What Your Go-To Nail Polish Says About You

What Your Go-To Nail Polish Says About You



You’re a bad bitch. Red is known to be the color of hunger and passion, and your nails let the world know that you are on the prowl!


You’re a ray of sunshine. You’re happy about the way you live your life, and the citrusy orange lets everyone know that.


You’re bright and loud. Yellow is the color of the color of canaries, and (like the bird) this polish lets you be free of inhibitions and soar through your day.


You’re soft and content. Like laying in grass on a summer day, a green polish shows you are satisfied with your life and are happy to spend it relaxing.


You’re cool and deep as the ocean. Your emotions swell like the waves, and crash with the force of a tsunami. You are unable to be contained, and a blue manicure will show that you flow as easily through your day and emotions as water in a stream.


You’re royalty. You’re proud of who you are no matter the situation, and the strong cool color of any purple is a surefire way of showing it.

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Beige or French Tip

You’re the three c’s: classy, calm, and collected. Poise is your middle name, and these go-to polishes show that. Either is a great color for work environments, and you can easily focus on your daily tasks while still having a simple, but fabulous, manicure.


You’re as endless as a black hole. People probably approach you with a bit of caution, for fear of getting sucked in. But, you never worry about that because you’re dangerous and you know it. Heck, you embrace it.


You’re a blank canvas, just like your nails. Every day is a fresh start. White also says that you probably painted them a lot with white out back in school, and never got out of the habit.


You are ever-changing. As the glittery shine of holographic colors shifts in the light, you shift and adapt to  different environments. Nothing is ever out of your comfort zone, and you can always feel freedom in knowing that you’re as bold and amazing as your nail polish.


If your go-to polish is a gradient, this says only one thing: you’ve got a lot of time on your hands. Literally…it takes a lot to get that paint job right!

No Polish or Clear Polish

You’re natural. There’s no need to cover up, not when your natural beauty is always showing. You don’t have the extra time to consider the endless color options, and you don’t need it either!


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