What to Do While You Wait for Your College Admissions Decisions

6 Things to Do While You Wait for Your College Decisions


Waiting for your college admission decisions is basically the most nerve-wracking thing ever, especially when your parents and friends can’t help but nag you for a daily update. Here are six things to do instead of sprinting to the mailbox or refreshing your email 24/7.

1. Apply for scholarships

No matter what college you end up attending, you’re going to want scholarships. It’s free money! There are thousands of scholarships out there that are general, and not specific to the college you will be attending. There are also tons of specialized scholarships for everything from certain majors to weird hobbies. (We have plenty of them listed here.) Do yourself a favor and start applying.

2. Tour a couple of schools

If you’re applying to a lot of colleges, it’s probably not feasible to tour all of them before you even know if you’ve been accepted. However, if you have been accepted to a school, or strongly believe you are likely to go there, schedule a tour! A tour may be the deal breaker in deciding between two schools, or may make you realize how much you do NOT want to attend a school you thought for sure was the right fit.

3. Don’t get discouraged

You may get waitlisted for some of the schools you’ve applied to. Just because your friend heard back from a specific university doesn’t necessarily determine your admission status. There are a lot of factors that go into getting your college decisions. Don’t jump to conclusions just because you’ve haven’t heard back yet.

4. Try to relax

I know it’s stressful to have to wait, but try to keep calm! Focus on your current classes and other things going on in your life. Exercising is a great, healthy way to help reduce some of your stress.

5. Keep applying to other schools you’re interested in

While you’re waiting, don’t be afraid to apply to other schools! Sometimes having too many options can be overwhelming, so limit your applications to schools you can realistically see yourself attending. (Also, those application fees can add up quick. Not to mention how long each application takes…)

6. Be careful with the items you purchase

Shopping for college and your dorm room is very exciting! It may be tempting to jump right into shopping, but the school you end up attending is very influential on what items you’ll need. Each school will have different room dimensions, different school colors, and regulations on what they allow (some schools prohibit microwaves, for example). If you might be attending a school that is close to home, and therefore you won’t be moving, then you may want to hold off on your purchases. Also, if you’ll have a roommate, make sure you coordinate with them so you can decide who brings what.

No matter what schools you get accepted to or denied from, just remember that you’ll be where you’re meant to be. Make sure you go with your gut and choose your school for the right reasons. Don’t attend a school just to be with your friends or significant other, or because it’s where someone else wants you to go. College is a time to branch out and find yourself. Good luck!

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