What Does Your Major in College Say About Your Relationship Status?

What College Majors Make Good Couples? This Major Could Be Your Perfect Match

There’s no code to relationships, and who you end up with is completely up to you. If they make you happy and treat you well, that’s all that matters.

People change with the years. If you met your honey before or during college, you only know a part of who they are. What about who they’ll become after graduating and getting a full-time job? Can your majors predict your current and future happiness in your relationship? Maybe. I’m not throwing any science behind this, but here are some college majors that I think could create totally simpatico couples.

Computer Science and Graphic Design

Before I changed my minor last year, I was a computer science major working on a graphic design minor. My advisor told me that a lot of the CS students were minoring in graphic design. I knew it was a good combination, but I was still surprised by how popular the duo was.

If you think about it, it totally makes sense. With computer science, you learn to code and how to make software for different situations. Graphic design is art, and teaches you how to design on a computer. Both heavily involved with computers, this couple can help each other where the other one lacks. One may have the coding skills to make a website, and the other has the design skills to make the website pretty.

Art and Music

This may be an obvious couple combination. How romantic does it sound for a painter and a musician to be together? It seems you see this a lot on TV and movies, and in real life this couple still makes a great pair. With both individuals being artistic at heart and skilled in the arts, they can easily learn from each other and have a better understanding of each other’s personalities, quirks, and passion for creativity.

Biology and Nursing

To be honest, any medical couple has the potential to be a great one. I say this because they understand the many hours of school needed to get certified, they understand working long hours, and though they may have completely different experiences with school and work, they can still relate. A lot of people in the medical field love working with people and giving back to the community. This can help strengthen their relationship because they can support each other and encourage each other to always do their best.


Marketing and Advertising

This may be another obvious couple considering how both degree paths can be very similar. This could be more of a power couple - strong willed, independent, and hard working. Long hours and lots of meetings can occur in both areas, requiring some time away from home and each other. However, what’s great about this combination is that they can help each other out and not stress too much about how much time they have to spend away from home. They’ve had a clear understanding of their career goals from the beginning, and continue to support each other throughout their relationship. They’re each other’s biggest fans and take pride in celebrating each other’s success.

Psychology and Education

Whether you’re an elementary school teacher and a child psychologist, or two college professors, this is a great couple combination. Both people have practiced patience and know how to get through to other people. In any relationship, patience is key, and this couple has mastered that. Their work hours have the potential to be about the same and they love working with people. They always know just what to say to each other, and they’ll always take the time to understand where the other is coming from.

You never know who you’ll end up with, or who you yourself will be ten years from now, but finding someone who gets you might be as simple as looking for someone with a compatible career path in mind. Not to mention, “what’s your major?” can be a great ice breaker.

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