What Your Major Says About You

What Your Major Says About You



You were probably called a nerd in high school, but you knew that nerds turned out to be the most successful, so you embraced the title and are well on your way to a well-paying job. You’re fine with hard work, and you enjoy a challenge the way others don’t. You probably already have an internship under your belt and a job lined up after graduation. You make your parents proud.


You’re the type of person who follows your dreams and doesn’t give up on them, no matter how difficult or impractical they may be to achieve. You’ve heard, “What are you going to do with an art degree?” enough times that you’ve begun channeling your frustration into your art work in a way that’s made your work more refined than ever before. You see beauty in the small things of the world, and you’re definitely the fun, eccentric one of your friends group.


Either you come from money, or you want to make a name for yourself and your family. You’re strong-willed, independent, and probably a Slytherin in the best sense of the title. Your cunning and determination will get you far in life. You’re definitely the leader of your friend group, and you play as hard as you work.


You’re an introvert who’s always loved reading, but your taste in books isn’t as stuffy and Shakespearian as everyone expects. You frequently stay up late, but that’s more likely because you were finishing a novel or meticulously editing your next research paper rather than because you went out. Your social life might be lacking, but the characters in your head are all the company you need.


You’re intense. You’re one of the few people who actually watch the news, and no one knows current events like you do. You’ve met a wide variety of people, and you always get along with everyone you encounter. You’re a great listener with a great memory, and you’re so good at reading people that you’ve made a name for yourself as the best gift-giver when holidays come around.

General Studies

You’re indecisive - not because you don’t know what you want, but because you want everything. There isn’t a topic that doesn’t interest you, and you could probably win a round or two of Jeopardy based on the amount of trivia you’ve collected over the years. You’re a good listener, but when you get to talking, you talk for a while, cramming in all the information and details you know about your subject. You’d make a great teacher in any field, and people are fascinated by the stories you have to tell.


You’re a people person, and you put others before yourself. You’re curious about the world and how it functions to the point where people might call you nosey and mistake you for a Journalism major. You prefer routines and patterns, and even the smallest of changes can upset your dynamic, but you pride yourself on your usual consistency and stability.


You were born in the wrong era, and you regret not becoming an Engineering or Science major so that you could build a time machine and travel to the past then back to the future again. You get along with the elderly and still remember all the stories your grandparents told you about their childhood. Whether others believe it or not, you hate textbooks and prefer to live in the moment and watch history unfold right in front of you.

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