What to Know About Graduating in the Fall

What to Know About Graduating in the Fall

I am about to graduate with my Master’s of Social Work this December. It seems weird to only do half a year of school, and I’m not quite ready for the real world. It’s a little nerve wracking to be graduating in the fall rather than the spring like most people. I have a lot of friends from undergrad who graduated in December and I learned a lot from their experiences.

1. You may not have a job immediately after graduation.

A lot of companies won’t hire in December and pick up hiring after the first of the year, so don’t fret if there doesn’t seem to be a lot out there! You have a whole semester to apply before everyone else starts to join the competition!

2. The ceremony will be a lot smaller and a lot shorter!

This has its pro’s and con’s since the spring graduation is usually a lot more of a celebration, but the December graduation will be short and sweet (and hopefully not outdoors).

3. Time to pay off some of those loans!

I have a lot friends who took the spring semester after they graduated to keep working at their college jobs just to save up a ton of money to pay off student loans and move when they do get a permanent job!

4. Celebration time!!!

Take the semester off! You just did a HUGE thing by graduating college. Take some time to celebrate it! Spend some down time with family and friends. Travel somewhere you’ve never been before. Take some time for yourself before you start all that real world madness!