What Your Go-To Halloween Costume Says About You

What Your Go-To Halloween Costume Says About You


The Ghost

You’re a procrastinator, but you always manage to come through at the last minute, even if it means just tossing a sheet over your body and drawing a ghoulish face on it. You live a simple life, and you like it that way. You don’t need extravagance to make you happy, and you only spend time on the things that are truly important to you. You don’t let small things stress you out, and you use Halloween as another opportunity to have a good time at a party.

The Vampire

You love dressing up for Halloween and getting fully into character, elaborate outfits, makeup, fake blood, and all. You’re very creative and like putting your own twists on things, even traditional Halloween costumes like that of a vampire. You’re a perfectionist, almost to a fault, and you’d rather not do a job at all than do it with subpar results. You’re also competitive, and if you spot another vampire on Halloween whose costume rivals yours, they may become your sworn enemy for the rest of eternity.

The Superhero

You’re a kid at heart. For you, Halloween isn’t a chance to show off your outfit or win costume contests, it’s a reminder of your childhood. You don’t bother with Halloween parties. Instead, you take your younger siblings and relatives trick or treating so that you still have an excuse to get some candy yourself. Your superhero outfit may not impress your peers, but the kids will think you’re the coolest, and that’s enough to make you have a good All Hallows’ Eve.

The Princess

Halloween is a chance to dress up, and you take those words literally. Where others slap together grungy outfits, you put effort into your costume to look the best that you can. The horror aspect of Halloween isn’t for you, but you love the parties and you make the holiday fun regardless. Not even the inherent creepy factor of the holiday can kill your good mood, and you’re a positive light for your friends when they want to escape from all the darkness, both on Halloween night and in their everyday lives.

The Killer

Halloween is one of your favorite holidays, and you take it seriously. You’re a Halloween purist who believes in scary costumes, and you never understood the people who dress up as innocent things like cats, princesses, or celebrities. You don the scariest costume you can find, most likely some type of monster or serial killer, and take great pleasure in scaring others for a night. Haunted houses are also your affinity because you love the thrill of excitement and danger. On the other 364 days of the year that aren’t Halloween, you can probably still be found seeking adventure and taking risks.

Go-To? Yeah, Right.

You have a different Halloween costume every year, and you wouldn’t dream of wearing a costume more than once. Every year is a competition to come up with a costume crazier or funnier than the one you wore last year. You’re truly unique, and you pride yourself on being a trendsetter and standing out from the crowd. You also love the spotlight, and it’s a good thing because you’re always the center of attention at parties, and not even just Halloween parties.

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