Meet Our 2009 ScholarshipPoints Winners

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December 2009 Scholarship Winners

EF College Break Scholarship $500 Winner

Amy Luginbuhl

University of New England

"I am in my fourth year of college at UNE in the Medical Biology program on the pre-med track. I never thought I would actually win a scholarship here. This scholarship comes at exactly the right time. It allows me to take my EMT-B class and certification exam in the spring that I was trying very hard to figure out how to pay for. Thank you so much!"

EF College Break Free From Galway to Dublin Trip Winner $0 Winner

Sean McKee

University of California - Merced

"When I entered this contest I really had no hope of winning, which made me all the more astonished when I did win! The timing for this trip couldn't have been more perfect; this is truly a holiday miracle! Thank you so much!"

December 2009 Scholarship $10,000 Winner

Chelsea Davis

University of Pittsburgh

"Next fall, I will be attending the University of Pittsburgh and majoring in Social Work. When I saw that I had won the $10,000 scholarship, I was in absolute shock. This money will help my family and I so much. To anyone out there looking for money, ScholarshipPoints is the way to go. It's simple and the benefits are enormous. Thank you so much ScholarshipPoints!"

MyView Scholarship $500 Winner

Stephanie Smith

Cameron University

"The money from this scholarship will go directly to my textbooks and any other additional fees I might incur a Cameron University during my freshmen year. I want to pursue a degree in criminology and due to my family economic situation I will need to receive as much scholarship and grant money as I can. This scholarship will provide me the opportunity to pursue my college education. This scholarship has taken a little stress off of both me and my parents."

Winning Survey Scholarship $500 Winner

Hannah Roberts

Northern Arizona University

"This scholarship will help me pay for books and for my meal plan. I always struggle coming up with extra cash to pay for my books. I work two jobs but that usually goes towards my tuition or paying dues for my sorority."

ZoomPanel Scholarship $500 Winner

Tiffany Dayton

Northern Arizona University

"My goal is to complete a double major and double minor in four years at NAU. My parents each work three jobs to help support my sister and me and I can only afford my first year at NAU, so this scholarship will help me pay for books and necessities. Thanks to I can now hope to achieve my dream of managing an international hotel in Italy with my majors in International Hospitality, Business Management, and my minors of Italian and Spanish. Thanks again and everyone should use this site. It is easy and anyone can win like I did!!"

Free College Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Danielle Kelly

University of Missouri - St. Louis

"I am currently a Sophomore at University of Missouri - St. Louis double majoring in Psychology and Criminology. I hope to one day work in a juvenile correctional center. When I applied for this scholarship, I honestly did not expect to win, but when i received the email I became so excited I was jumping up and down. This money is going to help my parents and I out so much. I truly am thankful for ScholarshipPoints."

November 2009 Scholarship Winners

ZoomPanel Scholarship $500 Winner

Caitlyn Mangan

Clarion University

"I am currently a freshman at Clarion University, double majoring in Early Childhood Education and Special Education. I could not believe it when I saw that I was a winner for the month of November. My first reaction was that it was a joke and then I called everyone I know with excitement. I wasn't sure where I was going to get the money for my books next semester. Now, I don't have to worry about that. This money will be very helpful and is very appreciated!"

November 2009 Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Symone Bagley

Western Washington University

"I am going to be attending Western Washington University as a marketing major. Just knowing that there is a chunk of my tuition already covered gave me and my family a lot of hope that I can make it through college without an enormous pile of debt. My step-mother and my brother are in college right now and my sister will be in two years so we can use all of the help that we can get. Thank you so much ScholarshipPoints!"

October 2009 Scholarship Winners

ZoomPanel Scholarship $500 Winner

Margarita Dorfman

University of Pennsylvania

"My name is Margarita Dorfman and I'm really excited to get this scholarship! Actually, first of all, I would like to thank Robin Schwartz who had emailed me today and said that I won. I would have probably forgot to check the cite without him. There are kind people in this world, and I bow down to you all. Thanks to ZoomPanel for giving out scholarships! You rock! It's stressful enough to go to college and try to stay on top of everything. Funding your education adds on to this stress, but now I've got a little less to worry about. I am a nursing major in my junior year. So far I love it. After spring semester I really want to go abroad to Thailand as a part of a Comparative Health Systems course, and this scholarship will definitely help fund my expenses. Thanks!!"

October 2009 Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Ashley Watson

Southern Illinois University Carbondale

"I'm a freshman at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. I am one of four children in my family. This scholarship is completely appreciated by myself and my family because some financial burden will be lifted this school year. Thank you to everyone at ScholarshipPoints for this amazing opportunity!"

October 2009 Scholarship $10,000 Winner

Casey Frazier

Clarion University of Pennsylvania

"I am a freshman at Clarion University. I am currently majoring in Information Systems and I plan on picking up a Business Administration minor, perhaps even going on for an MBA. My parents are putting three kids through college at the moment, with two more on the way. This scholarship will certainly help a lot. Thanks so much!"

Winning Survey's Scholarship $500 Winner

Alex Newsome

Bloomsburg University

"I am a sophomore at Bloomsburg University majoring in Education. My family and I are extremely grateful for this scholarship. I know it is not easy on my parents paying tuition, room and board, books and all of the other expenses that come along with putting a child through college. My sister has started looking at colleges so this money will be a big help. Thank you so much!!"

September 2009 Scholarship Winners

ZoomPanel Scholarship $500 Winner

Kristin Ryan

Concorde Career College, CA

"I am currently enrolled in the physical therapist's assistant program at Concorde College. I've wanted to be a physical therapist since I was 8 years old. It is my passion. Ultimately, I want to work with babies. I love babies and being able to combine the two is just so exciting to me. This scholarship could not have come at a better time. I just recently found out that I still owe about $800.00 for this term. I have been in panic mode since I knew that if I didn't come up with the money, I may have had to withdraw from school, putting my dream of becoming a physical therapist on hold. Now, with this scholarship, I know I can continue fulfilling my dream."

September 2009 Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Luis Ortega

Southwestern College, Chula Visa, CA

"Ever since I was a child, I've always had wild dreams of becoming a scientist. I'm currently majoring in Biotechnology in Southwestern college in southern California. I hope that one day I'll become a famous biologist that'll help explain one or two of life's greatest mysteries and how exactly life "works." I am honored to receive this scholarship. It'll certainly help me in my current situation (bills}, and hopefully I won't bother anyone to loan me some cash to buy food in some time. Thank you ScholarshipPoints! Thanks a 1.00 x 10^6! You guys are the best!!!"

August 2009 Scholarship Winners

ZoomPanel Scholarship $500 Winner

Joan Ide

Buffalo State College

"I am majoring in Public Communications at Buffalo State College, and my dream is to be a Public Representative for someone within the music industry. Music has always been a passion of mine, however, I do not have the talent for a musical career. I still always knew that I wanted to be around music in some way. I also love writing, so public relations was the right choice where I can combine writing and my love for music. This is a career I feel I will enjoy. This scholarship award is very appreciated. It is eliminating some of the financial burden that college is imposing upon my family and myself. This award is helping me towards my goals, dreams, and ambitions."

ScholarshipPoints Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Stefan Willette

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

"I'm a freshman at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Fl and I am currently studying Aerospace Engineering. I hope to graduate with a masters degree in AE and become an engineer and eventually a private pilot and an astronaut. This scholarship will help cover the gap in tuition not covered by the already large student loans I have taken out. Thanks ScholarshipPoints!"

July 2009 Scholarship Winners

ZoomPanel Scholarship $500 Winner

April Pinheiro

Central Connecticut State University

"I am currently enrolled full time at Central Connecticut State University. I am studying to become a 5Th grade science teacher. I am so thankful to receive this money because, as everyone knows times are tough right now. I am working full time, while going to school and trying to be the sole income for a family of three. Sadly, earlier this year, my husband was laid off, and has been unable to find work. This scholarship has come at the perfect time, since I was just wondering how I would be able to pay for books and tuition this semester. Thank you!"

ScholarshipPoints Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Jeffery Ou

University of North Texas

"I am an incoming undergraduate at the University of North Texas, where I am pursuing a Bachelor's in Music (piano performance). As a musician, I realize the burden encountered by my fellow peers, in not only devoting a lifetime to the development of this craft but also the financial aspects (fees, materials, tuition, etc.) which drive the course of their progress. As such, it is my distinct pleasure and privilege to be honored as a recipient of the July 2009 $1000 Scholarship."

July 2009 Scholarship $10,000 Winner

Tiffany Beebe

College of Idaho

"I'm a junior at the College of Idaho studying history and Spanish. While I love attending a private liberal arts school, the costs associated with my education can be overwhelming. My family and I are extremely grateful for this scholarship! Thank you,!!!!"

June 2009 Scholarship Winners

ScholarshipPoints Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Tyler Meredith

University of Texas at San Antonio

"I currently attend the University of Texas at San Antonio and am majoring in International Business. As we all know, college is expensive and receiving this scholarship will definitely help lighten the load. I can't believe I actually won! Thanks ScholarshipPoints!"

ZoomPanel Scholarship $500 Winner

Aaron Arlet

Digipen Institute Of Technology

"As a non-traditional student, I cannot depend on my parents for financial assistance. I rely completely on scholarships and loans as I take classes year round and the loan balances are increasing while the scholarship balances are decreasing so this unexpected windfall will definitely help make the difference as I go into my Junior year. Thank you,!"

StudentPlatinum Scholarship $2,500 Winner

Karalynn Moran

Desales University

"I am going to be an English major at DeSales University. Participating in ScholarshipPoints not only taught me many valuable lessons about saving money and college, but also gave me the money I needed to pursue a higher education. Every little bit helps, from $100 dollars to $10,000. Thanks again, ScholarshipPoints! You're helping my family and me immensely."

May 2009 Scholarship Winners

ScholarshipPoints Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Cody Fink

University of Nebraska At Kearney

"I will be attending the University of Nebraska at Kearney this fall where I plan to major in Criminal Justice. The cost of tuition and books for the next four years will add up quickly. This $1000 scholarship will definitely help. Thank you so much, ScholarshipPoints!!!"

ZoomPanel Scholarship $500 Winner

Nicole DeMont

Stanford University

"My mom is a single parent and despite financial hardships, education has always been a top priority in my family. When I got into Stanford, I was so excited, but I knew all the expenses would add up quickly. Attending Stanford is going to be a huge expense, so this scholarship is very important to my education. I want to study political science and then go on to law school. This scholarship has made it more possible for me to continue my education at a top university."

StudentPlatinum Scholarship $2,500 Winner

Jennifer Onativia

Suny at Binghamton

"This scholarship means a great deal to me because my parents cannot afford to send me to college and we are entitled to no financial aid. My mother and I have discussed the situation. Despite her wanting the best education for me, if she can not afford to send me to Binghamton, I would be forced to drop out. I want to go to Binghamton to be a History Teacher and to pass my love of learning to other students. This scholarship money is making it possible for me to fulfill my dreams."

April 2009 Scholarship Winners

ScholarshipPoints Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Shane Fitzgerald

University of Southern Maine

"I am a first year student at the University of Southern Maine majoring in Computer Science. This is not my first college and I'm actually still in debt from my last school so this scholarship will be perfect to cancel out some of my necessary loan debt. I am extremely happy that I stumbled upon this site a couple months ago and saved up my points. Thanks so much ScholarshipPoints!"

StudentPlatinum Scholarship $2,500 Winner

Gene Carrero

University of Central Florida

"I am a junior at the University of Central Florida majoring in accounting with a minor in communications. I have been working full time to help cover my college expenses and needed a way to pay for courses this upcoming summer. This scholarship could not have come at a better time. Thank you so much, ScholarshipPoints!"

ZoomPanel Scholarship $500 Winner

Amy Walls

Ball State University

"I will be a sophomore at Ball State this coming fall. Over the summer i will be retaking a class online. I hope to make it into nursing school and become a nurse one day. This money will really help with all the expenses i already have so far. Thanks so much!"

March 2009 Scholarship Winners

StudentPlatinum Scholarship $2,500 Winner

Michelle Helsel

Baldwin Wallace College

"I am entering my first year of college as a Biology major. Since I'm about to graduate, I see my future coming together; and it feels like the past 4 years of hard work is finally paying off! This scholarship will definitely help relieve my stresses about the high costs of college. Thank you so much, ScholarshipPoints!!"

March 2009 Scholarship $10,000 Winner

Jonathan Olson

University of Iowa

"I have just returned to school to complete an undergraduate major in Actuarial Science that I began long ago. I left my full-time job last August to pursue my education full time. With student loans racking up, this scholarship couldn't have come at a more useful time. Thank you so much, ScholarshipPoints!"

February 2009 Scholarship Winners

ScholarshipPoints Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Yvonne Serna

El Camino Community College

"I can't believe I won! I never realized how hard or how much it took to go to school, but I've been trying to stay positive. I even needed a small loan from a friend to pay for my books. This scholarship is going to help me in a BIG way. Thank you!"

Student Platinum Scholarship $2,500 Winner

Matt Pina

Brown University

"I am a Pre-Med student at Brown concentrating in Biological Sciences. My family has felt the strain from the economy and have already been stressing over next year's tuition. This scholarship couldn't have come at a better time and will definitely alleviate some of our financial worries. I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to ScholarshipPoints. Thank you!!"

Universum Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Jean-Paulette Reyes

University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez

"I'm a junior at the University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez studying Business Administration and thinking about law school. This scholarship will unquestionably help alleviate my financial burdens and get me one step closer to my goals. Thank you so much, ScholarshipPoints!"

January 2009 Scholarship Winners

StudentPlatinum Scholarship $2,500 Winner

Adrienne Meagher

Florida Institute of Technology

"I'm a junior at the Florida Institute of Technology studying aviation management and business administration. I go to school in the summer so this scholarship will definitely help cover the financial burden. Thank you ScholarshipPoints for helping me along the way!"

ScholarshipPoints Scholarship $1,000 Winner

Jessi Hoin

Wheaton College

"This scholarship would be a huge help in covering my expenses as an English major. With all of the books that I have to buy for my literature classes, the costs really add up. This $1,000 scholarship will more than help ease that burden!"

Universum Scholarship $1,000 Winner

James Alworth

Otis College of Art and Design

"I was determined to find the right school for me and sure enough after a bit of research I found Otis. I was intimidated by the price but knew it would be worth it. I was just accepted and found ScholarshipPoints through my school! I was so impressed with the idea that I haven't looked anywhere else for funding. This scholarship will help out a ton considering how expensive art supplies are. Thank you so much!"

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