You Guys, Surviving School Just Got Way Easier

You Guys, Surviving School Just Got Way Easier


Getting ready for college? Best strategies for applying for admission? Check. Scholarships? Check. Private loans to cover the costs left over? Check. Details on all things going on around campus? Check.

Now, we’re filling in the gaps.

Written entirely by students, for students, our new Student Survival Guide is your step-by-step blueprint to make the trek to graduation a little less bumpy.

Broken down by each year of high school and college, you’ll get grade-specific checklists, tips and hacks to make your to-do list a breeze, and, best of all, a way to stay on track through it all. We may not be able to hand you your diploma, but we can give you an insider’s look at everything you can’t find on a syllabus.

Here’s what some students are saying…

“Going through each year of school helps keep me updated and on top of things. Seeing the percentage of how much you have done is a great way to stay on track, and makes me want to do more, too!”
— Amanda, college senior

“I love how easy the interface is to use! The guide also allows you to shift between check lists for all four years of both high school and college, so no matter what year you're in, you can either plan ahead or check back and make sure you haven't missed anything important. The Edvisors Student Survival Guide is a great way to organize all the tasks you'll have to perform if you want to succeed in school.”
— Shaya, college sophomore

“The Edvisors Student Survival Guide is immensely useful for me to keep on track with the things that aren't in the syllabus. It's great to have everything I need in one place that I can return to later without losing my spot. This is the stuff no one at school reminds you about — so it's nice to have as a resource!”
— Michelle, college junior

“Visually stunning and easy to use. With year-specific advice, you receive feedback that is tailored to your needs and desires for every step.”
— Marina, college senior

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DISCLOSURE OF MATERIAL CONNECTION: The above-referenced student testimonials were provided by students who did not receive any compensation for providing endorsement for the Student Survival Guide; however, there is a material connection between the student endorser and Edvisors in that all of the endorsers are paid content writers for Edvisors.

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