7 Reasons Everyone Should Live Alone at Least Once

You’ve lived with your parents, you’ve lived with your crazy roommates, and what’s the next step, you may ask? Living on your own. It’s way better than it sounds, trust me. If you ask me, everyone should live on their own at least once in their life. Here’s ten reasons why living solo is the way to go!

1. Personal space and privacy

Let’s face it, living in the dorms was fun and all, but it’s amazing to have your own bedroom and bathroom. When you live alone, you don’t have to worry about sharing or keeping anything to yourself. The space is all yours!

2. You make the rules

Play your music, drink from the milk carton, and come home whenever you like without worrying about waking anyone up. Do as you please, because you’re in your own home!

3. The only mess is your own

If you keep up after yourself, cleaning should be easier than ever. No more messy roommates to worry about!

4. Decorate to your heart’s desire

Make your living space your own. You get to decide color schemes and decorations rather than having to consult with someone you’re living with.

5. You learn to save money

You start to learn the difference between what you need to buy and what you just want. Such as needing to buy toilet paper and only wanting to buy a new pair of shoes you’ll only wear once.

6. You’ll learn to balance your social life

Like I said, you’ll have plenty of privacy and “me time”, but after a while you’ll become so tired of yourself you’ll practically force yourself to go out and socialize.

7. You learn independence

If you’ve always lived with other people, living alone is definitely a good experience to help you become independent and more responsible.