How to Get Motivated to Work out in the Winter

9 Ways to Find Motivation to Work out in the Winter


Winter is upon us and that means that not only are temperatures dropping, but so is our motivation to work out. Let’s face it, the comfort of our bed is usually so much more appealing than the intimidating gym. Here are six tips to keep yourself motivated to work up a sweat even when you’d rather be staying cozy inside.

1. Do Seasonal Activities

Ice skating, skiing, or snowboarding are great ways to stay active and get festive in the winter months! Take advantage of the activities of the season to get your exercise in.

2. Work out at Home

So maybe you’ve made it out of bed, but you can’t quite make it out of the house. No worries! Home workout plans can be just as effective as going to the gym. Grab a jump rope, a yoga mat, or just do some bodyweight exercises like pushups or squats!

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3. Work out With Friends

Team work makes the dream work! Grab a group of friends and head to the gym or get a group together for one of the activities above! Having a support system and doing things with friends makes everything better.

4. Plan a Spring Break or Summer Trip

Mark your calendars and plan a beach trip! Get a head start on your spring/summer bod and head to the gym so you can strut on the beach with confidence. Having something to work toward will keep you motivated and makes sticking to your routine much easier.

5. Set Goals

Set short term goals regarding what workouts or body parts you want to focus on weekly! Soon enough you’ll have your long-term results!

6. Reward Yourself

Making it to the gym and staying dedicated to being active is a big accomplishment. Treat yourself with something you like such as a Netflix binge, your favorite meal, or a shopping splurge!

7. Warm Up

If you normally work out outside, your motivation can plummet once the weather cools off. Try switching up your workout, and try something warm to combat the cold, like a hot yoga class. If you usually hit the gym, give yourself a few minutes to relax in the sauna after your workout.

8. Dress the Part

Give your workout clothes an upgrade! It might sound silly, but buying new clothes can really help motivate you to put them to use. Treat yourself on a new fleece-lined pair of leggings or a nice base layer for colder days. It might give you the push you need to get moving!

9. Go for the Post-Workout Treat

When you get back from a tough workout, treat yourself! Make a mug of hot chocolate, take a hot bubble bath, or turn on a festive movie by the fire. You earned it!

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