Where You Should Study Abroad, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Where You Should Study Abroad, According to Your Zodiac Sign


Aries are independent and don’t like staying in one place. An Aries would love to study abroad in a place like Germany. Europe will give them a perfect opportunity to travel around, see different places, and do their own thing. Germany is full of strong culture and new experiences. Did someone say Oktoberfest?


The classic Taurus would want to go somewhere new, but not too far out of their comfort zone. London would be the perfect place to experience a new place without the uncomfortable nature of a language barrier or a completely foreign culture.


Geminis love new things and being around people. Going somewhere like Belgium or the Netherlands keeps a Gemini in a rich, exciting culture. Geminis learn quickly and are very adaptable. Studying abroad in somewhere like Brussels or Amsterdam will have you around different people in an ever-changing environment, and with plenty of opportunities to hop on a train or take a quick flight to a nearby country, you’ll never be bored!


The Cancer tends to be known as a homebody who likes their own space. If this is you, try studying abroad somewhere like New Zealand. There will be nature for miles and more seclusion than in a bustling city. There is independence to go anywhere you please, as well at the comfort of a place not too out of your comfort zone (English is still the dominant language!).


Leos are sophisticated. They appreciate the finer things in life, and would thrive studying somewhere like Paris or Milan. There are endless options for nights out on the town, all day shopping, grand museums, and a completely unique study abroad experience.


Virgos have a natural tendency to help others in any way that they can. For these passionate people, going somewhere like Thailand or India for a hands-on study abroad experience would make them feel perfectly at home. They get to experience a foreign culture, help others, and see the beautiful nature and architecture of a different place.


Libras are relaxed and easy-going. Jet off to somewhere like Argentina. Buenos Aires has the perfect mix of big city vibes with the laid-back aura of Latin America. A Libra will feel at peace to learn and grow in the Argentinian environment.


The Scorpio loves being on the go in an exciting new place. Choose to go somewhere completely foreign and busy, like Tokyo. Studying in Japan, with a rich history and a bustling city environment, will keep a Scorpio on their toes and loving every moment.


The Sagittarius love spontaneous trips and wandering off the beaten path. Spending time in somewhere like Granada, Spain will peak their interest. In a European country, everything is close by for spontaneous weekend trips to other European countries (or even Northern African)! Granada is a smaller town with a vibrant culture that will hold the interest of a unique, standout Sagittarius.


Capricorns will love planning everything and geeking out over the history in a city like Rome. From touring the Colosseum to the Catacombs, to planning weekend trips to Florence, southern France, and more, Capricorns will make life-long memories studying in Roma!


The Aquarius is passionate, friendly, outgoing, and loves fighting for a cause. Send an Aquarius on a medical/environmental/social justice-minded study abroad in Kenya or Guatemala. The experience will be purposeful, and an Aquarius is quick to make friends with anyone, anywhere!


Pisces are romantic and passionate. Take yourself on a semester away to Greece! Time in Santorini will blow their mind and give them the satisfaction of a new culture, rich with romance, history, and art.

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