8 Ways to Hide a Hangover

8 Ways to Hide a Hangover

Let's face it, hangovers suck but it can also make you look worse than you feel. Hangovers can cause red eyes, gross breath, puffy eyelids, and a weak body. Check out these ways to hide your hangover and also help yourself feel better.

1. Open the Shades!

No matter how much you want to be a vampire for the day, letting in sunlight and adjusting your eyes is a good start to your hangover recovery. To help your eyes adjust, use eye drops, which will also decrease the under-eye puffiness. If the red and puffiness doesn't disappear right away, throw on some sunglasses to hide it.

2. Choose a Painkiller

We all have a specific mediation for headaches but for a hangover, go with aspirin. It has anti-inflammatory qualities that will not only help your headache but also keep the redness and puffiness down. Now you don't have to walk around with a pained-look on your face. It's also important to know around what time you had your last drink. You should avoid medications with acetaminophen (like Tylenol), which doesn't mix well with alcohol. 

3. Take a Refreshing Shower

A hot showers is the usual feel-good motivation but the heat actually causes your body temperature to heat up, sending more blood to your skin. If your face happens to be red and puffy, the heat from the shower will make it redder. Opt out for a cooler shower or just splash cold water on your face for a refreshing feeling.

4. Refurbish Your Antioxidants

Here's a good fact to know: Alcohol decreases the levels of antioxidants in the skin. So if you happen to remember this before you pass out into bed, there are topical antioxidants that you can apply before going to sleep to keep your skin healthy. Look for serums that contain vitamin C or E. An example is Flavo-C Serum. 


5. Fix Your Breath

Now it's time to do something about that breath. It's likely that you didn't brush the night before, so now you have hangover breath with a faint taste of the Pop-Tarts you stuffed into your mouth at 3am hoping it would soak up the alcohol (it doesn't work that way). Brush, floss, and rinse with mouthwash when you get up. Having fruit is a good way to get your saliva flowing normally again too.

6. Liven Up Your Skin

After a shower and clean clothes, you may feel a little better but now what about your dull skin? Luckily there are tons of skin brightening products, like soy, that will fix your problem and leave you glowing. Many of these products are easily found in your local drugstore. Don't forget to moisturize. 

7. Eat Foods Filled With Vitamins and Minerals

It's essential to fill your body up with vitamin and minerals that your body lost while processing alcohol. Breakfast food is always a good idea to help you get your new day off to a great start. You also need to drink plenty of water to re-hydrate your system.

8. Dress Nice

The easiest way to cover up a hangover is to look fresh, clean, and awake. Dressing lazily will only make you feel lazy and therefore reveal to everyone that you had a rough night. Showering beforehand will help you wake up, then put on clothes that make you feel confident.

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