How to Celebrate Memorial Day on a College Budget

9 Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day on a College Budget


Memorial Day is the time to celebrate those who have served and died in our nation’s armed forces. For most of us, it also marks the start of summer, and we typically use this time to relax and kick off the season with our family and friends. Spendy trips and expensive activities may be out of the question, but there are still plenty of ways to celebrate Memorial Day on a college budget!

Have a Garage Sale

Can’t find anything to do? Collect all of your unused items or clothing lying around and have a garage sale for Memorial weekend. You’ll be able to spend time outside while getting rid of the junk in your home. Afterwards, you can donate the money that you make to a Memorial Day Foundation in honor of those who have served for our country.

Visit Your Family

Family comes first, and Memorial Day is perfect for spending time with them! If you have family who lives nearby, go out to dinner or invite them over. This will make for a nice weekend, especially if you have family members to honor who have served in the armed services.

Have a Cookout

Firing up the grill and inviting all your friends and family over is a great way to spend a relaxing Memorial Day. Visit your local supermarket to find awesome deals on your favorite foods and snacks.

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Grab your tents and s’mores supplies for a low-cost evening out in nature. Enjoy the scenery and quality time with friends and family as you use this time to relax, unwind and reflect.

Go to a Parade

Honor and show your appreciation for soldiers of the armed forces by going to a parade on Memorial Day. Grab your lawn chairs, bring some snacks, and enjoy the day watching all the floats and performances. Check online for parade dates in your area.

Host a Movie Night

Movie nights are so much fun, and it won’t cost you a dime! Throw it back to your middle school days and invite all your friends over for a sleepover. Everyone can bring their favorite snacks to share while marathoning your favorite movies.

Have a Picnic

Picnics are a fun low-cost way to celebrate Memorial Day. Prepare sandwiches, make a fruit salad, and whip up some homemade cookies! Find a patch of grass and enjoy the day.

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Attend a Sponsored Event

Most cities and organizations sponsor free Memorial Day weekend events with food, games, and other outdoor activities for the whole family to enjoy. Do a quick search to see what events are happening near you. Take water, sunscreen, and some money for those decadent treats that are bound to be available at concession stands and food trucks.

Take a Beach Trip

Gather some friends for a peaceful beach day over Memorial weekend. You don’t have to stay overnight in a hotel. Make it a fun day trip and come back home that night. Or pool your money and Airbnb it.

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