Ways You’re Sabotaging Yourself in Your College Classes

6 Ways You’re Sabotaging Yourself in Your Classes


College is a great place to make friends, learn new things, and gain life experience. However, the reason we pay to go to college is to get a degree in our field of choice. The classes you take make or break your grade point average, which in turn determines whether or not you will get your degree. With that being said, the effort you put into your classes is extremely important. However, there are students who go through college unaware of how they are actually hurting themselves in class. If you want to avoid sabotaging yourself in class, stop doing these things:

Not Taking Notes

Taking notes is important in any class. Even if the professor posts their lectures online, taking notes goes a long way. Maybe you don’t need to write down every word your professor says, but odds are, there will be things you forget. Plus, taking notes helps put the information into terms you understand, and writing it down helps it sink in. You’ll thank yourself when it comes time to study for that big test!

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Talking Too Much

It’s great to have friends in class, but it can also hurt your performance by keeping you from paying attention. If you’re too busy socializing, you miss some important information. Mingle with your friends during a break, or before and after class.

Not Asking Questions

Asking questions really helps with understanding material and knowing exactly what you need to do. Not asking questions can leave you lost on assignments and exams. This can be frustrating and make homework and tests take a lot harder than they have to be. It can be intimidating to ask your professor a question, but they’ll be happy to see that you’re making an effort to understand the material.

Using Your Phone

It’s obvious how distracting cell phones are in class. It’s easy to get bored and pull out your phone without thinking, but it can really keep you from understanding what’s going on in class. If you know you’ll be tempted by social media or incoming texts, put your phone and laptop away during class.


Make sure you’re getting enough sleep so you can avoid the embarrassment of snoring in a classroom full of your peers!

Not Showing Up

Missing class is the fastest and most effective way to fall behind in college. Avoid doing this so you can stay up to speed in class. Attendance counts toward your grade in some classes too, so missing class can hurt your GPA in more ways than one.

School is not a cheap investment, but it is an investment that is worth your time. Make the most of it by trying your absolute hardest. If you find it hard to stay focused on school, speak with an advisor or counselor and get their advice. They may have recommendations for you. It also may start a discussion on different degree programs. You never know, maybe what you thought you wanted is not what you want anymore.


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