What to Do at Home for New Year’s Eve

What to Do on New Year’s Eve at Home


If you’re like me, then you’re not much of a New Year’s Eve party person. Maybe your parents won’t let you go out because it’s too dangerous. Maybe you’d rather stay warm and watch the New Year’s specials on TV. Maybe New Year’s is your family bonding time. Whatever the reason, there are still tons of fun ways to enjoy New Year’s Eve at home.

1. Have Your Own Dance Party

You can do this with family or invite your friends over. Make snacks and play music on blast for a night full of laughs and fun. You can also have the New Year’s TV specials showing on mute so you won’t miss the ball drop.

2. Start a Tradition

Start a tradition with your friends by standing in a circle with your heads together and take a picture. Do this every year! Or, if you’re with family, come up with a new family tradition. It could be something as simple as playing the same game every year, and sending the trophy home with the winner to watch over until next time (like the Stanley Cup)!

3. Sing Karaoke

Buy a karaoke machine and count down to the New Year singing your favorite songs.

4. Create Your Own Ball Drop

Everyone knows the famous ball that drops on New Year’s Eve in Times Square. Well, now you can count down to your own ball drop right at home. Blow up a bunch of balloons and use something lightweight, like a big piece of wrapping paper, that can hold them up. If you have a ceiling fan, tape the corners of the wrapping paper to each of blades and stuff the balloons inside. Then, tape a piece of string to the bottom of the paper. When it’s time to count down, pull the string to release all the balloons.

5. Have a DIY Hot Chocolate Bar

Make a build-your-own hot chocolate bar with marshmallows, sprinkles, whipped cream, and other fun toppings for you and your friends to enjoy.

6. Make New Year’s Task Bags

Create a bag full of fun tasks that you and your family can do every hour (or 30 minutes). Some task ideas are: sing a song, eat some candy, take a silly picture, play a game, do 10 jumping jacks. Be creative and remember to make it fun!

7. Have a Family Game Night

Bring out the board games and playing cards while you’re watching TV and waiting for the ball to drop. Team up with your family and go head to head against each other. Then, switch teammates and see who the best pair was. You could also make it a goal to play all your games at least once before the night is over.

8. Watch Home Movies

This is a great idea for the family to do on New Year’s Eve. Dust off your old home movies and spend the night laughing at yourselves and aweing at how cute you used to be. Afterwards, come up with a family resolution for the new year.

9. Have a Theme Night for a Different Country’s New Year

Here’s an example: if you want to celebrate Paris’s New Year, you can make crepes, put out wine (or juice), and different cheeses. Also, you can just celebrate the New Year in different time zones. Whenever it hits 12:00 a.m. in a different country, throw confetti and celebrate.

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