams of becoming an educator so that I may try to make my little corner of the world a better place."

Free College Scholarship $1,500 Winner

Brent Wallace

University Of North Carolina At Charlotte

"Hi, my name is Brent R. Wallace. I am a graduate student at University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Academia is not only a career choice but a passion. As a father going back to school while working, it is with great exuberance and fortune to be the recipient selected for this Scholarship. I want to take this opportunity to say, without my parents this opportunity would not exist. A son of two of the hardest working and loving parents anyone could ever have, my parents sacrificed their education so that I could. This award will provide much needed financial assistance in my pursuit of a Master's degree and one day a Doctorate in Evolutionary Anthropology. Thank you so much!!!"

Free College Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Ann Carver

Black Hawk College Moline

"Having been out of the work-force for a few years, I have decided to go back to college. I'm going to be studying Medical Billing and Coding, and I'm very excited about this. Receiving this scholarship makes college a lot more affordable, and less debt when I'm done. Thank you, I'm incredibly grateful!!!"

Free College Scholarship $500 Winner

Kyshell Johnson

Prince George's Community College

"I will be attending Prince George's Community College. I am a student trying to pursue a potential career in the nursing field. I can not afford college right now so I am signing up for as many scholarships as I can. This scholarship will really help me with tuition fees."

Zoompanel Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Gia Santos

Trevecca Nazarene University

"Hi, my name is Gia Santos. I will be going to Trevecca Nazarene University in the fall.I will be going there for nursing. This scholarship will help me pay for college and reach my goal of becoming a nurse."

NPD Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Julia McClure

Texas Tech University

"My name is Julia McClure and I will be a high school senior at Monterey High School this fall. I plan to go to Texas Tech University in the fall of 2013 and major in Animal Science. Thank you so much for this scholarship. It will help with help with future college expenses. Can't wait to get started!"

Upromise Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Ashley Skifstad

University Of California Santa Cruz

"I will be a freshman at UC Santa Cruz this fall. The scholarship will help me buy some text books and it has already relieved some stress my parents and myself have been feeling about the cost of college. It will help me work towards my goal of earning a degree in the science field."

PSL Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Tabitha Greene

University Of Alabama at Tuscaloosa

"I am so happy to receive a scholarship from This money will help me pay for college finances. I'm going to the University of Alabama were I will major in Dance and a Health Science, thank you for choosing me."

Refer a Friend Scholarship $500 Winner

Illia Wen

Brigham Young University

"My name is Illia Wen and I do not know where to begin to express my gratitude toward! I am thrilled to start attending Brigham Young University in the fall and this scholarship will help make my experience there much more affordable. Finding the funds necessary to finance my college education is very difficult, but has made my journey much simpler. Thank you very much!"

Campus Rep Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Angelique Howington

University Of Arkansas

"I am Angelique Howington and I will be a sophomore at University of Arkansas in the fall. I am a transfer student and this scholarship is helping me be able to afford college. Transferring isn't the easiest thing to do. It is like being a senior in high school all over again. Except now, I have to deal with two colleges at the same time. I am very happy to except this award and I promise it will be put to good use. Money is hard to come by and winning this scholarship just proves there are ways to get help. ScholarshipPoints has helped me and I hope it will continue to help me! I am happy to be a winner!"

April 2012 Scholarship Winners

Free College Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Elayna Glover

Otterbein College

"My name is Elayna Glover. I am a home-schooled junior in high school. I am attending college in the fall of 2013. I will be working towards a Bachelor's degree in Theatre and Performing Arts.It has been my dream for so long and I am so thankful to have this scholarship so I can make it a reality. Any funds I can get help so much because college is not easy to pay for. I am so grateful to ScholarshipPoints in awarding this scholarship. It means so much to me. I look forward to using this scholarship to help pay for tuition and college expenses. Thank You!"

Free College Scholarship $1,500 Winner

Leila Allaf

Nova Southeastern University

"Hi, my name is Leila Allaf and I am a high school senior at American Heritage School in Plantation, Florida. I am thankful and overwhelmed for winning this scholarship. This will definitely help me pay part of my tuition and college expenses. I'm so delighted to receive this scholarship. Thank you ScholarshipPoints so much! ScholarshipPoints, you are the best and easy to win! I can't wait to start college!"

Free College Scholarship $500 Winner

Kathryn Moran

University Of New Hampshire Durham

"I am currently a junior in the Environmental Engineering, MP program at the University of New Hampshire. This scholarship will allow me to pay for the numerous books and materials that are required for my major. I am so excited to be one of the winners in April. Thank you so much!"

ZoomPanel Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Antonette Shumpert

Christian Brothers University

"Hello my name is Antonette Shumpert and I am a freshman at Christian Brothers University. I am also an out-patient at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and I would like to become a radiologist. It has always been my dream to graduate from college and to know that I have made it in this world. So with the help of this scholarship I can proudly say that I am making my way through the obstacles to achieve my goals of becoming anything that I want to be. I just wanted to say thank you for giving me this scholarship and opportunity that will help with the funding for my college tuition and that I am very grateful to ScholarshipPoints for picking me as one of the winners. Thank you so much."

NPD Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Brenda Harvey

Strayer University Woodbridge Campus

"This is truly amazing I really didn't think I would win. I am attending Strayer University for my BA in Business Administration; with both myself and my daughter in college this scholarship will help ease the tuition cost for me tremendously. I am truly grateful and blessed to have received this scholarship from"

Upromise Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Macey Taylor

Brigham Young University

"I am a Senior at Pryor High School in Oklahoma. I am enrolled at a technology center while attending high school, and am going to receive my CNA by Christmas. I am going to use the money to help pay for my college textbooks."

PSL Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Jennifer Wilson

University of Florida Gainsville

"Hi my name is Jennifer Wilson and I'm a junior at the University of Florida's college of Journalism and Communications. I'm studying Public Relations and the scholarship will help pay for my summer classes I'm taking because I have to pay for it out of pocket. My parents aren't the wealthiest in the bunch so I work part time to help pay for my schooling so I'm not drowning in debt when I graduate. Thank you so much for this opportunity! ScholarshipPoints you are the best!!!!! I'm still shocked and excited! GO GATORS!"

Facebook Photo Caption Contest $500 Winner

Rachel Rabago

Kansas City Art Institute

"Hello, my name is Rachel Ann Rabago, I was born and raised in San Antonio Texas. I am currently a sophomore majoring in illustration at the Kansas City Art Institute. My mother (struggling single parent) and I work hard to pay for my college education, we are very very thankful for winning this scholarship. Thank you so much ScholarshipPoints, your the best!!!"

March 2012 Scholarship Winners

March 2012 Scholarship $10,000 Winner

Linda Tran

University Of California Irvine

"Hi my name is Linda Tran and I am a senior at Savanna High School. I will be going to the University of California, Irvine in the Fall of 2012 to pursue a bachelor degree in Biological Sciences to become a pharmacist in the future. I am very excited that I have received this scholarship because it is going to help me with school expenses that I have been worried about. Thanks to this scholarship, I will be able to have the full college experience that I've always dreamed about."

Scholarship Idol 2012 First Place $2,000 Winner

Deandra Mendez

Miami Dade College Kendall Campus

"Hello my name is Deandra Mendez. I'm currently a student at Miami Dade College, hoping to soon transfer to Florida International University and continuing my education in the medical field. In the future I would love to become a forensic pathologist, which requires a lot of hard work and frankly burns a hole through my wallet. I am so grateful for winning this contest. Any amount of money helps immensely. Thank you for supporting my education and providing me the opportunity to carry on with one of my life's goal."

Scholarship Idol 2012 Second Place $1,000 Winner

Michael Vasallo

Nova Southeastern University

"My name is Michael Vasallo and I am a Florida resident. In April of 2012 I will be completing an Associate in Science degree in Paralegal Studies and an Associate in Arts degree in Pre-Law at Miami Dade College. I will be transferring to Nova Southeastern University to then complete a Bachelors degree in Paralegal Studies. Upon completion of my undergraduate degree, I wish to attend University of Miami or Florida International University where I would complete my Juris Doctorate degree and, alas, become an attorney. This scholarship means a great deal to me! Financial hardship is something most law students face; Many law students graduate from law school with an upward of $100,000 in debt! Thanks to ScholarshipPoints this burden has been lessened for me. Thank you, ScholarshipPoints!!"

Scholarship Idol 2012 Third Place $500 Winner

Brittany Weisler

Clayton State University

"I am so grateful for for blessing me with this wonderful scholarship! This will definitely help pay for all those expensive books next semester—and more! I love It's easy, fun, and it actually works."

Free College Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Gabriela Toscano

Dominican University Of California

"Hi! My name is Gabriela Toscano, a high school senior. I am really excited and thankful for winning this scholarship. I am looking forward in using this money in paying for my tuition and college expenses. I am so Happy!!"

Zoompanel Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Sarah Federspiel

Indiana University at Bloomington

"Hello, my name is Sarah Federspiel. I am currently a senior at Providence High School. I plan on attending Indiana University Bloomington in the fall of 2012 to major in Education. I am very excited to receive this scholarship as it will enable me to pursue my dream of becoming a teacher. I'm very grateful to ScholarshipPoints for giving me the opportunity to win this award. I can't wait to start my career!"

NPD Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Cassandra Dadat

University Of California Berkeley

"My name is Cassandra Dadat and I am currently a senior student at Hercules High School. Although I have yet to decide which college or university I would want to attend to, I am thankful for receiving this scholarship. This would greatly help reducing any of my future school expenses. In hopes of traveling as part of my career, I would like to pursue a history and/or social sciences major. And so, with this scholarship, I will be a step closer to achieving this goal."

Upromise Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Sandra Spanks

William Carey University

"My name is Sandra Spanks and I thank Jesus and for the opportunity to win this scholarship. I am currently attending William Carey University where I am working on my teacher certification. I will be attending William Carey Graduate School in the Summer. I appreciate the scholarship because it is needed for school."

PSL Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Lauren DAngelo

Pasadena City College

"I am currently a freshmen at PCC and winning this scholarship mean so much to me. I am so grateful for this scholarship and for This money will help towards my books and tuition while at PCC and hopefully when I transfer to Cal State Long Beach. Thank you ScholarshipPoints. This really did help me a lot!"

Final Four Facebook Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Ilicia Stewart

University of South Alabama

"Hi my name is Ilicia Stewart and I am a freshman at Tuskegee University. I will be continuing my education there in the fall of 2012. I am pursuing a bachelor's degree in Pre-Veterinary Medicine to become a veterinarian in the future. I am very excited and grateful that I have received this scholarship because helps out a lot and it is going to help me with school expenses that I have already experienced. Thanks to this scholarship, I will be able to have the full college experience that I've always dreamed about. Thanks I'm already one step closer to a better education."

February 2012 Scholarship Winners

Free College Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Pamela Marsh

Coastal Carolina University

"My name is Pamela Marsh and I will be attending Coastal Carolina. I'm really excited that I have been accepted and will be attending college. There was a time when I didn't think college would be an option for me. So being accepted and earning scholarships to help me attend college is a very big deal to me. I'm am very grateful and proud. ScholarshipPoints; thank you for your help with my journey to a better future!!!"

Refer a Friend Scholarship $500 Winner

James Mosely

East Georgia College

"My name is James Moseley, and I am from Emanuel County, Georgia. I have been attending my local college, East Georgia College, for several semesters now, and I am about to transfer to a slightly bigger school that is over one hundred miles away from my parent's house. This scholarship will be very helpful to me, because it will help me cover all of the costs that are included with living in the dorms. Thank you ScholarshipPoints!"

NPD Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Prapaporn Muenjorn

Community College Of Baltimore County Catonsville

"My name is Prapaporn Muenjorn. I am international student from Thailand. I am an accounting major at Community College of Baltimore County Catonsville. My goal is to become a CPA and work in an accounting firm. It is hard for me and other international students to get financial aid from college. In the beginning, when I received the e-mail that I got a $1,000 scholarship, I could not believe it. I though it was a scam!!!! But it turned out to be true. I was so happy that something like this still exist in this world. This scholarship is going to help me a lot. I really appreciate it. I will use this scholarship to pay for my summer classes. Check it out may be the next winner will be you. Thank you so much ScholarshipsPoints!"

Zoompanel Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Bethany Cuiksa

Ohio Northern University

"I am a pharmacy major at a private university, so I am paying 6 years of extremely expensive tuition. Unfortunately, there is not much scholarship money available for me through my university, so I had to look elsewhere. I found through Google and never thought I would actually win, but it definitely proved to be worth the try! If you don't win in your first couple of months, don't give up, because you could be that next winner!!!"

MyView Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Alexa Coveney

Fairleigh Dickinson University Florham

"My name is Alexa Coveney and I am a junior at Fairleigh Dickinson University at the Florham/Madison Campus. I am an Allied-Health Radiologic Technology major and plan to continue school to become a Radiology Assistant. This scholarship will help me out to pay for school at my last semester here at FDU, as we all know how school is not the easiest thing to pay for. I am so grateful to have been selected to receive this scholarship. Thank you for granting me this opportunity!"

Harris Poll Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Dustin Dampier

Louisiana State University Agricultural & Mechanical College

"I currently attend Pope John Paul II Catholic High School in Slidell, Louisiana. For some hobbies, I spend time outdoors and play on the school's varsity baseball team. After high school, I plan on attending LSU and majoring in engineering. This money I have been fortunate to receive will definitely help me throughout my college years. It will most likely go towards housing and meals. Thank you so much ScholarshipPoints!"

PSL Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Biola Scale

University Of Dallas

"I am super excited about this scholarship. I am a student at the University of Texas at Dallas. I am going for medicine and my pre med major is biology. I have been trying to raise some money for summer classes but this scholarship is going to help me a lot. I really appreciate it. Thank you so much ScholarshipPoints."

Upromise Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Michelle Parrott

Darton College

"My name is Michelle Parrott and I am from Worth county, Georgia. I am planning to attend college but have not yet decided which. I am excited to have received this scholarship from It is going to help me with the costs of which ever college that i do decide to further my education with. I am planning to attend law school so any lil bit counts."

Leap Day Scholarship $500 Winner

Esther Dorce

No School Listed

"My name is Esther, and I'm so glad to be presented with this scholarship. I plan to purse a degree in Accounting. ScholarshipPoints is helping me in a most tremendous way! It helps me to save up money so I could attend college. ScholarshipPoints also has other scholarships to sign up for like this one. I highly recommend everyone join ScholarshipPoints; it really helps! Thanks so much ScholarshipPoints!"

January 2012 Scholarship Winners

Free College Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Brittani Berg

Rio Salado Community College Tempe

"My name is Brittani Berg and I am attending Rio Salado Community College and working towards my teaching certificate. I wish to teach high school math and physics. I recently graduated from another University in May with a degree in Space Physics and a minor in Math. I plan on using that degree to spread the love of physics to younger generations. This scholarship will help me pay for my books this semester. Thank you ScholarshipPoints, you are awesome!!"

Refer a Friend Scholarship $500 Winner

Summer Lindler

Baylor University

"My name is Summer, and I am ecstatic about attending Baylor this fall. I plan to pursue a degree in nursing. I have been working hard to earn the money I need to pay for my schooling. ScholarshipPoints is helping me reach my financial goals. It allowed me to easily win a scholarship to help pay for my college tuition. The activities on the website are super fun, and really simple. I even received points for playing games on another website linked to ScholarshipPoints! It doesn't get much better than that. ScholarshipPoints also had additional scholarships that I could apply for, which also earned me points! It's a very unique website, and is easily recommendable to my friends and peers. Thanks so much ScholarshipPoints!"

NPD Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Charlesynquette Duncan

University Of Florida Gainesville

"My name is Charlesynquette Duncan, but most people call me Che'. I am a senior this year, and hopefully in the fall I will be attending the University of Florida. This scholarship will help tremendously with paying for my room and board, and will help me on my way to becoming a Psychologist! Thank you so much!"

Zoompanel Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Semone Tucker

University Of North Texas Denton

"My name is Semone Tucker I am currently a sophomore at The University of North Texas in Denton. I am so excited that I received this scholarship. As an out of state student my tuition, dorm fee, and living expenses are a major burden on my parents. This scholarship will help pay for my summer classes so that I may focus on my education and internship. Thanks and Zoompanel for this wonderful gift. is the best."

MyView Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Charles Vance

University Of Nebraska At Lincoln

"My name is Charles Haddon Vance. I am 19 years old and attend The University of Nebraska in Lincoln. I am a forensic science major. I am very thankful to receive this scholarship! My family is in a financial crisis and paying for college hasn't been easy. But I praise God for answering my prayers and giving me this opportunity through this program. This scholarship will help me pay for my next year in Lincoln and lighten the burden on my family's budget. I will use the money to pay for classes and hope that it also contributes to my success in becoming a forensic scientist. I thank MyView for giving me this chance."

Harris Poll Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Lydia Baker

Converse College

"My name is Lydia Baker and I am a senior this year. This scholarship will help me pursue my dream of becoming a music therapist. Music is something I am very passionate about and would love to use to help others. Thank you!"

PSL Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Gwendolyn Schauweker

University Of Hawaii At Hilo

"I am a 51-year old married and returning student attending the University of Hawai'i at Hilo. I live in Ocean View, Hawaii with my husband Gary and I work full-time as a Office Administrator at a local physical therapy clinic about an hour and 30 minutes away from where I live. I attend the University of Hawai'i Hilo pursuing a BA degree in Business Administration. I could not believe that I actually won a scholarship. I hardly ever win anything. It would be such a blessing to me to have this scholarship. My husband was laid off from his job in April of 2010, which was a month before I graduated with my AA degree in Liberal Arts.

It has been a struggle and we take it one day at a time, but we do the best that we can in the situation that we are in right now. For the first time in my academic career, I had to ask for a student loan, which I hated, because I paid my way through the AA level and felt so good that I would not have an enormous debt to face once I finished my education. I did get a student loan, but I am still faced with the opportunity of having to pay it off when I am done with school. If I can get this scholarship and others, that will help to get my tuition costs, fees and books paid for."

Upromise Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Richard Perry

Brown College Mendota Heights

"My name is Richard Perry and I am attending Brown College. I'm working towards a Bachelor of Science with a focus on game design and development. I plan on using my degree to enter the gaming industry and put my skills and imagination to the test. So far it's very hard work but it'll be well worth it in the end. I'm very grateful for this scholarship and it will definitely be put to good use as I continue on the path toward my degree. Thank you so much ScholarshipPoints."

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