Meet Our 2011 ScholarshipPoints Winners

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December 2011 Scholarship Winners

December 2011 Scholarship $10,000 Winner

Kaveeta Kaw

The University of Texas at Austin

"I am very grateful to as this scholarship will lighten the financial burden for my parents who are currently paying for my dorm and tuition. is the best."

Free College Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Erik Romero Gavilan

California State University At Long Beach

"I am so excited to have received this scholarship. I am so grateful for my parents will be so excited and relieved as I am. Now I don't have to stress out over college tuition as much as we were before this awesome opportunity. Thank you"

Refer a Friend Scholarship $500 Winner

Fanee Johnson

Clayton State University

"I am a sophomore at Clayton State University and I am a Nursing Major. This scholarship will assist me with paying for summer school and allowing me to be closer to reaching my goal. Thank you ScholarshipPoints for this scholarship. I am forever grateful!"

NPD Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Adam Farris

Houston Community College

"I am currently attending Houston Community College, I am working on getting my Office Skills Certificate, When I complete this I want to be either an Admin Assistant or Leasing Agent. Thank you ScholarshipPoints for letting me continue my education!"

Zoompanel Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Alicia Elcock

Howard University

"My name is Alicia Elcock and I am a Freshman at Howard University. My major is Communications & Culture and I am the first in my family to complete high school on time and to ever go to college. I am extremely grateful that I was awarded this scholarship because I really needed it. It will definitely help with lessening the burden on my parents and I of paying for my Spring tuition, room and books. These expenses are a lot to pay for and every bit helps. I thank you ScholarshipPoints and Zoompanel so very much for this, it will make a huge difference. Now I can keep working hard to win more scholarships, knowing that it has paid off."

MyView Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Cherokee Stewart-Hart

Saint Johns University

" is truly a blessing. I am very happy and grateful for this scholarship. It lifts some weight off of my finances for college."

Harris Poll Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Nuha Hamid

University of Alabama at Birmingham

"I'm incredibly grateful for this scholarship! Thank you for the wonderful opportunities that you provide for every student in need out there! I'm currently a freshman attending the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a double major in BioChemistry and Molecular Biology as well as with a double minor in Foreign Languages and International Studies. This scholarship is definitely and thankfully going to lighten the burden on my mom, who's currently paying most of my tuition. Also, hopefully if I'm able to win another scholarship I may finally get the opportunity to experience living in a dorm."

PSL Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Matthew Schuebel

CUNY John Jay College Of Criminal Justice

"Thank you so much for this scholarship. This scholarship will enable me to work less so I can concentrate on my studies more.I am currently a freshman at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City and majoring in International Criminal Justice."

Upromise Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Charmaine Fallarme

San Diego State University

"This scholarship will help me financially to achieve my goal in graduating from San Diego State University, with a degree in Nursing. I will be the first child of my parents to attend college. I'm so grateful for receiving this scholarship, because it will help my parents so much especially for my dad who is a single father. I'm extremely happy that I can help him, and make him proud."

New Year's Resolution Scholarship $500 Winner

Liz Jackson

Loyola University Chicago

"I will be attending a private college in the fall. So any money will help out so much. Thank you! I am so grateful!"

November 2011 Scholarship Winners

Free College Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Jean Ricardo

University Of Massachusetts At Amherst

"Hi my name is Jean Ricardo and I am currently a freshman at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. I am a Psychology major with an emphasis in the neuroscience track and pre-med track. Upon graduating college, I hope to get accepted into medical school and pursue a career as a neurologist. I cannot express in words how thankful and appreciative I am for receiving this scholarship as it puts me a step closer into accomplishing my dreams. Thank you ScholarshipPoints."

Refer a Friend Scholarship $500 Winner

Mtzi Martinez

Harvey Mudd College

"First of all thank you so much! I am currently a high school senior. My dream is to become an engineer. I will be the first one in my family to go to college and I want to make them proud. This scholarship is definitely going to help me so much. Once again thank you ScholarshipPoints! This scholarships means so much to me!"

NPD Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Kambre Glover

Johnson And Wales University Charlotte Campus

"My name is Kambre' Glover and I am a Senior at Choctaw High School in Choctaw, Oklahoma. I have been accepted into Johnson & Wales University in Charlotte, North Carolina where I will study culinary arts to become a chef. I am the second of four children in a home with limited resources. I am grateful and very appreciative for this scholarship, it will help cover expenses and help me to achieve my dream of becoming a chef."

Zoompanel Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Brittany Beach

University of South Carolina-Columbia

"I just want to say thank you so much, this money helps out a lot with my tuition! My name is Brittany Beach and I am a student at the University of South Carolina. At the moment I am an Art major and I hope to graduate with a bachelors and get a job in interior design. Words can't express how thankful I am for this scholarship, thanks ScholarshipPoints!"

MyView Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Utwo Nelson

Portland Community College

"To start off, I'd like to say thank you so much! My name is Utwo Nelson, and I'm currently a senior at Sprague High School. My dream is to be the first one in my family to not only graduate high school, but college as well. I'm not the first one to go to college, but I'm going to be the first one finishing it. Thank you so much ScholarshipPoints! This scholarship isn't only going to help me through college, but it's going to help me in my future as well. This scholarship means everything to me and my family!! Thank you ScholarshipPoints, thank you so much!"

Harris Poll Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Veronica Sheppherd

Santa Ana College

"I was like wow! when I saw that I had won. I will be a freshman this year at Santa Ana College. By receiving this scholarship it will help me out with my schooling. My major is in Business Management and I would be happy to say that one day I will run my own Group Home for kids and thanks to"

PSL Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Geneva OBrien

Ocean County College

"Thank you for this opportunity! I will be using this scholarship for my Spring tuition and books in order to earn my Associates Degree by this upcoming summer. Now that I have won, I will keep applying to scholarships in order to save money for when I transfer next fall!"

Upromise Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Leanne Curiel

University Of Texas At San Antonio

"Thank you so much for this scholarship it will help me because I plan on moving in about 6 months to go on to college and this scholarship gives me the opportunity to be able to have extra cash for books and supplies needed. I am planning on going on into the medical field therefore, the books will be very expensive and with this It can help me in purchasing them."

Skinit Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Gianni Barcos

Florida International University Miami

"Hello, my name is Gianni and I am more than proud to have been a selected winner for this month. I am 17 years old and I will be graduating high school in June. My main area of interest is Photography and Art. This scholarship will help me in the event of paying off any school debt that I will have while I am studying at FIU, whether I will be studying architecture, interior design, or perhaps change my major in the future. Money is tight today and any amount of money is truly more than grateful to me."

October 2011 Scholarship Winners

Free College Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Alexis Baryak

Mount Union College

"This scholarship is going to help me pay for college so I can follow my dream of becoming an author. :)"

NPD Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Weichen Lian

Northern Arizona University

"I am an International student from China. I am senior major in Finance and Marketing. I work as a tutor on campus to solve some of my financial problems. This scholarship will provide me with a significant portion of my tuition and fees I currently owe. I will be able to concentrate on my last-year study to achieve a better academic performance."

Zoompanel Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Joe Reif

Palomar College

"I have a dream of going to school for visual effects in L.A. This scholarship is a huge help in making that dream come true. I am currently saving up the first year's tuition on my own and this award will help me get one step closer and go that much sooner to the college of my dreams. Never thought I'd win one of these, so imagine my surprise when I checked my email and found out I had won! Thank you Zoompanel and ScholarshipPoints!"

MyView Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Amina Rahmat

Emory University Oxford Campus

"This scholarship will help me a lot with paying for books and other college expenses. I'm thankful to ScholarshipPoints for giving college students opportunities to ease some of the financial burden we have. Thank you so much!!"

Harris Poll Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Andie Portillo

New Mexico State University

"I am a sophomore at New Mexico State University and studying Spanish and will graduate in 2014. I plan to pursue my Masters soon afterwards and want to become a professor and teach Spanish. This scholarship is a wonderful blessing and step to help me in pursuing my education. I am very grateful to everyone at ScholarshipPoints! Thank you so much!"

PSL Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Daniel Olmedo

University Of Maryland

"My name is Daniel Olmedo and I am a freshman at the University of Maryland. I am a Pre-Vet major and I hope to be able to get accepted into vet school after I graduate. Going to school for eight years will be very expensive for my family and I. Since I was late in applying for scholarships during high school, I was unable to get any financial help. Thanks ScholarshipPoints for helping me pay for my tuition and books that I will need in my upcoming years!!"

Upromise Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Nathanael Yeasley

University Of Nevada Las Vegas

"I am currently pursuing my master's in performance and this scholarship will be a great help towards paying for books and other things to help contribute to my education. It will also allow me to allocate more funds towards my living expenses."

September 2011 Scholarship Winners

School Spirit Photo Contest Winner Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Kristina Salassi

Louisiana State University Agricultural & Mechanical College

"I am a Senior at Louisiana State University. I will graduate in May 2012 with a bachelor's degree in Kinesiology with minors in Chemistry and Biology. After I graduate, I plan to go to PA school. In preparation, I have completed over 150 hours of volunteer work. This scholarship is a blessing and will help me cover my school expenses. Thank you ScholarshipPoints! GEAUX TIGERS!"

School Spirit Photo Contest Voter Scholarship $500 Winner

Yaneli Cervantes

West Texas A & M University

"I am a sophomore at West Texas A&M University studying Pre-Dentistry. I am also a first generation student so coming to WT was something completely new for my family and I. I am the first to go to college out of all my family including my 20 aunts and my infinite number of cousins. This scholarship will help me pay off some of the loan I got this semester. Thanks!!! You guys are AWESOMENESS!!! :D"

ScholarshipPoints at CollegeFest Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Samantha McNulty

University Of Massachusetts At Dartmouth

"I'm Samantha McNulty and I'm a Senior/Philosophy Major at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. I'm so glad I checked my email when I did and didn't just look over the email, this scholarship is going to help me in so many ways! I had to save up multiple paychecks just to pay for my books this semester, and my bank account is drained. With the amount of loans I had to take out I can already feel the debt haunting me, haha. This scholarship is such a relief and when I had entered the contest at CollegeFest in Boston this past weekend I thought nothing of it, now I am so thankful for this opportunity... Thanks ScholarshipPoints!"

Free College Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Jessica Schneider

Community College Of Allegheny County

"I am in my second semester at the Community College or Allegheny County. I am majoring in Childhood Development and Education. I want to become a teacher, so I can help children better their education, and have a brighter future. This scholarship will help me with the cost of college and assist in brightening my future. Thank you ScholarshipPoints for awarding me this scholarship it is truly a blessing."

Refer a Friend Scholarship $500 Winner

Fetrat Samimy

University Of North Carolina At Greensboro

"I am a freshmen University of North Carolina at Greensboro. My goal is to get in to Pre-Med. I am majoring in Biology and I want to became a doctor so I can help others. I did not at expect to win this scholarship. I am the first in my family to go to college and with this scholarship I can get closer to reaching my goal. I can't be thankful enough for ScholarshipsPoints and of course God for helping me."

NPD Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Alexander Olivo

Miami University

"I am currently a freshman at Miami University. I am a first generation college student raised by a single mother with two younger siblings. I am taking 9 classes and was just cast as the lead for the play here, as a non-theater major, in my first semester of college. I'm doing my best to squeeze every last drop of knowledge out of the education I am paying for. I am paying off the balance of what I owe out of my own pocket, in tandem with my mother, so this money will absolutely add some much-needed support and, more importantly, some well-earned dollars, back in my pocket. Thank you guys so much!"

Zoompanel Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Sarabeth Marshall

Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis

"Hi, my name is Sarabeth Marshall. I am currently a sophomore at IUPUI studying business management. Next fall I plan on entering the Kelly School of Business so that I can gain the skills necessary to open my own cafe/ restaurant. It is my dream to graduate in 2014 and franchise with my current employer at 3 Days in Paris Market Fresh Crepes. This scholarship will help me along my educational pathway and allow me to build a solid foundation for my future. Thank you ScholarshipPoints and Go Colts!"

MyView Scholarship $1,000 Winner

William Johnson

Florida State University

"I just recently started my sophomore year at The Florida State University and I am extremely proud to be a part of one of the greatest fraternities on campus, Phi Sigma Kappa. I am an only child and have been raised by a single mother who has always pushed me to do the best I can in everything I do, especially school. Having gone through the first year of college already, I know the importance of money and how easily it is to lose track of. I have already applied for the max amount of loans each semester to help pay for classes, rent, food, and gas. This scholarship will give me a nice cushion of comfort and allow me to stay focused on school and not worry so much about money. Thank you so much for this!"

Harris Poll Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Molly Besler

Illinois State University

"I am a sophomore at Illinois State University majoring in Early Childhood Education with a possible endorsement in reading. I am thrilled to win this scholarship to help pursue my dream of earning a college degree, as well as, helping out our future leaders in pre/k through 3rd grade. Thanks for helping me get through college!"

PSL Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Sara McKinley

Slippery Rock University Of Pennsylvania

"I am a sophomore at Slippery Rock University studying as a social work major. I'm excited to continue with my education and be the best I can be with the help of my family, friends, and God. I hope to be an example to others and help children live up to their potential with my degree. I am very excited and thankful about receiving this award and it will greatly help me out financially with tuition and purchasing books."

Upromise Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Tania Hernandez

Southwestern College Chula Vista

"My name is Tania Hernandez I'm currently a senior at Southwest High; I want to major in biology. Thanks to, I would have a little extra help, with book and/or other school stuff!! THANKS!!!!"

September 2011 Scholarship $10,000 Winner

My Sam

California State University Los Angeles

"I am currently a senior at Cal State LA and finish up my last quarter. I am pursuing a teaching credential and want to work with K-8 level. This scholarship will allow me to complete my last term, then apply for a teaching credential program as well as ease the burden of living expenses. Thanks for helping better my education!!!!"

August 2011 Scholarship Winners

Free College Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Michael Sauer

South Dakota State University

"I am Michael Sauer and I currently attend SDSU. I am 18 years old, and as of yet haven't decided my exact major, but really desire to be either an english professor, or a psychological counselor. As of now, my goal in college is to take appropriate classes for both fields, and then decide which one I would enjoy the most. This 1,000 dollar scholarship I have won is incredibly surprising and appreciated. I would be lying if I thought I had my financial situation all figured out, and so this extra money will be a huge help for the next years of college. Compounded with additional scholarships I hope to receive, this money should allow me to finish my freshman year and possibly my sophomore year without taking out additional loans, always a great boon for any college student."

Refer a Friend Scholarship $500 Winner

Regina Morones

Clark Atlanta University

"My name is Regina Morones. I am currently a senior at Clark Atlanta University. I look forward to graduating in May 2012 with a BA in Theatre Arts. I am passionate about reaching out to my community to promote healing, awareness, and unity through the magic of theater. This scholarship will allow me to complete my last year of undergrad with enough funds to buy books and ease the burden of living expenses as well as the cost of graduation. The generosity of companies make it possible for a determined and tenacious student like me to follow through with my dream of being a first generation college graduate."

NPD Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Tommy Whitley

Valdosta State University

"I am a very dedicated student that will attempt to do my best at my school work. I am in my second year as a Computer Science major, and love the way technology works. What i hope to do with my degree with the help of your scholarship is become a Video Game Programmer and Designer. I am 19 years old, and have in no way, near enough words to thank you with. Again thanks for helping better my education through this scholarship, and i can assure this money is not going to be wasted one bit."

Zoompanel Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Chelsea Maguffee

Arkansas State University

"My name is Chelsea Maguffee, I attend Arkansas State University in Jonesboro AR. I am majoring in Athletic Training and Physical Therapy. This scholarship will help me with my school finances, such as my books and living expenses. There are so many things that are included in your college education and money from this scholarship will help me pay these extra expenses."

MyView Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Chloe George

Kansas City Art Institute

"My name is Chloe, I'm a junior in Illustration at the Kansas City Art Institute. I spend a lot of time in studio working on assignments. I draw, paint, collage, build, solve visual problems, and use digital or unconventional mediums. I'm also taking philosophy, advanced health, and art history. I have a part time job at a near by restaurant. After college I might find a job in advertisement or continue my education. This scholarship will help me buy supplies and take care of living expenses. If I can work less I'll be able to focus on my education and my future."

Harris Poll Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Heather Conrad

Art Institute Of Washington DC

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I cannot express in words just how thankful I am for receiving this scholarship from ScholarshipPoints (and right around my birthday!) Nor can I express how shocked and utterly impressed I was by this website. I never thought I would receive a scholarship... I am also pleased to announce that this is my first scholarship ever! I'm attending college at the Art Institute of Washington pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics. I work extremely hard at what I do, and I've always dreamt of a future in the arts doing what I love and making a career out of it. So thanks to ScholarshipPoints, I'm one step closer to paying down student loans and reaching my career goal. I urge students who care about their future to give ScholarshipPoints a try. Great things are bound to happen to those who put forth effort."

PSL Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Justine King

University Of Maryland At College Park

"What a wonderful surprise! I am in my final year as an undergraduate at the University of Maryland, and it is very important to me to finish strong. In addition to completing my degree in English language and literature, I am pursuing a continuing education certification in urban farming from my local community college. After college, I will attend graduate school, or volunteer abroad. The money from this award will help with tuition, allowing me to direct more of my attention toward what really matters: focusing on my studies and planning for the future. This is a critical moment for me as a student, and I would like to thank both ScholarshipPoints and for helping me succeed!"

Upromise Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Erin Barb

University Of Montana

"To be the recipient of this scholarship is so exciting! I'm in my early 30s and will be attending school in Montana studying geography. My goal is to earn my masters degree in water conservation. This $1000 is going to come in very handy buying books. Whatever I don't spend at the bookstore will be going directly to my bursar bill."

July 2011 Scholarship Winners

Free College Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Samantha Wilkerson

Bethel College

"I am planning to major in Communications at a private college. This scholarship will greatly assist me in paying tuition and buying books! It is a very expensive school after all, but well worth it. Thank you ScholarshipPoints! I am very appreciative of this scholarship."

Refer a Friend Scholarship $500 Winner

Nicole Martin

Georgia Perimeter College

"I am currently enrolled at Georgia Perimeter College pursuing my Associate's Degree in General Studies. I was extremely excited to find out I had received a scholarship! I had hoped and prayed that I would be fortunate enough to be a recipient. These funds came just at the right moment because I actually had no clue where I would get the money to pay for my books this upcoming semester. I'm very grateful and cannot express the full thanks that I feel!"

NPD Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Jessy Chen

Duke University

"I just graduated Strath Haven High School and will be attending Duke University next year. I plan on pursuing a degree in economics and hope to run my own business some day. This scholarship helps so much in a time of a poor economy and rising tuition costs. For me to go to school, I am going to have to take out a bunch of loans, which will result in a boatload of debt in the future. This scholarship certainly relieves some of this financial pressure and will go a long way in helping me reach my goals."

ZoomPanel Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Rebekah Brooks

Lane Community College

"I am so honored and excited to receive the $1000 July 2011 ZoomPanel Scholarship! I have been putting myself through school without any financial help. I have not been able to get anything but loans until this point and receive no financial help from my family. I am now going to Portland State University rather than a Community College which means higher tuition rates. This help could not have came at a better time. I am getting my Bachelor of Science degree in Child & Family Studies. My career goal is to be a Children's Counselor. I have always felt a calling to help children. Thank you so much for helping me with my education!"

Harris Poll Scholarship $1,000 Winner

AdePeju Oshodi

University of Chicago

"Hi! My name is AdePeju Oshodi and I am a freshman at Indiana University. I am also a real live person which means that this service is not a scam. The scholarship that I got will be used to help me buy books. Hooray for!"

PSL Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Alisa Holder

Virginia Commonwealth University

"Thank you, and for this scholarship! I feel so lucky to be one of the randomly selected winners, and this scholarship will truly help me to be able to finish my B.S. in Nursing from Virginia Commonwealth University. I was worried about how being in school was going impact my financial future - since I created my budget for school, there have been 2 drastic tuition increases - and this scholarship is helping to put some of my worries at ease. It still feels surreal, thank you so much!"

June 2011 Scholarship Winners

Free College Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Nachia Moua

Milwaukee Career College

"I'm Nachia Moua, currently a high school senior at Green Bay East. After high school, I plan on continuing my education in Art Education in the fall of 2012. Certainly, I am not the most intelligent person out there. Fact is, I was born with a vivid imagination, the ability to create, the mind of an artist. Art has always been a part of me; a long time passion. I've just been too afraid to fully accept my god given talent. Winning this scholarship means that I'm one step closer to becoming an art teacher. I'm going to use this scholarship to help me continue my art dreams, allowing me the chance to reach out to younger kids. Helping them find confidence within themselves, molding them into their own masterpieces. Education means a lot to me. It's the American dream my parents never had. There is a saying, love what you do, and you'll never work a day in your life; I want that. I want to be able to help others express themselves through art, just as I do. I want to inspire. Thank You ScholarshipPoints!"

Refer a Friend Scholarship $500 Winner

Kameron Wesley

Arizona State University - Phoenix

"I'm a current student at Arizona State University pursuing a Bachelor's in Science for Exercise and Wellness. One day I hope to practice sports medicine and work with professional sports teams, and eventually establish my own practice for physical therapy/rehabilitation and strength training that works with athletes and hospital patients. This scholarship was definitely needed to help with rising tuition costs, and I am super grateful to have won it courtesy of ScholarshipPoints. Good looking out."

Inspiring Educator Essay Contest Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Kim LeMoon

Rutgers University - New Brunswick

"During the past two years, I have been very sick and mostly housebound. It's so easy to lose hope and to give up on your dreams when it feels like your life is slipping away. I am thrilled to have won the inspiring educator essay contest, but the best part of this process has been connecting with people all over the world who offered their support and votes. I am part of an international online community for patients with my illness and I have made so many new friends because of the contest. Last semester, I was motivated by a very special professor to return to campus this summer with the help of disability services. My first class back has been a blast. This scholarship will just about cover the cost of this class, which I paid for out of my dwindling savings. It's amazing how doors open when you are on the right path. Thanks for giving me a reason to dream again."

ZoomPanel Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Loretta Montemayor

Texas State University - San Marcos

"Im actually very shocked I won. I never get this lucky. Thank you so much!!! This will definitely help me and ease some of my stress about paying off some of my classes! It was looking bad with the government reducing a lot of their funding, and now its looking a whole lot brighter!! Thanks so much!"

NPD Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Julie Collins

University of California Davis

"I am going to be attending UNC Charlotte in the fall and I plan on double majoring in Business and Communications with a concentration in marketing. After that I plan to go back to school to earn my Masters in Business Administration. With all of that schooling I am so thankful and grateful for this scholarship. $1,000 goes a long way when all the schooling tuition, books, room and board, and dining add up. I am honestly very surprised that I was chosen as a winner but I am so excited and grateful and I will be telling many people about this website."

Harris Poll Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Jason Chen

University of Utah

"I am a pre-med student at the University of Utah studying Biology. To me, understanding different cultures is paramount in promoting international relations. To help widen my global point of view, this summer I have decided to study abroad in Spain. During the month of June, I studied Spanish in Oviedo, Spain with an exchange program between the University of Oviedo and the University of Utah. I am currently here in Oviedo teaching English to children between the ages of 6 and 12. Thank you so much for this opportunity!"

MyView Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Natalie Thiessen

Oral Roberts University

"I have been raised in Peru, South America where I have spent my entire life among people who have considerably less than most Americans. Yet these beautiful people have taught me many things and I am now going to school to learn how to better help them and those like them. This scholarship will help me accomplish my goals by paying for my college books and tuition."

PSL Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Joseph Kim

University of Washington - Seattle School of Law

"I just graduated from the University of Washington this year earning my bachelor of arts (philosophy). I plan to continue my education at the University of Washington Law School. This scholarship will always remind me of the reason why I am studying law, which is to help others just like this scholarship will help me."

June 2011 Scholarship $10,000 Winner

Chase Ojala

Pierce College Lakewood

"I currently am attending Pierce College Ft. Steilacoom as a communications major and am working as a photographer/writer for the school newspaper. I am hoping to be employed in the field of mass media. Once I finish my Associates at Pierce, I plan to transfer to the University of Washington Tacoma to finish out my bachelors degree. With tuition rates rising along with cost of living this scholarship is a true blessing. It will be a motivational gift to carry with me every day."

May 2011 Scholarship Winners

Free College Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Azikin IsaTrento

Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

"Hi, my name is Azikin Isa and I am currently a junior at Kutztown University, majoring in Criminal Justice. My future plans are to attend law school to become a litigation attorney. Thank you for helping with my financial needs for my education. This scholarship will help me tremendously with the cost of my higher education because our State Governor decided to cut higher education funding. This funding cut became a huge burden to my financial situation and I did not know if I would be able to continue my education. This scholarship is the help I need to pay for school expenses, and lessen my financial burden. It came at the right time. This scholarship will help me stay in school. Thank you so much ScholarshipPoints, this means a great deal to me."

Refer a Friend Scholarship $500 Winner

Sarah Sloan

University of Phoenix

"I will use the scholarship money toward my next year of college. This scholarship will help me greatly. I am currently a single mother and I am taking care of my father who is on hospice. My mother and brother are both mentally handicapped and I am responsible for them as well. Winning this scholarship will help to move forward in my college career. I will be able to obtain my degree and start a career that will provide for my entire family. Thank you very much."

ZoomPanel Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Kara Horstmann

Wayne State University

"Thank you so much for this scholarship! I am going to be a sophomore at wayne state university but i just changed my major to fashion design and merchandising so i'm technically a freshman again. This will help me so much because I just recently found out I have to take out a bank loan because the school did not offer me enough loans and now I don't have to (: I am putting all of the money towards my classes for this upcoming year. Once again thank you so much this will help me out so much!"

NPD Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Ray Fear

Kirkwood Community College

"Thank you so much for this scholarship. I am paying my own way through college and this scholarship will enable me to work less so I can concentrate on my studies more. Receiving this scholarship will relieve some of my worry and stress about finding money for college. I attend Kirkwood Community College and am enrolled in the Telecommunication Technology program."

Harris Poll Scholarship $1,000 Winner

LeeAnna Maniace

The University at Buffalo

"How shocked I was to see that I won a scholarship to use towards my studies!! I am so delighted to see that I can have some extra help to pay for my college expenses. I recently graduated from Genesee Community College. After finishing up one last course this summer at GCC I will be attending the University at Buffalo to study chemistry along with taking classes in nutrition at the medical school. My dream is to get my masters at Cornell University in Nutritional Sciences and Human Biology, Health and Society. I would one day like to be able to do scientific research on the relationship between nutrition and the human brain. This scholarship will aid me in the process of reaching my dream and shaping my future."

MyView Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Kirsten McDowell

Ohio State University

"Thank you! I will be a High School Senior this fall. I attended Edison Community College part time throughout my junior year. I am currently taking summer classes and I am scheduled to attend Edison full time my high school senior year in order to earn an associate's degree of science and graduate from high school at the same time. After I graduate I plan on transferring to The Ohio State University to study pediatrics. I was so excited to log on and see that my name was chosen for the scholarship. 1,000 dollars will surely help pay for my tuition and or books. Thank you!"

PSL Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Lindsay Marshall

Florida State University

"I'm currently a second year junior at Florida State University, and have no idea what I'm doing with my life yet. I am seriously in shock that I won a thousand dollar scholarship. This will be such a relief when it comes time to buy books in the fall. College is expensive, and every bit helps, and a thousand dollars is just such a huge blessing. Thank you so much."

April 2011 Scholarship Winners

Free College Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Brianna Schmitt

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

"Thank you so much for giving me this scholarship! I am a senior in high school, and next year I will be attending the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee to study Computer Science. One day I would like to work in IT. I've been on ScholarshipPoints for about a year now, and am so excited that I finally won one. This money will really help me pay for my college education, especially tuition expenses. Thank you so much!"

Refer a Friend Scholarship $500 Winner

Krystle Chong

University of Southern California Irvine

"I'm currently a high school senior that will be attending UC Irvine in the Fall. One of my biggest fears of attending college is the amount of debt I'll accumulate from student loans since everybody knows that college, whether public or private, is expensive. Thanks to I now have $500 to pay for some of my college expenses."

ZoomPanel Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Natalie Risdall

Meredith Manor International Equestrian Center

"I am so grateful to have received this scholarship. I'm currently attending Meredith Manor Equestrian School in West Virginia to pursue my dream job someday. This scholarship will help pay for school expenses, and lessen my financial burden so I can stay in school. Thanks ScholarshipPoints!"

NPD Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Loveneet Bains

University of California San Diego

"Thank you so much ScholarshipPoints! I am currently a junior in high school and am planning on becoming a doctor so this scholarship will be of much help financially. Thank you again for this $1,000!"

Harris Poll Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Lynne Ballesta

California State University at San Marcos

"I am a Freshman at California State University San Marcos. I'm majoring in nursing and this scholarship would be a big help. This scholarship would help me focus on school and not on how I'm going to pay for it. I'm so happy to receive this scholarship because I know that it would decrease the stress of my parents since they are partially paying for my education. I also work part time so this scholarship would be very helpful. Thank you."

MyView Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Callie Todd

Texas A&M University at College Station

"I am majoring in biology, and plan on becoming a physical therapist. This scholarship will help me financially, which will make it easier on my parents to pay for my brother and I to go to college. This scholarship will also help me get closer to my dreams of becoming a physical therapist."

PSL Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Ronisha Boyett

Xavier University of Louisiana

"I would like to thank for this scholarship. I am very grateful for this award because 1,000 can go a long way. I am currently a high school senior and will be attending Xavier University of Louisiana in New Orleans in the fall and anything helps. I will be majoring in Psychology Pre-Med to eventually become a psychiatrist when i finish. Thank you very much for helping me achieve my dreams, it is very appreciated."

March 2011 Scholarship Winners

Free College Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Daniella Mendola

SUNY at Binghamton

"I am currently a sophomore attending Binghamton University and I am so happy to receive this award! I am presently working toward my major, Integrative Neuroscience, and I am on the pre-med track. I hope to continue onto medical school and become a pediatrician one day. I've entered these drawings for a long time and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that I had actually won this scholarship. This scholarship award is a huge assistance in helping pay for many of my college expenses. It will be applied to either tuition or to purchase books needed for my studies. Thank you so much! I will definitely tell my friends about ScholarshipPoints."

Refer a Friend Scholarship $500 Winner

Elizabeth Anderson

University of South Dakota Vermillion

"I am a current first year student at the University of South Dakota in Vermillion, SD. As a dental hygiene major, this scholarship will assist in paying for my college expenses, which is something I am highly thankful for. Being chosen as the winner for this scholarship will not only help me with the financial aspects of college, but also allow me to focus more on my studies instead of how I am going to pay for school. Thanks!!"

ZoomPanel Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Brandon Begay

Carrington College

"I am currently attending Carrington College in pursuit of getting an education in the Health and Fitness Training field. I have worked hard to get this far and now thanks to this scholarship I am one step closer to paying off college expenses and accomplishing my goal of furthering my education Thank you ScholarshipPoints!"

NPD Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Carolyn Worcester

University of San Francisco

"Thank you so much for choosing me as the recipient of this award. I am currently attending a graduate program at the University of San Francisco hoping to pursue my higher education in finance. This scholarship is a tremendous help for me and my family with the cost of tuition and other college expenses. I am very grateful to receive this award; it is certainly an honor."

Harris Poll Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Joseph Sager

University of Hartford

"I am currently a freshman at Roger Williams University studying mechanical engineering. Next year, however, I will be transferring to the University of Hartford where I will continue to pursue my degree. This scholarship will be very helpful in paying for my books and tuition next year. Thank you so much for granting me this award, it is much appreciated."

MyView Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Brooklynn Smith

Western Kentucky University

"I am currently a sophomore at Western Kentucky University. I will be starting the dental hygiene program here at WKU next fall and am very excited! I am very thankful to receive this award and it will be such a help in paying for my tuition next semester. It will help take away some of the stress of paying for college."

PSL Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Mai Vang

Kansas City Community College

"There's a great amount of appreciation I want to express after having received this scholarship award. As a first generation college student in my family, I'm currently struggling with my college tuition. With only one parent providing for my family, remaining in college started to become a financial challenge. But with the help from this scholarship, I look forward to continuing my AAS degree in Medical Assisting. This scholarship will go towards the cost of my tuition! Thank you so much for this! rules!"

Universum Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Tina Grove

Boise State University

"Thank you so much for this opportunity. I'm going to Boise State University hoping to get a degree in both psychology and anthropology. I will use this money to help me pay for my books and tuition. Thank you again."

March 2011 Scholarship $10,000 Winner

Paolina Engibegian

Glendale Community College

"I am a sophomore at Glendale Community College working toward transferring to UCLA to become an Endocrinologist. This Scholarship will be a great help paying for my education. I also work part time to help pay for my educational expenses and this award will be a huge financial help to me. Thank you very much."

February 2011 Scholarship Winners

Free College Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Dalal Mohammed

Naugatuck Valley Commtech College

"I am a first year student at Naugatuck Valley Community College and I am honored to receive this scholarship award. I am working towards getting my certification as a Radiology Technologist and this scholarship is a huge assistance in helping pay for many college expenses. As many students endure tuition crisis, this is definitely a great help in paying for tuition and other college expenses. I am ecstatic to be awarded this scholarship and I thank ScholarshipPoints for this opportunity."

Refer A Friend Scholarship $500 Winner

Hien Nguyen

University of Houston

"I am currently a high school senior. I plan on studying pre-pharmacy at University of Houston in the fall. I am hoping to become a pharmacist one day. I want to make my parents proud, so this scholarship will help me to focus on my school work more. This scholarship will also help me pay my tuition as well! Thank you so much! I will definitely tell my friends about ScholarshipPoints!"

Harris Poll Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Holly Patterson

Slippery Rock University

"I am currently a senior in high school. I am going to attend Slippery Rock University to major in Psychology and minor in Asian Studies. I am planning on studying abroad in Japan to go with my minor. I am learning about Japanese language and culture, and my dream is to be in a counseling type position in Japan because there is a lack of services in this profession there. With this scholarship I am one step closer to fulfilling my dreams and I am very grateful to ScholarshipPoints!"

MyView Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Diana Martin

Miami Dade College North

"I'm currently a sophomore at Miami Dade College and I'm honored to have received this scholarship award. I am currently working towards my major, Pre-Medical Science. I want to hopefully one day become a Pediatrician. This scholarship award is a huge assistance in helping pay for many of my college expenses, due to that fact that I'm unemployed. This scholarship definitely put a smile on face as well as my parents. I'm ecstatic to be awarded this scholarship and I thank ScholarshipPoints for this opportunity. I will definitely tell all of my friends about ScholarshipPoints!"

NPD Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Kayla Moylan

Kansas State University Manhattan

"I am currently a senior at St. Marys High and I plan to go to Kansas State University next year, majoring in Secondary Education. I was so excited to find out that I had received a scholarship from ScholarshipPoints. This scholarship will help me pay for my college tuition next year and I'm so thankful that ScholarshipPoints has picked me as a recipient. I will definitely be telling my friends about ScholarshipPoints!"

ZoomPanel Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Koji Kitagawa

University of California Irvine

"Having an out-of-state status at my school, it is very difficult having to pay for out-of-state tuition. With the UC president's recent decisions to increase tuition rates, including out-of-state tuition, it makes it even more challenging having to pay for my higher education. Any scholarships, such as the ZoomPanel scholarship, would benefit me greatly; any savings from tuition is a great help."

PSL Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Heather Gale

Michigan State University

"I am currently a graduate student and am struggling to make ends meet. With this scholarship I can feel more secure financially and concentrate more on my schoolwork. What a fantastic website you offer. I will be sure to tell all of my friends about you! Thank you so much for helping struggling students."

Scholarship Idol Scholarship and Flip Cam $1,000 Winner

Erika Vasallo

Miami Dade College Wolfson Campus

"My short term educational goal is to graduate with a Bachelor in Vocal Performance and to continue my music studies in order to gain a Masters degree. After graduation, my aspirations are to become a world-renowned opera singer. I want to sing in various languages at international venues such as the Metropolitan Opera House in New York, The Royal Opera House in London, La Scala in Italy, and The Sydney Opera House in Australia. Later on in life, I would love to use my experiences and talent that I have gained throughout my professional career to teach college students who are majoring in vocal performance. Another one of my long term musical goals is that I would like to create a non-profit organization, which will mentor young musicians ages 11-18 who aspire to be classical singers. This non-profit organization would expose future vocal performers to topics such as art culture, music theory, vocal technique, diction, and musical expression. I would truly enjoy giving back the talent and experiences that I have gained to the musicians of tomorrow. With the rising costs of college tuition, room, board and books, the $1,000 scholarship that I won from will help me get a great head start on my upcoming college education. Thank you ScholarshipPoints for your generous scholarship!!"

Scholarship Idol Scholarship and Flip Cam $500 Winner

Allison Pincsak

Berklee College of Music

"Since my mom passed away a few years back, our financial situation has been tough. Winning this scholarship will help me attend the college of my dreams, Berklee College of Music, so I can share my musical talents with others. Thank you so much"

Scholarship Idol Voter Scholarship and Flip Cam $500 Winner

Katelynn Russell

University of Montana Missoula College of Technology

"Thank you so very much ScholarshipPoints! My name is Katelynn Russell, and I will be a freshman at the University of Montana in fall 2011 where I will be majoring in Wildlife Biology. Obtaining a college degree is very expensive, and this scholarship will definitely help pay my college expenses. I would love to fund my college education without having to take out any student loans, and every bit of scholarship money helps. Once again, I would like to express my sincere appreciation for this scholarship money."

Scholarship Idol Flip Cam $0 Winner

Jonathan Thomas

University of Oregon

"I love film. In fact, I had applied to a film school in California but could not afford to attend after acceptance. I'm in Oregon doing business right now but film still brings me to life! When I heard about Scholarship Idol I thought I would give it a try because I needed help financially and enjoyed the challenge anyway. I did not win anything that will help pay for my schooling, but I did win a flip! My first camera! Thanks for helping me get one step closer to reaching my dreams."

Scholarship Idol Flip Cam $0 Winner

Nate Williams

Salisbury State University

"My name is Nate Williams from Bear, Delaware and I would just like to thank ScholarshipPoints for the opportunity to participate in this video contest. I would also like to thank all of my friends that helped vote for me and for all of their support over the past few weeks. I placed 4th place in the contest and won a Flip Video Camera that I will be using to help record some of the projects I have for class. I am a Media Productions major at Salisbury University and this contest gave me the opportunity to use the skills I learned at schoolas well as utilize some of the personal connections I have made at SU to help win votes. Thanks again ScholarshipPoints for my new Flip camera!!"

January 2011 Scholarship Winners

Free College Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Russell Koehler

Hawaii Pacific University

"Thank you so much for this award. I know this will not only help me, but also help my family with heavy expenses of my tuition. My parents have been paying for my education all my life and I know the expenses have been draining their pockets. I am so happy to see that people actually care enough to award scholarships on a regular basis. Once again, thank you very much."

Refer A Friend Scholarship $500 Winner

Morgan Gerlach

Westminster College

"I am a Sophomore/Junior Business Administration major and Accounting Minor at Westminster College in Wilmington, PA. I've entered these drawings for a long time and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that I had won this scholarship. The money will help me pay tuition, which we all know is the part of college we don't like. Thank you so much, ScholarshipPoints!!"

Harris Poll Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Stephanie Chiueh

California State University at Long Beach

"Thank you will all of my heart ScholarshipPoints. Thank you for helping me start my career in Law by supporting me in my education. My attempt to pay for my own education has been a stressful part of my life and for my family. For the past two years I have been working so hard to save my money to pay for tuition that most of my dinners consist of instant noodles. This scholarship will no doubt help me focus better on my studying instead of my bank account. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

MyView Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Matrice Woodfork

Eastern Illinois University

"Hello! My name is Martrice Woodfork and I am a student at Eastern Illinois University. I am a mother of a 13 month old beautiful little girl. I am very intelligent and focused on succeeding in my life as a mother and a student. This scholarship will help me continue to be a student at EIU as well as provide for my daughter. It makes me feel good to know that my financial downfall has finally been blesses with a break through. Thank you very much for honoring me with the NPD scholarship!"

NPD Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Sherry Roberson

Polk Community College

"Thank you so much ScholarshipPoints!!! This summer I will be beginning my studies to become an RN. I am living in GA but will be attending school in FL. This scholarship will most definitely help me with the cost of books and especially with out of state tuition. Again, thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity!!!"

ZoomPanel Scholarship $1,000 Winner

David Gebhardt

University of Denver

"Thanks ScholarshipPoints!! I'm completing my Junior year at the University of Denver and I'm starting to look towards the future. Unfortunately, tuition is makes things difficult and there is not much money left to to prepare for the LSAT's. This scholarship will be great in allowing me to focus on my future plans that would have been very difficult otherwise. I'm so blessed to have received this scholarship and I really appreciate the boost this has given me. Thanks again ScholarshipPoints!!"

PSL Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Kayla Ward

Valencia Community College East Campus

"This scholarship is truly a blessing. I am currently one of eight kids, soon to be nine, so my family really doesn't have much money. I'm solely responsible for my education. I have always been certain I would attend college and make something of myself. I love school and feel so fortunate to be able to go. This scholarship will help me able to continue my education and help out my family."