10 Date Ideas to Try Over Winter Break

10 Winter Break Date Ideas


1. Ice skating

Indoor or outdoor ice skating rinks are nice, fun places to go in the winter, and they aren’t too expensive! Bonus - you’ll be getting some exercise skating around, and maybe an ab workout laughing at each other falling down a lot!

2. Look at Christmas lights

Drive around the neighborhood and look at Christmas lights and other decorations people have out!. Or pay to go to a special place that has Christmas lights displayed or playing to music. There’s a park near my house that sets up something called “Christmas Magic” where you walk through trails of Christmas lights, and there are heated buildings throughout the walk with toy trains, Christmas trees, food stands, and a Santa Claus!

3. Watch a Christmas movie

Go to the movie theater and watch a new Christmas movie, or stay cozy at home on the couch and watch some older Christmas classics. Hot chocolate, popcorn, and Christmas cookies are a perfect combination for a movie night at home in December.

4. Make gingerbread houses together

This could either end in a dilapidated disaster or a surprising masterpiece, but either way you’ll have fun putting it together!


5. Take a wintery photo shoot outside

Bring other friends or couples along to take pictures of each other at a park or somewhere with some good scenery. This would especially be nice after a light snowfall. Make sure your outfits look nice together!

6. Paint night or pottery

There are fun places to hang out for the evening, and the instructor will show you step by step how to paint a picture. Everyone there will paint the same thing, but they will all be unique. There are also shops where you can pick out pottery to paint - the only downside about that is you have to wait a few days for them to fire it before you can take it home (and it could be expensive). If you want a cheaper option, have a paint night at home! Buy painting supplies at a store, pick a theme, and play some Christmas music while you create your masterpieces!

7. Play outside in the snow

Be a kid again! Build a snowman together, have a snowball fight, make snow angels, or go sledding (or if you guys are more adventurous, take a snowboarding or skiing lesson)! Then come inside, warm up by the fireplace, and drink some hot chocolate!

8. Volunteer together

Doing something meaningful together is a great way to deepen your relationship. It also makes you feel good when you are helping others and not just thinking of yourselves!

9. Go to a play or musical

There are lots of holiday plays this time of year. You can go out to eat before or afterwards to make it a complete date.

10. Go shopping together

This is the best time of year to have fun shopping. It will brighten up your day and get you into the Christmas spirit when you visit decorated stores playing cheerful music and see the lights and trees everywhere. Search for ugly sweaters for yourselves or nice gifts for your parents or friends.

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