What You Need to Know About the GRE

What is the GRE Test?

GRE: Graduate Record Examinations. This standardized exam is a major admissions requirement for most graduate schools in the U.S. to test many skills you’ve developed over the years. If you are on the path to graduate school, here are some facts you need to know about the GRE, and how you can best prepare.

About the GRE Test

An important step in the graduate school application. The test was designed to give graduate and business schools a measure for comparing school applicants’ and assess if they are ready for graduate-level academic work. A high score on the GRE will have a positive impact on your graduate school application.

If you can remember what it was like to take the SAT the GRE is similar, but as you can imagine, it’s a bit harder. The GRE will measure your critical thinking, analytical writing, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning skills. You can expect to see topics like algebra, arithmetic, geometry, data analysis, and college-level vocabulary. And get ready to concentrate! The test can take almost four hours to finish.

When to Take the GRE

Do you want to go to graduate school? Well, you will need to see if the schools you want to attend require you to take the GRE. When to take it is dependent on your plans. You want to make sure you complete your GRE in time for the earliest application deadline.

If your school requires you to take the GRE, it is an extremely important part of your application. You want to make sure you give yourself a few months to study. To help yourself plan, you can register for the test so you have a goal to work towards.


How to Study for the GRE?

To receive a good score on the exam, you should devote at least one or two months to studying. Top scorers report studying for 100+ hours, according to Kaplan. Unlike the SAT, the GRE has four sections, two of which appear twice. There will be two sections of verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning.

You can borrow or purchase GRE test preparation materials from the library or online. And you definitely want to take some practice tests! You want to be familiar with the test format and practice your time management for each section.

Just like studying for any big exam, create a study plan. It’s important to take breaks and not overwork yourself. Create a study calendar with the times and subjects you plan to study that day. Maybe you study a different topic for two hours a day and take a practice test on the weekend.

How to Register

The GRE costs $205, including the fee to send your scores to up to four grad schools of your choice.

You can register for the GRE at ETS. Here you will have access to practice tests, frequently asked questions, and tips and strategies for each section you can expect to see on the GRE. You will also get a list of procedures and regulations of what’s most comfortable to wear on test day, what type of identification to bring, what snacks are allowed, what time to get there, and other important information.

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