Meet Our 2010 ScholarshipPoints Winners

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December 2010 Scholarship Winners

Free College Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Arielle Bass

Florida State University

"Thank you so much ScholarshipPoints! I really appreciate it, as it will help me pay for my tuition at the nursing college at Florida State University and ease my parent's minds more about the costs of the college experience.This is a great surprise for the new year!"

Refer a Friend Scholarship $500 Winner

Jasmaine Ataga

South Georgia College

"Thank you ScholarshipPoints first and foremost! My initial reaction when seeing my name on the winners page had me at a loss for words. I never thought that when going up against people from all across the country I would actually have a chance to win a scholarship. In this upcoming fall I will be a student at Valdosta State and this money will help assist me towards paying my tuition. I'm going to school to become a clinical psychologist and even though its just the beginning for me I know how imperative it is to earn all the scholarships I can. Once again I want to thank scholarships points for giving me this money, and I encourage those who feels as if they will never have a chance to win not to give up. That one survey and that one little point you put in a drawing can give you a chance to win money."

ZoomPanel Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Deborah Soetandio

University of Houston

"My name is Deborah and I'm a sophomore at the University of Houston. I'm currently a pre-business major and I intend to graduate with a degree in accounting with the hopes of becoming a CPA. This scholarship will help pay for my tuition and books. I am extremely grateful to have this opportunity! Thank you so much!"

NPD Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Kristina Gramlich

Borough of Manhattan College

"I am an artistic, and bright New York City student approaching my last semester in high school. On the side, I perform around the city with my poetry and take on civic engagement responsibilities within my community. This scholarship will help with few small things that usually are paid out of pocket within a college setting. As a 2011 graduate facing a large tuition, any amount of scholarship money is greatly appreciated. Thank you once again."

Harris Poll Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Daisy Chen

State University of New York Binghamton University

"My name is Daisy Chen. I am a senior at Binghamton University in New York and I am studying financial economics. I come from a family of four children and all of us are either in college or incoming freshmen. With tuition costs constantly rising and financial aid staying the same, it is a challenge for families like mine to afford college. Thanks to winning this scholarship, I can use this money towards tuition, books, room and board. I cannot be anymore grateful to ScholarshipPoints, especially during this trying recession. I can't believe that I actually won!"

MyView Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Victoria Falcon

Milwaukee school of Engineering

"I am studying Mechanical Engineering at Milwaukee school of Engineering and plan on studying abroad in Germany my junior year and graduate with a degree from both universities. This scholarship will really help my financial situation and make the next two years possible. Thank you to all that chose me for this scholarship."

PSL Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Karlyn Talanquines

Saint Vincent Catholic Medical Centers NY Staten Island - Nursing School

"Thank you ScholarshipPoints! I am a freshman at Saint Paul's school of Nursing and working on a degree as a nurse. This will be a great help in paying my tuition and helping my families expenses.Money has always been a problem and this prize is very helpful.I didn't believe I'd actually win at first but dreams really do come true. Thank you again!" Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Alexandra Kelly

Kennesaw State University

"Thank you so much, ScholarshipPoints! I am currently a freshman at Kennesaw State University, and I am majoring in Theatre with a musical concentration. I desperately need all the financial help I can get, and this $1,000 scholarship that I just received is a true blessing. With all the expenses of my university, this scholarship will definitely make life a little easier on myself, as well as my family. When I become a famous Broadway star, I know who to thank for helping me along the way!!"

December 2010 Scholarship $10,000 Winner

Tyler Hester

John Tyler Community College

"Thank you ScholarshipPoints! I am a freshman at John Tyler working toward a degree to become a PE teacher. This scholarship will be a tremendous help in paying for my education. I work part time to help with the college expenses and this award will be a huge help to my family. does work and has allowed me to have a very Merry Christmas. Thank you again."

November 2010 Scholarship Winners

Free College Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Zach Beaus

University of Utah

"I am a freshman at the University of Utah, and couldn't be more thankful to ScholarshipPoints for this awesome scholarship. I have been really stressed out about how I am going to afford college, as I have many years of school ahead of me (I want to pursue a graduate degree). With this scholarship, I don't have to worry as much about how to afford things like books for the upcoming semester. Thanks so much!"

Refer a Friend Scholarship $500 Winner

Jacklyne Huerta

Saint Mary's University

"My name is Jacklyne Huerta and I am a senior at Sanger High School. I love to read and be with my friends. I am on the school's debate team, and I am taking three AP classes this year to round out my total for five AP classes during my high school career. This scholarship will help me take some burden off of my parents shoulder's seeing as we are going through times of financial difficulty. I plan to use this money to help pay my tuition for the first semester."

ZoomPanel Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Kimberly Faulkner

Blue Ridge Community College

NPD Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Danielle Binion

Full Sail University

"I would like to give a big thanks to!! It took a lot for me to enroll in school again and have the opportunity to chase my dreams. I am currently studying music business and this scholarship will definitely help me to keep going. Sometimes you need a little boost in motivation and this was definitely that boost to let me know that I am doing the right thing. Good to see all those points didn't go to waste."

Harris Poll Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Katie Caudill

Florida Institute of Technology

"My name is Katie Caudill and I am a current community college student hoping to transfer to a university soon. I intend to study mechanical engineering and this scholarship will allow me the opportunity to get there sooner and be in less debt by graduation."

MyView Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Francine Untalan

Colorado Technical University Online Campus

"My name is Francine and I am a current student at Colorado Technical University Online. I am enrolled in the Associates of Science in Accounting program. I expect to graduate in August of 2011 and then start my Bachelor's Degree program in Accounting. I am grateful for having the opportunity of being chosen to win this award. My grade point average has allowed me to be on the chancellor's list. I enjoy reading, cooking, and I have high interests in working with numbers. With this scholarship I will be able to perform better with my online courses. Thank you so much for this opportunity. I genuinely appreciate the help I will receive with this award."

PSL Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Hannah LaDow

Highlands Ranch High School

"Hi! My name is Hannah LaDow and I am a student at Highlands Ranch High School. I am so excited to have received this scholarship and I wish to thank all the behind-the-scenes from, as well as for granting me this opportunity. My family has been blessed financially, and although my parents have agreed to pay for my schooling, it will give our family that much more of an opportunity to use what we have been given to give back. I am very grateful to have received this scholarship and I plan on putting it toward a great educational and professional future." Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Sarah Ladner

Pearl River Community College

"Let me take some time to introduce myself, my name is Sarah Ladner and I am currently a student at Pearl River Community College. Not only do I strive to keep my grades up in my Business Marketing Management classes, I am a very active student in clubs and organizations. I currently serve as the PRCC Student Government President where I delegate responsibilities to others and plan and organize student events. Along with SGA, I am also an active member of Collegiate DECA in which I have competed in both state and national levels. I also represent our school chapter as the Vice President for the 2010-2011 term.As you can see, leadership is a very important aspect of my life and I will always strive to go above and beyond. I would like to take the time to thank you for your generosity of this scholarship and helping to make my educational and professional goals possible."

October 2010 Scholarship Winners

Free College Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Jaime Cosimati

Ohio University Lancaster Branch

"I cannot thank ScholarshipPoints enough for giving me such a wonderful gift. It is very beneficial because I didn't receive any other scholarships besides this one. When I realized how much money I needed to pay per month, it was a slap in the face because not all of us are able to afford four- year schools. Although there is a payment plan, most people do not make that much money in an entire month. Fortunately, thanks to ScholarshipPoints, that's $1,000 less that I have to worry about that I would have to pay in the future. This site makes it really easy to receive money without having to type a long essay each month. I would definitely recommend ScholarshipPoints to absolutely anyone and everyone. Thanks again, ScholarshipPoints!"

New Member Scholarship $250 Winner

Kiya Mercado

Brigham Young University - Idaho

"My name is Kiya Mercado and I am from Wasilla Alaska. I love to camp, fish, hike, bike, run, read, and watch movies. I am a sophomore attending BYU-Idaho and am majoring in Humanities with and emphasis on intellectual heritage. I am so grateful to receive this scholarship. It will help me to complete my goal of continuing my education and receiving a bachelor's degree. It will also help me with cutting down some of my college debt. Every little bit really helps out!"

Member Madness Scholarship $500 Winner

Kimanh Tran

California State University East Bay

"My Name is Kimanh Thi Tran. I am a freshman from Cal State East Bay. It has been a great journey in college so far. I didn't realize that I would receive such a blessing. I am so thankful to those who have made this happen for me. I will definitely use the money to further my education in college. I plan to take extra classes in the summer and this money will help me a lot in the future. Thank you again."

Member Madness Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Sam Choe

University of South Carolina at Beaufort

"I am here in South Carolina taking some college courses, but I am originally from California. I am very honored and feel great about winning one of this month's scholarships. This is very surreal and I feel overwhelmed. I found out about this site just by browsing the web. Thank you so much. This scholarship will really help me with my financial strain and with easing my mind. Thank you again and I hope everyone wins."

ZoomPanel Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Robert Goldberg

Ramapo College of New Jersey

"I am so grateful to ScholarshipPoints and ZoomPanel for this amazing award! I am a refugee from Russia. I came to the US several years ago and am still struggling to settle in my new home. Before coming here I had finished four and a half out of six years of medical school in Moscow, but now I have to start everything from the beginning, including college education. I am also unable to work because I spend all my time studying primarily due to the language barrier. The only way I am able to take classes in college is by taking huge loans. This scholarship is very important for me because it literally helps me survive a very hard period in my life. With the help of these money I will be able to pay off a part of my loans, as well as to eventually reach my dream of becoming a qualified and devoted to my patients doctor. ScholarshipPoints is by far the best way of applying for scholarships and it is definitely the most realistic way of actually winning them. With no doubt I would recommend ScholarshipPoints to everyone to whom the process of applying for scholarships is familiar from a personal experience. Thank you very much again!"

NPD Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Alyssa Puckrin

Saint Mary Central Catholic High School

"Thank you SO Much! This scholarship is such a blessing, as I have been working so hard in my high school studies with the hopes of someday attending one of my dream schools. I plan to pursue a Bachelor's in Early Childhood Education with a minor in Musical Theatre! I hope to someday make a difference in the lives of many children by becoming a teacher, and this scholarship will help me complete my degree."

Harris Poll Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Alexandra Raymond

New York University

"Hey, my name is Alexandra Raymond and I'm a freshman at New York University. I am just beginning my path to a medical degree and have many more years ahead of me, but I've begun to realize how incredible a financial burden college and graduate school are and this scholarship could be an incredible help towards trying to keep my debt down this year. I have been terribly worried about how I was going to be able to afford to buy my books for next semester and this scholarship has saved me. Thank you so much ScholarshipPoints!"

MyView Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Danielle Deschene

University of California Santa Cruz

"Towards the end of my senior year, I wasn't positive if I'd be able to go to UCSC because my parents are in financial trouble; my father has been unemployed for almost two years and my step-mom had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. Financial aid in the form of various scholarships and grants are the reason I am capable of attending UCSC. I live off-campus and UCSC is on the quarter system, so there is about a month's gap between the end of fall quarter and beginning of winter. Since financial aid only covers the time I am in school, it'll be difficult for me to scrounge up money for January's rent, utilities bill, gas and other essential things."

PSL Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Pamela Pounds

Colorado State University Fort Collins

"Hi my name is Pam Pounds, I am from Longmont Colorado and will be attending Colorado State University (CSU) in Fort Collins in January. I will be working on finishing my bachelors in Psychology. My goal is to get my PhD and open my own practice. I already do Drug and Alcohol Counseling. I am SO grateful to for giving people like me this kind of opportunity. I have been applying for scholarships for a long time. Being disabled and having no family help this means the world to me and my educational goals. I am a wife and mother of four and my husband and I are both college students and we all know in this time any financial help to get an education is always beneficial and this will help me to get started in getting closer to fulling my ultimate dream of giving back to those in need like was done for me in my lowest times of life. Thank you" Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Catherine Mcelroy

Presentation of Mary Academy

"I am currently a high school senior and like many others, the stress of affording college is becoming a reality. I never thought I would actually win one of these scholarships, but I have never had a more exciting surprise. God truly does provide, and I want to thank ScholarshipPoints for making this wonderful opportunity available to me and many others. It really does help lift the burden off my and my family's shoulders. I will be studying sociology so I can better learn to help those around me, and this scholarship is going to help me accomplish that. Thank you again!"

September 2010 Scholarship Winners Scholarship $2,500 Winner

Rosenelle Pierre

Community College of Philadelphia

"I recently started at CCP this year, pursuing a degree in Construction Management. I hope to one day open up my own construction management business, however, after college I want to start my career as a project manager. When I first found out that I had won the scholarship I looked at the emails in disbelief. After follow-up emails I realized that I had actually won and I was extremely excited and started to thank God! This scholarship money is really going to help me to continue my education, and my parents in funding my education. Thanks ScholarshipPoints!"

Free College Scholarship $1,000 Winner

John Groom

Cornell High School

"Hello! My name is John Groom. I am best known in the Pittsburgh area for my work as a musician and my time as a Boy Scout. I am currently a senior in high school and I plan on attending college for Music Education and teaching at either a high school or college level. This scholarship will help me greatly in my future endeavors. This scholarship is the first of many (hopefully) that will carry me through at least part of my four- year term in college."

Harris Poll Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Bailey Callahan

Florida State University

"My name is Bailey Callahan and I am a freshman at Florida State University. I am working on achieving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in dance. It is such a gift to be able to obtain a degree in doing what I love. Dance is my passion and I am looking forward to developing a strong foundation that will help me form a dance career. When I first received the email saying I was a recipient, I almost passed out. I am still in shock! I am truly grateful for this scholarship and cannot express my gratitude enough. This scholarship relieved so much anxiety I had in trying to figure out my financial situation. ScholarshipPoints, Thank You!!"

NPD Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Melissa Roby

Northern Virginia Community College Woodbridge Campus

"My name is Melissa Roby and I am currently enrolled at Northern Virginia Community College. I am taking classes to pursue a double major associates degree in Business Administration and Social Science. I am graduating in May 2011 and I was just saying that I didn't know how I was going to pay for my last two classes to finish my degree program in the spring and then, what do you know, I checked my email and won this scholarship! I am so thankful to receive this scholarship and plan on continuing my education further to pursue a double major bachelors in economics and business."

PSL Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Levi Pratt

University of Arizona

"This scholarship is such a blessing to me! I will be using this to cover any remaining balance for my Spring 2011 tuition or for my Spring 2011 textbooks. I am currently in the hospital receiving treatments for a recent medical diagnosis. When I received news of the scholarship, it brought tremendous joy to me. I am so thankful for this opportunity and this blessing. It will be a tremendous financial blessing, but it has also served as a blessing to lift my spirits while I am in the hospital. Thank you!"

ZoomPanel Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Tracy Yeung

Towson University

"I've recently transferred from PGCC to Towson University. I am majoring in nursing and want to specialize in the pediatric field. I am really grateful for the scholarship because it will truly make paying for school and books a lot easier."

StudyAbroad101 Scholarship $500 Winner

Eunna Walrath

Florida International University Biscayne Bay Campus

"Thank you,! I've been out of school for almost 6 years and going back to school is not as easy as I expected so winning this scholarship has been an inspiring and encouraging experience. I am planning on attending FIU next june for a pre-dental program and the money will go towards my tuition. I can't wait to be back in the classroom! Good luck everyone!"

September 2010 Scholarship $10,000 Winner

Melissa Jones

University of Kentucky

"I cannot express how thankful I am for this scholarship. I am currently a senior at the University of Kentucky and being an out-of-state student has put financial pressures on me from the beginning. I can now focus solely on my academics during my last stretch of college without the financial burden. My advice to everyone is to keep working hard because, in the end, your hard work will be paid off. Once again, I am deeply grateful for this and I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

MyView Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Joy Chase

Word of Life Bible Institute

August 2010 Scholarship Winners

Free College Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Kelly Stoddard

Rhode Island College

"My name is Kelly Stoddard and I am a junior at Rhode Island College. I am majoring in art history. I still can't believe this is real! I will be working on a huge honors project this year and this scholarship will allow me to not have to work too many hours at my job and free up tons of time for researching. Thank you, for this wonderful gift!"

Harris Poll Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Gloria Oduyoye

Wesleyan College

"I am really grateful for this wonderful scholarship. I had no idea that I could possibly win. It's going to be a struggle for my parents and me to come up with the money for my tuition and my two older sister's tuition, but I know the Lord will make a way, just like He did with this! Thank you so much, ScholarshipPoints! If you need money for college, ScholarshipPoints is the way to go!!"

MyView Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Katelyn Sherard

Northeast Mississippi Community College

"I want to express my thanks to for this opportunity to receive scholarship money will assist me in obtaining my college degree. I am a physical therapy major and covering the cost of my college education is a major challenge for me and my parents. This award means more than I can express in just a few words, so I just want to say again, thank you so much."

NPD Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Logan Blackford

Louisiana Tech University

"I am so happy that I received this scholarship from; it is a blessing. This will help my parents who have always helped me through school. I am planning on attending Louisiana Tech University in the fall and it is a great help to receive this scholarship to help out with all the tuition costs. Thank You So Much!"

PSL Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Jennifer Nguyen

California Polytechnic State University

"First off, I would like to say thank you to and I found out that I won the money after I walked out from taking my last summer school final and I was so ecstatic! I am finishing the last year of my undergraduate studies in Biotechnology and applying to Pharmacy school later this month. This money will really help in all the expensive application fees. Thank you again!"

ZoomPanel Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Catherine Palange

Kent State University

"I was not expecting to win any scholarships so I was pleasantly surprised when I found out I had won. I transferred to Ohio State University last fall and am currently majoring in engineering. This scholarship will definitely help lessen the load of worrying about tuition and books! Thanks so much for this wonderful surprise. It was a great end to my summer."

ZoomPanel Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Kate Poulton

University of Utah

"I am a piano performance major at the University of Utah. I am currently a senior and will graduate in the Spring of 2011. I am excited to graduate so that I can begin graduate school, as my teacher has recommended. I know this money will help me save for graduate school as I seek to provide the financial aid myself. I love learning and improving the talent I have for the piano, and I look forward to the future that lies ahead of me at the University of Utah."

July 2010 Scholarship Winners

Free College Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Kara Engle

Florida State University

"My name is Kara Engle and I am a senior at Florida State University. I am a Psychology Creative Writing Major. This scholarship is beyond beneficial for my academic advancement. This semester I am planning on working in a Psychology Research Program that will allow me to prepare for graduate school. This scholarship will allow me to give it my all without having to work as well. Thank you so much for this opportunity,!"

Harris Poll Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Yeeun Namkoong

Pepperdine University

"I would truly like to thank ScholarshipPoints for this amazing opportunity to receive a $1,000 scholarship! I also give my thanks to God for always providing for me during my times of need. I will be attending Pepperdine University this fall, and this money will definitely help me pay for my tuition! This scholarship gave me much strength and motivated me to work harder for my goals. Thank you so much. I will never forget this helpful hand!"

MyView Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Aimee Allen

Illinois State University

"I am so grateful that I have won this scholarship! I never thought that I would be able to get a scholarship. But with being awarded this scholarship it shows that good things can happen if you work hard to achieve them. I have had a hard time trying to figure out how I was going to pay for my schooling, and with the rising cost of tuition and room and board, I really did not how I was going to do it. But thanks to this scholarship it take just a little bit of the pressure off!"

NPD Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Nick Carnevale

Methodist University

"I never expected to win a scholarship! I will be starting this fall at Methodist University. I am enrolled in the Professional Golf Management Program. The scholarship will help me tremendously to pay for tuition and books. I worked all summer, saved money, and this scholarship is a great jump start. Thank you."

ZoomPanel Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Katelyn Morett

Iowa State University

"I am going to be a junior in interior design. This semester I will study abroad in Italy. Studying abroad is something I have wanted to do for a long time. So this scholarship is truly a blessing. Thank you!"

PSL Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Patricia Aldama

California State University at Long Beach

"I wasn't sure how I was going to pay for college, so I took out some loans, but now with the help of I won't have to take out as much. Thank you ScholarshipPoints! I truly appreciate it so much. Every little helps.... THANKS!!!"

June 2010 Scholarship Winners

Free College Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Matthew White

Missouri University of Science and Technology

"I honestly wasn't sure how I was going to survive the semester with out-of-state tuition so high. I had dropped three of my planned credit hours to cut costs, but was still struggling with over five thousand dollars of unpaid tuition after scholarships. I was valedictorian of my class in high school, but still couldn't find adequate scholarships to attend the Missouri University of Science and Technology. This money will help me so much! Thank you!" Scholarship $2,500 Winner

Caleb Willsher

Indian Hills Community College

"This scholarship has lifted a huge burden off of me! I have been working a full time job and a part time job trying to save money for college. I want to thank for providing the opportunity to pay for my schooling. I will be attending Indian hills Community College in Ottawa, IA majoring in Computer Networks and Security. This extra help has lifted a lot of the burden that has been on my shoulders this summer! THANK YOU SO MUCH!"

ZoomPanel Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Christopher Broederdorf

University of Arts

"This scholarship is a great help for me! While we have been able to afford tuition with financial aid, this didn't cover the cost of a dorm, and this scholarship will very much lighten that burden. I want to thank for this opportunity. I entered not expecting to win, but I almost missed the chance when I did! Thank you for helping me move out and get a head start on college."

MyView Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Brittney Lemons

New Mexico State University

"I am a senior at New Mexico State University. I am majoring in Mathematics with a minor in French and Accounting. With this scholarship I will be able to pay for my rising tuition costs and expensive math books. Currently I work as a music teacher teaching all ages piano, violin, and guitar but have been considering a second job to help pay bills. Fortunately with this scholarship I will not have to look elsewhere to pay for school thus ending my secondary job search. I am extremely grateful and humbly accept this scholarship, thank you."

NPD Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Antoinette Johnson

Santa Barbara Business College

"I'm a 34 year old single mother of four. I enjoy helping people. I'm currently a CNA and have been for 8 years. I've wanted to be a nurse for some time now and I've finally been given the opportunity. I am currently taking nursing classes. Winning this scholarship is one of the most wonderful things and the greatest opportunity I found on the web. This will take some of the burden associated with my schooling. I will always recommend to my colleagues and classmates, and hopefully they can enjoy the same gratitude I have. Thank you very much"

Harris Poll Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Kimberly Klieber

Lawrence Technology University

"Hey everyone, I'm Kim and I had the choice between a fully paid tuition at one college or paying over 15 thousand dollars on top of my scholarship at Lawrence Tech. Through really hard work and applying for as many scholarships as I could get my hands on, I would say it has paid off (literally!). I've always been a dedicated student and being involved in school was a blast. I'm majoring in Civil Engineering and signed up for 17 credit hours. I want to Thank so much for this, it was the best thing to come home to after a long day of work! My guest speaker, John W. Quinn once said "With a little luck and lots of hard work and determination to succeed despite overwhelming odds, sometimes we can indeed achieve what seems impossible." Never give up and always reach for your dreams!" Scholarship $500 Winner

Abigail Kendle

Walsh University

"Thank you, ScholarshipPoints, so much for this opportunity! The cost of tuition is outrageous and this money will definitely lighten the load. Going into my sophomore year as a nursing major is going to be tough and the last thing that I would want to be on my mind is tuition. I never thought that I would be one of the winners! Thank you so much!"

June 2010 Scholarship $10,000 Winner

Amanda Peterson

Baker University

"I am extremely grateful for the scholarship from I am currently working full time and going to school at Baker University. The funds will allow me to complete my MBA 2 year program in 2 years without having to turn to financial aid and put myself further in debt. A great weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I now no longer have to try to figure out how to make the financial aid payments at the end of my program. I literally had tears in my eyes as I read that I was the scholarship recipient; this couldn't have come at a better time. Thank you! I am truly blessed."

May 2010 Scholarship Winners

Free College Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Dylan Valentine

Evangel University

"This scholarship most definitely helps take some financial burden off of my shoulders. I knew God would provide a way for me to afford college if I was doing what he wants me to do. This will help me achieve obtaining a nursing degree with a minor in biblical studies so that I can work in the healthcare field and God's mission field. Thank you!!!"

ZoomPanel Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Christopher Barrans

No School Listed

"Hey! I am an 18-year-old high school graduate who is going to Liberty University for college. I am majoring in Worship Ministries and I hope to excel in the courses. This scholarship is a great help to my tuition and it took care of all the books I needed and took care of the majority of the small fees. I honestly thought it was spam at first but seriously it was not and I am so glad to have been able to receive it. Thank you!"

NPD Scholarship $1,000 Winner

LeeHur Shing

Virginia Polytechnic Institute

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank for making it possible to win a scholarship. When I first applied to this website I had a feeling I was not going to win anything online especially if it is free, but apparently I was wrong. Thank you for taking some pressure off of paying for my tuition."

Harris Poll Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Amanda Kallicott

Central Washington University

"I was a running start student, and I will use this scholarship to help me reach my goal of managing airports or airlines. I will be going to a four year college next year to fulfill a dream of mine."

MyView Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Sharonna Howell

East Carolina University Greenville

"Well I never thought I would receive a scholarship, but I'm glad I did. With a little faith and dedication I got what I wanted. the plan for this scholarship is to pay for some of my tuition because going to this school is not free nor cheap, so this money will surely go to pay for school fees. To those who are contemplating on if this is real or fake or just a waist of time, try this site and continue to participate. It works!"

One-Millionth Member Madness iPad $0 Winner

Kara Rzasa

University of New Haven

"I will be entering the University of New Haven as a freshman in the fall. I am majoring in Forensic Science. My goals are to double major in Forensic Chemistry and Forensic Biology. I would like to than for giving me this opportunity."

One-Millionth Member Madness iPad $0 Winner

Stephanie Acevedo

University of San Francisco

"My name is Stephanie Acevedo, and I am a Business Administration major at the University of San Francisco. I am currently a sophomore. I signed up at and WOW! Two days later I was informed that I was the winner of a brand new iPad! I was so excited I was a winner of the One Millionth Member iPad promotion! My new iPad is on its way, what a wonderful surprise! As a struggling college student, I could only dream about owning an iPad one day! Thank you so much for this wonderful gift!"

One-Millionth Member Madness iPad $0 Winner

Theresa Malloy

University of St. Thomas

"I am a Communication and Journalism major with an American Culture and Difference Studies minor at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. I look forward to using my new iPad for my reporting for our campus news organization It will definitely be a great tool for the work I'm doing. I would like to thank for the new iPad, and I will definitely be checking your website out on it."

April 2010 Scholarship Winners

Free College Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Katy Carlson

Hope College

"I am majoring in Biology because of my love for animals. I also have a great passion for photography and art will either become a second major or a minor. On top of that I am in a ministry minor program where I am focusing on community building and social justice initiative all over the world. Because I am so excited about life I'm always finding exciting things to fill my summers with. This means that I have very little room to work a job so this scholarship takes quite a load of stress off my back in that area! Bring on the summer and go Hope!"

NPD Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Gabriella Marquez

University of Texas at Austin

"I will be entering as a freshman this fall at the University of Texas at Austin and 1,000 will help greatly to start me off. I am majoring in Human Development, I hope to become a Physician's Assistant working alongside a pain specialist. Through the financial assistance I am receiving, I have proof hard work pays off. Thank you, for the money!"

ZoomPanel Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Lauren Matthews

Davenport University Grand Rapids

"I am a sophomore at Davenport University and majoring in business management. I am pursuing a career in non-profit business, specifically, and have made it my goal to make a positive difference in as many lives as possible. I am looking forward to the next two and a half years of my college education and would like to thank for this opportunity. I greatly appreciate being the recipient of this scholarship!"

MyView Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Sheria Johnson-Wynn

Ohio State University Columbus

"I am a fourth year student attending Ohio State University in Columbus, OH. I am currently studying linguistics and will graduate in about a year. Due to my recent major change, this scholarship will help me pay for the extra year that I need to stay! I am so grateful for for offering me this wonderful opportunity! You guys are the best!!!"

Harris Poll Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Hoang Khuu

National University of Health Sciences

"My name is Hoang Khuu and I am an undergrad at the National University of Health Sciences working on my bachelor's degree in biomedical sciences. I love to stay active and be outdoors, love sushi, animals, traveling, reading and dentistry. I am so grateful to have won this scholarship as it will certainly help me with tuition for the summer and additional financial expenses. I attend school full-time and work as a dental assistant part-time so this will really help me! Thank you so much!"

March 2010 Scholarship Winners

Universum Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Monica Brommel

Humboldt State University

"I am majoring in Journalism and am excited to graduate next spring! I want to work in Public Relations and write about endangered animals and bring focus to preserving their habitats. I also am focusing on photography because I do believe pictures speak louder than words. With tuition on a fast rise I am so blessed to have been chosen as the recipient of this scholarship. I do believe hard work is rewarded! Thank you so much!!!!"

Free College Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Mary Shenouda

University of Houston

"I am a freshman currently enrolled at the University if Houston. I am majoring in Chemistry. My goal is to pursue a medical career, to be specific, I want to be a pediatrician. When I found out that I won the scholarship, I was thrilled. This scholarship will help me pay my tuition for college. I am truly grateful for this money and I want to thank ScholarshipPoints for the amazing opportunities they are offering."

ZoomPanel Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Shirelle Kerns

Stevenson University

"I will be attending Stevenson University in the fall and I will be majoring in Nursing. I want to be a Pediatric Nurse when I graduate from college. This scholarship will help me pay for my dream college and help me achieve my goal of becoming a nurse and working with children."

MyView Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Hannah Dodd

Oak Hills Christian College

"I am transferring to Oak Hills Christian College this coming fall. I am planning on majoring in Camping Ministries or Intercultural Studies. This scholarship will greatly help me because my family and I so not have the money to pay for a Christian college. Any scholarships I receive will help me pay for college tuition, gas, and college books. Thank you!! I greatly appreciate it!"

Harris Poll Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Jayna Bharucha

Sanford Brown Institute

"I will be starting Sanford Brown Institute this May in the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program. I graduated from Georgia State University a year ago with a bachelors of science. I work at a part-time job to help pay for my tuition. This scholarship will help me tremendously because my parents are doing everything they can to pay for the tuition. I have never had to ask them for help when it came to my education, but today, I truly need their help in paying for my tuition. Thank you so much ScholarshipPoints for this wonderful opportunity."

March 2010 Scholarship $10,000 Winner

Kyle Urbanec

Southeast Community College - Lincoln, NE

"I am currently a freshman at Southeast Community College in Nebraska. I graduated high school early and now I am majoring in NDT and Spanish. Basically what NDT (non-destructive testing) is a inspector for welders. With this scholarship I will be able to work less and be able to focus more on schooling. I just signed up for ScholarshipPoints in January, and I can't believe I was chosen! Always keep in mind it only takes one point or one try at a scholarship to win."

February 2010 Scholarship Winners

Free College Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Tarra Hall

Big Bend Community College

"I am currently a freshman at Big Bend Community College, working on my transfer degree to a four year university. I intend to major in art. Being a first generation student from a low-income family, this money will truly be helpful not only in paying for the supplies and books for my required courses, but also classes over the summer. That is something I wanted to do but was worried wouldn't be possible. Now I can do just that. This money will help me pay for my education with a little less worry. Thank you."

ZoomPanel Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Chelsea Gross

Ohio State University Columbus

"I am an incoming freshman at Ohio State University's College of Engineering. I am majoring in Computer Science and Engineering. I want to be a computer programmer when I finish college, which is the same career my mom has. I work really hard in school, taking on three hours of private study courses teaching myself Java. I also do an out of school program called the Explorer's Post, where I expand my computer knowledge into other areas such as databases, networking, and hardware. I am extremely grateful for this money, and I want to thank ScholarshipPoints for putting this opportunity out there. Thank you so much."

January 2010 Scholarship Winners

Free College Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Jessica Weiss

Bowling Green State University

"I am currently a Sophomore Music Education Major with a voice specialization at Bowling Green State University. I am active in the Honors Program, Church Choir, University Choral Society, Concert Band, Marching Band, and Athletic Band at Bowling Green. I also plan to be part of a church mission trip to Mexico this summer. I hope to be a high school music teacher someday and be able to share my passion for music with others. This scholarship will really help me pay for college this coming semester and put me that much closer to achieving my goals and ambitions. Thanks so much ScholarshipPoints for making this scholarship opportunity available!"

ZoomPanel Scholarship $10,000 Winner

Yaman Shalabi

University of Maryland - College Park

"I first thought "this has got to be a joke" as I read the letter saying I won the scholarship. I am currently enrolled in the University of Maryland College Park and when I saw that I won $10,000 I was ecstatic. I am extremely grateful to ScholarshipPoints and I hope that with this money I can cover some of my educational expenses as I strive to earn a degree in Journalism."

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