What Living in a Sorority House Is Really Like

A lot of people have a skewed perception of what being in a sorority is like. Even more people seem to have an inaccurate understanding of what living in a sorority house is like.

1. You will always have a friend to hear you out.

A sister will always be a few doors down the hall and there to help you during your tough times. Or someone to listen about how great your hot date was. Or basically to talk about anything with.

2. You will unfortunately most likely never have the house to yourself.

Twenty-five girls all gone? Yeah right! Unless a miracle happens.

3. There will be a lack of storage space.

Get ready to share lots of closets and drawers. Things will most likely be somewhat messy. Sharing is caring in this situation.

4. You will most likely get confused about which clothes and accessories are yours.

Name tags and labels are going to become your new best friend. You will also always have something cute to borrow from one of your sisters.

5. You might need to invest in some earplugs.

For obvious reasons. Or, you will just adapt over time and get used to falling asleep with an insane amount of noise.

6. You will always have someone to give you a ride to campus or the store.

Who needs Uber when you have sorority sisters?

7. There will probably be an obnoxious amount of the color pink everywhere in the house.

Or your sorority colors, of course.

8. You’ll probably always have someone who can cook for you.

Even if it’s just cereal. Some sorority houses even have their own personal chef. Sounds like a perk to me!

9. You can share cleaning responsibilities.

Big house and lots of mess? Yes. Lots of people to help pitch in? Yes.

10.  You probably won’t see too many boys around.

This could vary depending on your chapter’s rules…some have a “no boys allowed” rule.

11. You’ll probably have some cold showers due to a lack of hot water.

One of the best things about going home for break is getting a hot shower.

12. “Bachelor” Mondays will become the greatest night of the week.

And nobody will dare to miss it. Other romantic comedies will probably be played often, too.

13. You will probably have a designated study area.

A lot of sorority houses even have their own library. That way, you won’t have to worry about some quiet time to get work done.

14. There will be a lot of fun parties and pre-games.

Sororities aren’t all about partying, but that doesn’t mean they don’t happen occasionally.

15. Your parents and non-Greek friends might not understand any of these things…

...and will be scared to visit you.