Cheap Textbooks for College

Where to Buy Cheap College Textbooks


Spending money on college textbooks is pretty unavoidable, but spending hundreds on each one is not. Here are a few places you can save money on cheap college textbooks:


Seriously, Amazon is my go-to place for everything. Just search the book you need by title or ISBN and make sure to include the author and edition number if it has one.


This is one of the sites I use for my books. You can either buy or rent textbooks for great prices. Sometimes Chegg doesn’t have the exact book I need, but they have other versions of it. You can usually read reviews on RateMyProfessors or check with your professor to see if a different version of the book is okay.


This website allows you to rent out textbooks and can save you up to 85%. There’s a code that gives you $5 off your order and there is free shipping on every order you make!

This site is cool because it takes your textbook and compares the price to all other bookstores. This includes Amazon, Chegg, Knetbooks, and more! Check this site first to help you compare prices. If you buy books instead of renting them, you can always go back to CampusBooks to sell them back after you’re done with it.

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Similar to CampusBooks, this site also helps you find the cheapest textbooks. Bookfinder compares new, used, and rentals from 100,000 sellers including your school, and you can save up to 90%. Bookfinder also helps you sell back textbooks and will even give you free shipping labels.


SlugBooks knows that books can be overpriced, so they make textbook shopping easy. They also help compare prices and find you the cheapest way to rent or buy textbooks. When you need a break from book shopping, you can also enjoy their comics about the college experience.

Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble has a huge selection of used textbooks that you can buy. They guarantee low prices and the highest quality books so you won’t find gross stains and torn pages. Since Barnes & Noble doesn’t allow you to rent, they give you an opportunity to sell your books back for cash at the end of the semester if they are still in good condition.

When researching cheaper textbooks, don’t pick just one site from the list above and buy them all from there. Each site may have different prices on each book, so make sure you compare them all. When you’ve found the cheapest one, write down the book title, the website you got it from, how much it was, and if you bought or rented it. It’s important to keep up with this so you won’t get confused when trying to return or resell the books.


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