5 Ways to Find a Summer Job

How to Find a Summer Job


Summer is right around the corner! You don’t have to go to school, so there’s a lot of free time that you need to fill. The ideal way to spend the summers between college terms is to make some extra cash. You can look around and find something that perfectly fits your interests and can help you in your future career. It can be stressful finding a job that’ll keep you busy and boost your resume for the summer months, but here are the steps you can take to find the best summer job for you!

1. Get your resume and cover letters ready to go!

Be sure to highlight your most marketable experience on your resume and to make your cover letter expand on your interests and reasons for wanting employment at each company. If you have a Career Center at your university, they will usually read your resume and cover letters and edit them with you!

2. Look around!

There are tons of websites to look for summer jobs or you can find available jobs on. Some of them are YouTern, College Recruiter, FlexJobs, and Job is Job. Send out applications and be sure to offer a contact number and email address. These are only a few of the websites you can use to look for jobs, but definitely do your research on the internet about opportunities!

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3. Go out and about with some resumes and fill out applications in person!

A lot of places that are hiring for the summer will do immediate interviews. Most of the summer jobs I’ve had I found by going around my town and filling out job applications.
Show up to the interview dressed well and groomed. Looking professional and responsible will show the employers that you’re ready to work and be a great employee! Even if it’s a more low-key job, like a restaurant or retail position, it’s not okay to wear jeans and a t-shirt.

4. Look nicer and you’ll have a better chance at getting a job.

Finally, have a lot of fun! There are so many great summer jobs that you can really tailor to your interests and your future career. You can gain some valuable experience for your resume and make great connections out in the job market. Get some great experience and make some money!


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